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Survivor Series AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar Highlights

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Song 🎶 Hands Like Houses - I am
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Sixth Hokage (2 months ago)
Great job WNB
Prince Espinosa (2 months ago)
I watch this again because AJ Styles is Lit 🔥 😊😊👍
Patryk Bielawski (2 months ago)
It's not survivor series you stupid
IGNACIO CERVERA (2 months ago)
a one fuckin f5
SuperAttitudeera (2 months ago)
And now they're gonna wrestle again a year later! Hope AJ wins this time.
Eddy Kasili (2 months ago)
they are not am sorry its bryan
LestatandBerial (3 months ago)
Aj Styles looked far better in this one match then Roman Reigns did in all 79 times he challenged Lesnar. Think about it: While the narrative is Reigns was moments from winning at WM31, anyone who actually watched could tell Lesnar was about to win. Reigns had to pin Ambrose to beat Brock in a triple threat match. Reigns was mauled so badly at WM 34 that everyone laughed at him getting a rematch at GRR, which in itself was nonsense, and he only won at Summerslam because Lesnar was more focused on Strowman then reigns. Meanwhile Lesnar's selling for Aj in this match was so good that people thought he was legit hurt.
SBJTV (2 months ago)
Matt Gengler (3 months ago)
Brock is an amazing seller, but does it for people he respects
Indu Thapliyal (3 months ago)
Song name
BRW Highlights (1 month ago)
I Am by Hands Like Houses
xaviensa Aloewel (3 months ago)
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
WCG Highlights (4 months ago)
Copied from wnb highlights
Wasif Khan (4 months ago)
Asael Euceda (4 months ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción? 😊
JIPRODUCTIONS23 (4 months ago)
Asael Euceda hands like houses i am
The Reel Heel (5 months ago)
Why are uploading WNB’s video? You could’ve at least give him credit but didn’t even do that either.
Olimac WWE (6 months ago)
Hmmmmm WNB
Go To Sleep (6 months ago)
Frankie Vids (6 months ago)
WNB highlights made this
Antônio Matos Alencae (6 months ago)
Aj Styles é muito mito
TianXD (9 months ago)
No podes ser tan descarado de robarle el video a WNB
Jona Barrett_949 (1 month ago)
Bueno, al menos esta en YT
Its SK1 (6 months ago)
TianXD tienes razón!
lucky dominguez (10 months ago)
Brock looks like someone that can wrestle a polar bear
Sixth Hokage (4 months ago)
Leonardandre Legas khabib is fucking light weight,Brock is so fucking big and strong Than him
Leonardandre Legas (6 months ago)
Nope but khabib does and does to a grizzly bear
These are some amazing highlights never delete this video plz
SUPER SAYIN KING (7 months ago)
Seth Rollins Fan exactly people are always copying off wnb bc there to lazy to create master highlights like him but tbh im glad that this person has this bc wnb channel got terminated
Thalapathy Fan (7 months ago)
PRO-WRESTLING FOREVER he stole this one from wnb highlights

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