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4 Ways to Rock a Leather Jacket | Carlos Costa

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SHOP Beardbrand -- http://bdbd.us/2kpWjDC Follow us at: http://www.instagram.com/beardbrand http://www.twitter.com/beardbrand Diesel Leather Jacket -- http://store.diesel.com/gb/diesel/leather-jackets_cod41546331ms.html#dept=lthrjckt1 A classic leather biker jacket is a timeless fashion piece. Like other leather style accessories, a jacket is an investment that can last a lifetime. Today, Carlos shows us four different styles methods for your jacket. Whether you're taking your Harley out for a Sunday ride, or driving your Prius to the office in the morning, a leather jacket will make your outfit pop.
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Text Comments (212)
Lucy Hartibucy (11 days ago)
You can easily ruin any fashion
Ikan Muka Kuda234 (12 days ago)
Cant u give my 1
matthew cleaton (17 days ago)
Wow there sure are a lot of haters out there. I dont care what anyone else thinks he looks cool and that jackets wicked.
Claire Redfield (17 days ago)
Tank top underneath a leather jacket? Really?
roger8654 (1 month ago)
The trick to wearing a leather jacket is too not come off like a bad boy wannabe
Jorge A Barboza (1 month ago)
Where did you get that jacket thank you
Michael Statia (1 month ago)
Dude literally has brass knuckles on his hands with all them rings lol
J 7777 (1 month ago)
I hate wearing leather
SORAYA VARGAS (2 months ago)
Iberian Viking (2 months ago)
😍 Loving the beard too!
Renee Benavidez (2 months ago)
My favorite is #2- and for some reason I love the way a guy looks wearing it from the back... when they are walking away....I love how the jeans have a little sag on the bottom... very greaser-ish.😍
Sherry n (2 months ago)
What a poser
Jahn-Paul Gordon (2 months ago)
Teach me how to grow a beard
Lisa G (3 months ago)
I just scrolled down and realized my question will never be answered....this guys doesn’t reply to anyone.
Lisa G (3 months ago)
Hey Carlos, Where is the list of items your wearing with this jacket? I wanna get that white T-shirt for my husband.
mangek midas (3 months ago)
como cuando te pones una chaqueta de piel o cuero para todo y crees que ya eres rudo jaja por favor pareces puto
Brennt S (3 months ago)
Yo u killed the look.. just get the motorcycle bros
A man's diary (3 months ago)
Is Alex Costa your brother or any relative ?
hamusic (3 months ago)
Well without the tatoos and the awesome beard its a lot harder to pull off a biker jacket 😅
Ewan Mcvicar (4 months ago)
Fucking poser wearing that ramones shirt
Mark Montero (4 months ago)
Hoooly crap that jacket duoooo
Hood Saint (4 months ago)
does anyone know the track/instrumental playing?
Being yourself is the best thing ever. I prefer a Battle jacket with devil locks and goggles, plus a misfits t shirt and denim pants with boots with white or black sock's. you don't need none of that shit called Gucci, its shit, a waste of money. put it in a fucking dumpster.
Doris Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Angelo 1990 (5 months ago)
This guy is a badass
Nico Herrera (5 months ago)
First look, belt? Matching the shoes or the jacket?
jamie reid (6 months ago)
just wear it the way it's ment to jacket tee shirt jeans sneakers or boots it's simple. you could throw some rine stones on that fucker and snap your fingers alot
Ryan Palermo (6 months ago)
You don't rock a jacket, you wear a jacket. Dumb hipsters.
Wayne Azhar (6 months ago)
Alex Costa ? Carlos Costa ? you guys are brother ? arent you ? .____.
Beardbrand (6 months ago)
Just a coincidence. They're actually not related - Jack
F B (6 months ago)
A leather jacket should be matched with a white t-shirt, black pants and either black chelsea boots or white sneakers. For a more dressy look, you should put on a black turtle neck. I'm bad at writing in english, excuse any mistakes i made. Thanks.
Budi Permana (7 months ago)
kewl man! diggin the numero uno the rocker! love the video, thanks! \m/
Kevin OR (7 months ago)
Trousers look is good but the black shirt doesn't fit. Too tight.
Nico Herrera (5 months ago)
Kevin O' Rourke jajajaja is just fine oversized stuff is in the past, get over it
The Dan (8 months ago)
Roy Beaumont (8 months ago)
Is there anyone who doesn’t fucking love themselves anymore
Ruben Torrejon (9 months ago)
Buenisimooooooo t pasastes abrasos
El unico que habla español -_-
Greg Thomas (9 months ago)
Love the ramones tee
Red Wing IR
hasta el pincho
Danny Sjöberg (10 months ago)
Where did you get your rings?
Alexis Garcia (10 months ago)
On outfit #4 what belt is that??
H1NCH (10 months ago)
Clicked for the Ramones shirt
Jarrett Williams (10 months ago)
the rocker was my favorite out of all
Messiah (10 months ago)
what are those brown boots
Carlos Araiz (10 months ago)
Oribe Peralta
Saudade (10 months ago)
jean size?
Bryan Nagy (11 months ago)
everything but the boots is bad ass
Chris Lim (5 months ago)
Bryan Nagy Just his black leathers are bad ass cool.
Richard Damián (11 months ago)
Excelentes outfit te felicito , gracias por la guía de moda
Nocturn (11 months ago)
who the fuck wears a jacket over a tank top? i dont like that over usage of so many rings but i like your style. maybe a bit too much tats for my taste but looks cool nonetheless.
