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Irma Wants a Kiss | Mr. Bean Official Cartoon

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Irma wants Mr Bean to be more romantic. From animated episode Hot Date. Stay tuned, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkAGrHCLFmlK3H2kd6isipg?sub_confirmation=1 Welcome to the Official Mr Bean channel! To find out more about Mr Bean visit: http://www.mrbean.com Mr Bean on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/mrbean Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/mrbean More Mr. Bean https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC1EDzqtkrh_Zj67UUTZZmRfrgqwyZNlW
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Text Comments (131)
Zoha Naeem (8 months ago)
Erny G (1 year ago)
Pi Tøü (2 years ago)
slm cv
Ben Stevenson (2 years ago)
Mr Bean is funny
Sam Steger (2 years ago)
Mr bean is a savage
Alpert (1 year ago)
Sam Steger no he's not he don't wanna kiss from girls
Rico and Eyepatch (2 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA for 1:17!
Yusif Hassan (2 years ago)
BYang Ŷ
star girls patricie (2 years ago)
Why are you gropy
Cristi (3 years ago)
esti rau
chris9879 (3 years ago)
Is it just me who dislikes his girlfriend in the animated series? I find her annoying.
Harris Khan (3 years ago)
Canh Mai (3 years ago)
Irma Cristina Zambrano (4 years ago)
my mom is name Irma
Adre Dwi (4 years ago)
ayiana Starr (4 years ago)
Not cool
Selina Linh (4 years ago)
Selina Linh (4 years ago)
crotee30 (5 years ago)
Licking a woman's ice bar is bsisclly is kissing a woman
crotee30 (5 years ago)
I hate mr bean he plays to mhch
Shreevatsa (5 years ago)
like a boss, LOL
Lindy's Luggage (5 years ago)
"Men, we don't know what we did" would fit perfectly after his confused look at the end ^^
Jose Arrieta (5 years ago)
cfydfcy ko
Wincharm6 (6 years ago)
So he basically ate something that she'd spent half of the video licking.
jawli farid (6 years ago)
djtg fa
Topi Laiho (6 years ago)
Better guality than in my TV :O
Topi Laiho (6 years ago)
Seaqueen54 (6 years ago)
is irma his sister or his girlfriend?
TheStrongBoyz19 (6 years ago)
I kno it's mean but it's funny. 1:16
saloo (6 years ago)
Ben 10
saloo (6 years ago)
Ur ytsgytfyyyruy
غزونا عليكم هههههه hhhhhh
kikiyo792 (6 years ago)
killzone3234 (6 years ago)
press 8 repetedly for blow job
กูคนไทย ยังดูMr Bean เรย ๕๕
AresTheGod (6 years ago)
1:13 ahahaha i almost pissed myself
siempre gracioso[iminent=KOIgl6YVffOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool BigEmo!
Ivan Serafimovski (6 years ago)
Keep pressing 8..xD they should change their places.. :D
Zana Taher (6 years ago)
you hate what????????????????????????
whoopdawoop (6 years ago)
shehab bishi (6 years ago)
shkemb raduni (6 years ago)
Haha ist a Boss !
SuperSupraRacer (6 years ago)
mr bean is so stupid
gojo345 (6 years ago)
Mike LaMoor (6 years ago)
humph, come on then lo ee :) i lol'd
MisakiHaruhi (6 years ago)
@SacreligousTurkey More like what he sees in her!? Mr. Bean is amazing!
Trong Duc (6 years ago)
Keep pressin 1! Keep pressin 2 Keep pressin 8!
Luke Kedziorczyk (6 years ago)
get offff....
Mason (6 years ago)
@SacreligousTurkey He's probably some kind of sex god.
MuSiCrOx8132638 (6 years ago)
How can Mr. Bean manage to eat the entire cone just like that..??? I would CHOKE!
