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Gangnam Style - PSY (Karaoke English Version By Djason)

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Cover version didn owned any copyright . Original Song from http://www.youtube.com/user/officialpsy Instrumental track from http://www.youtube.com/user/ADreamOfficial Lyrics edit by me =) http://www.facebook.com/DjasonTan
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Text Comments (80)
regina obolensky (1 year ago)
I like lens style
Dr Jeleise (2 years ago)
Shanika Dervil (3 years ago)
you did a good job
chan duch (5 years ago)
Just tried this. Nope never again. Lol.
The Credible Hulk (5 years ago)
Who wants to learn this song.... in English ?????
Wavii Lisa (5 years ago)
mari mazanashvili (5 years ago)
Lu Ka Boss (5 years ago)
Oscar Dunne (5 years ago)
Who wants to learn this song>?
lilly M. (5 years ago)
Thats weird]
dakotah (5 years ago)
I was watching this and droped my phone on my chin
Kerry (5 years ago)
These lyrics aren't that bad they're kinda sweet *kinda*
My Weird World (5 years ago)
Wow about a woman drinking tea
Hollieee (5 years ago)
Faith Ulugia (5 years ago)
Crack up!
La porqueria de Alvaro (5 years ago)
Nikola Mrakuzic (5 years ago)
No offenece but the English Version sounds reallly different Sorrrrrrrrrrry
celvin oseguera (5 years ago)
This is gta iv style
Ashlyn Hardy (5 years ago)
SO THIS SONG IS ABOUT LOVE!!!!???!!!!!????
Maxine Prothero (1 year ago)
Ashlyn Hardy NO! IT IS NOT ABOUT LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Martha Caldwell (5 years ago)
michael candelario (5 years ago)
I know right how did this song so many hits
Caitlin Ledger (5 years ago)
kristenlovesmakeup (5 years ago)
how did this song get a billion views lol
xxsparklyllamasxx (5 years ago)
Found them!
Kriss K (6 years ago)
Cory McCalip (6 years ago)
Princess Leia 101 (6 years ago)
this song my beat :)
Mich Elle (6 years ago)
I am getting tired of this song. Just sayin'
Ari Finnegan (6 years ago)
It is very hard. I can sing it though
msx90 (6 years ago)
English style
Gabriel Rodriguez (6 years ago)
TheDeepShallowness (6 years ago)
@Spiderman 7670 or whatever ur name is....you're an IDIOT. I think PSY has like over 1.1 billion views now... I don't think too many people really care what u think. In fact, I know they don't. Fool!!
Chris Christle (6 years ago)
Watsonater™ (6 years ago)
I've got Gangnam Style too!
Astro (6 years ago)
Fun but hard :D
ghanan123451 (6 years ago)
it is 2 hard
소라 (6 years ago)
I made one named after me-sexy nerdy style,well i came up with it,no video
Maxine Prothero (1 year ago)
what the hell is this
LoveLaurenxx22 (6 years ago)
Iceandfire AQW (6 years ago)
Angel S (6 years ago)
It sounds better in Korean:/ GANGNAM
Ishy_nisk (6 years ago)
You wouldn't get it in English but in Korean it sounds better.
asdfCOOLTheGreat (6 years ago)
Naneun sana i means I am a guy
Tomm A (6 years ago)
Sorry to say but you messed up a lil on your translation but you was close but as far as the video you had it set up way better then most
Djason Tan (6 years ago)
I will upload more
Micaylaaaaaaa (6 years ago)
Oh yeah
Elise Madenjian (6 years ago)
CandyLand K (6 years ago)
TheWriteress7813 (6 years ago)
And this is why Koreans are offended :/
katerin trejo (6 years ago)
Dylan Mcphee (6 years ago)
Wow that is not what I expected
Jennifer (6 years ago)
Bad lyrics but it's a cool vid and catchy
Tornike Dzamunashvili (6 years ago)
tqveni deda movtyan boze amowydit tqveni deda movtyan 7 taoabas movtyan tqveni dedas vtene
issy thay (6 years ago)
glAre (6 years ago)
this sucks dick , romanized lyrics ftw
juan cruz (6 years ago)
This is so hard
0:14 gagngam style
Steven Alvarado (6 years ago)
eeeh sexy lady
Krysta Stewart (6 years ago)
i got it all of it did you like it yes or no
mikalah m. (6 years ago)
alot easier to sing
Holly Parsons (6 years ago)
Rosie Cotton (6 years ago)
wtf is this shit? i'm so rubbish.
MineBoyzz (6 years ago)
ale koreanska wersja nejde precist :D
Syla Hejah (6 years ago)
Lepsza koreańska wersja ;*
Robyn Benson (6 years ago)
Jezzel Gonzalez (6 years ago)
published the day after my birth day
Lina Mikelevičiūtė (6 years ago)
Djason Tan (6 years ago)
i will upload nicer karaoke version for gangnam style in fewday =)
Djason Tan (6 years ago)
Jkevintiger (6 years ago)
Say yes or no
Jkevintiger (6 years ago)
Yooo!!! Djasonpgn can I like copy your song or something bro just !
chloe jones (6 years ago)
i know the dance and all the words is so good i sing it all the time
Daniel Martin (6 years ago)
This song is a lyrical abortion... Just sayin
Sarah D (6 years ago)
omg im miight put this on tumblr
jong kim (6 years ago)
happynnice (6 years ago)
naneun sana i = I'm a man sana i = (a) man
Faktopedia (6 years ago)
Joey Kovach (6 years ago)
this helped alot
Lukas Frimer Tholander (6 years ago)
Hey Djasonpng. I am trying to make a karaoke video to the school. Can you please tell me how you are making your awesome videos? Any software you would say I should use. I really hop you reply

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