Ranjeet Singh gurjar (11 months ago)
Bro pls send me thise jacket some pictures
Diego Claudio Sergio (11 months ago)
0:46 cruz de hierro
chaquan johnson (11 months ago)
What’s the name of this jacket
prashant singh (11 months ago)
eduki (1 year ago)
Info about the wallet and where to buy the fake beard?
Elcorason Demexico (1 year ago)
Quien es este payaso?
Diego Ramirez (4 months ago)
Carlos Costa, modelo y modisto
jaimesantana (1 year ago)
s (1 year ago)
You look like me bro i have similar facial features hair and skin color and good beard growing genetics without even a small patch and you and your videos are amazing
J. Wilder (1 year ago)
How to rock a leather jacket in one word: Greaser
Neo (1 year ago)
Hey. Where can i get a wallet like you have in this video ?
Cătălin David (1 year ago)
Looks good, except the beard.
eevan x (1 year ago)
You do realise that cross ring you have is nazi related right?
Tim Fandel (1 month ago)
Stupid 🤭
Saroj Barikk (1 year ago)
Bro...really your dressing sense is amazing
Elyad G. (1 year ago)
Somebody send me the name of the leather jacket Carlos is wearing! It looks Great!
crewgadjy (1 year ago)
Its fecking jacket mate, arms in hang it on shoulders job done. Ponce.
Marco Romero (1 year ago)
Where are u guys located?!?! I love that weather
c0uchsl0uch (1 year ago)
Guy with no car waiting for ubber
blind foldme (1 year ago)
omg boink me raw
trenton gregory (1 year ago)
Where is the wallet from with the leather attachment to the belt ? Like the way it looks bad ass but doesn't have a silver chain.
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
We used to have them in our store, but don't anymore. -Josh
madmax (1 year ago)
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
Wow, what an insightful comment.
KAC3 (1 year ago)
You just need cuffed Levi's and a white tee shirt
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
Yeah, that's one way.
Aidan Blake (1 year ago)
Just wondering what size Diesel jacket Carlos is wearing here, because I know they are supposed to be very small fitting? Considering getting one. Thanks!
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
I just got an update from Carlos. He's usually a medium, yes. And wears a small with the leather jacket. Sorry for any confusion. -Josh
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
No, he pretty much averages around a large due to his height. He's only a little bit shorter than Eric.
Aidan Blake (1 year ago)
Would Carlos normally be a medium?
Aidan Blake (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply, good to know
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
They're not really small fitting, but rather form fitting. If you're ordering online, check the size chart. If you get it and don't like the fit, just return it and order a size up or size down depending. He wears a large.
Tam Nguyen (1 year ago)
could you please share with me the background music ?
Stannis Baratheon (1 year ago)
tfw you realise dude bros have gotten neck tattoos and leather jackets.
te falta una anillo mas broder jajaj
Loud Paw (1 year ago)
"yo that jacket it tight son u kna i mean? " now i imagine myself skinny w/ mohawk wearing that. shyt been liking this style
Caden Elliott (1 year ago)
I wish I had your beard
Shane Audet (1 year ago)
were can you buy the leather chain wallet
ThePC3D (1 year ago)
Where do I get that leather jacket from?? Diesel online store dont seem to have it :(
Dead Eddie Muerte (1 year ago)
where did u get your leather jacket?
summerdying111 (1 year ago)
Wears a biker jacket but he's a total douchebag vegan hipster
Tam Nguyen (1 year ago)
what camera do you use to shoot video bro ?
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
+Tam Nguyen we use an Olympus OM-D EM5II.
Samantha Barton (1 year ago)
Mary Humbarger (1 year ago)
Mary Humbarger (1 year ago)
Cb b (1 year ago)
Gosh, he is handsome.
Hugo Alvarado (1 year ago)
Is the ramones tank top from zara as well ? I cant find it anywhere!
Sameh A aid (1 year ago)
Hello dear, Am planning to buy this jacket but i will have to do it online. Can you please tell me you hight, chest size and the size of jacket you were wearing in this video? This will help a lot Thanks
jommin ingo (1 year ago)
ur beard is awesome.
Caro C (1 year ago)
Honestly,I have zero interest in beard tips or men's fashion, I'm only watching because you are the sexiest man ever, :P
Hugo Alvarado (1 year ago)
The 2 first ones are pretty sick !
2:54 perfect
parker kaban modası türkiyede usta bi şekilde sürüyor carlos kankadan kaban tarzı şeylerde istiyoruz :)
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
Definitely a good look! -Parker
mstick yes (1 year ago)
wtf am I watching this for
Chris Lim (5 months ago)
mstick yes cuz you want to look like a modern tattooed man or you want to take on a cool corporate look. Black leather, tats, guns, and motorbikes. Yea.
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
idk, maybe because it's awesome. -Parker
It could look good, but while you are wearing you girlfriends leggings it just looks silly
lil beat (1 month ago)
Yeah I know I love skinny jeans but that's a bit much
amazoner0cks (1 year ago)
Get out of here old man.
Its look really cool! What music?
Billy Widener (1 year ago)
Hey is that's a wallet strap or something?
Beardbrand (1 year ago)
Yeah he's rocking a wallet strap. -Parker
David Thomas (1 year ago)
Wow, never seen so much negativity here....we should lift each other up, not try to tear down.
Samantha Barton (1 year ago)
Movie Jounal (1 year ago)
formals suit u more carlos costa should try wearing those more
chasity davail (1 year ago)
such a babe 😍
Chris Mallett (1 year ago)
like the first and last looks best.
Samantha Barton (1 year ago)
Still waiting on that video ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ You wearing that fully zipped up leather biker jacket, shirt tucked in wearing some Levi's jeans tucked into the boots. Showing full backside as well!

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