Harry Lokins (6 years ago)
alexandersunivers91 (6 years ago)
@SacreligousTurkey thats what i say when I see my eX
Al (6 years ago)
What a boss
soleil flétri (6 years ago)
0:52 helloo! xDDddf
xCrazyKidz421x (7 years ago)
LOL tap 8 for bl......i'll let you find out for yourself :)....
Ho Kang Kia (7 years ago)
mr bean is so stupid -.- wat kind of man dosent like love lol is he gay or what?
Buzz Offer (7 years ago)
LOL Mr Bean: *pretends to kiss* Irma:*kissing for real* Mr Bean:*ignores Irma And eats Irma's ice-cream*
MyKelly2222 (7 years ago)
Irma: I just want to kiss Mr bean like them. Lick lick him,, nm nm nm how lovely aaaahhh Mr bean: wow i just want to lick this ice cream more! Hey what are you looking at Irma hurry with that ice cream otherwise its gone! Irma: aww look at those two love couples how sexy can this get (thinks: lick me mr bean do it to me) Mr bean: *Lick lick lick*
TheFunnysmile123 (7 years ago)
Irma's annoying
Pixelattes (7 years ago)
i like the best but i dont like boys anyway
jalal uddin (7 years ago)
Irma: awww look at those birds! they are so sweet Mr. Bean: ahh! this ice cream IS sweet!! *lick!*
@shannc7 No es su novio Jeje Es su amigo y quiere ella que sea romantico porque ella esta enamorada de el !
xxda (7 years ago)
Ashie Yousif (7 years ago)
NStopT (7 years ago)
i do not why she loves him
No (7 years ago)
@MsComedy99 I hate those! BTW they don't work so don't bother writing them.
ami ra (7 years ago)
@MsComedy99 wow , an IPAD !
wellhellothereimjosh (7 years ago)
@JsKingBoo he's talking about jonny english i think...
Louis Pedersen (7 years ago)
I do that with my ice cream too :P
RoseofSharon (7 years ago)
Hee hee, hilarious !
Brandon Sanchez (7 years ago)
Not cool bin
marlennyx3 (7 years ago)
this was wak
Freida Brest (7 years ago)
Petrikamd (7 years ago)
@manteXedge No go , Run Mr. Bean !
LukeMM95 (7 years ago)
Mr Bean's thinking at the end: Must be her time of the month.
Natasha Kershaw (7 years ago)
Those bluebirds remind me of Snow White.
kenneth Espino (7 years ago)
Nas Ri (7 years ago)
pity Irma
blackkakari (7 years ago)
And that, Mr. Bean, is why you'll never get laid.
SchizoidMan100 (7 years ago)
I didn't know there were "Bean toons." I gotta keep up more!
Ann A (7 years ago)
112animeluver (7 years ago)
1:48 till 1:30 is hilarious! i laughed the whole time!
112animeluver (7 years ago)
1:48 till 1:30 is hilarious! i laughed the whole time!
gstarbex bex (7 years ago)
Steffanie Lyn Smetham (7 years ago)
@Cookiefan1876 yeah I think I do..... thanks for reminding me hahahah
roger myrto (7 years ago)
My life story.
Md. Rafique Mahbub (7 years ago)
Mr bean is good at tricking
matthew walker (7 years ago)
giant cough click 5 loads its awesome
Steffanie Lyn Smetham (7 years ago)
awwwww.... feel sorry for her :(
Bloodgoil (7 years ago)
pause and press 8
darkstar3150 (7 years ago)
press 8
elmocookies (7 years ago)
press 7 for a stupid face
Lynne Do (7 years ago)
thumbs up if u saw an advetisemant
Rabon Hamzaee (7 years ago)
mr bean is best
Shann C (7 years ago)
Mr. Bean is a pretty bad boyfriend. He's still funny anyway.
DeWina512 (7 years ago)
@RedHotLove97 really?
Philipp Ändern (7 years ago)
@Deepsand101 Yeah, maybe it could be called B. Unit hehe I know, i know, bad joke...
Killian Hill (8 years ago)
Asshole!!! XD lol

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