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lessons learned from dora the explorer | Joseph Birdsong

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Be sure to subscribe for more chances for me to ruin your homepage for free. ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/josephbirdsong ▶ Tumblr: http://josephbirdsong.tumblr.com ▶ Site/Blog: http://www.josephbirdsong.co ▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/josephbirdsongofficial oh, also i re-enabled profile comments on my channel page! it's been like a year lol. but theyre fun so theyre back. argh i got 3 horrible screen caps to pick from. ah well, what did i expect.
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Text Comments (645)
pimo (15 days ago)
OMG I found this video! I used to watch it and just crack up the whole time
KB bby (8 months ago)
12 year old me is dyinggg right now. I grew up watching these videos and it really explains who I am as a person today lol. By that I mean I’m funny as shit and cute af 💯💋😂
jpears24 th (8 months ago)
I wont to kill my silf
Regine Miller (10 months ago)
I'm died
Irene Iglesias (3 years ago)
aahahahah, i love dora! funny ....swiper no swiping !ahha
Nick (4 years ago)
good lessons, joseph ur now friends with dora :D
e7iu5tyt (4 years ago)
I honestly think of this video every time I finally find my fucking keys.
TalkingAndStuff (5 years ago)
Alexis Souza (5 years ago)
this is how I imagine my youtube videos would be if I posted any
London1869 (5 years ago)
Hey look! The top of your head!
siriuslyconfused1 (5 years ago)
Woah, Joe without a hat... what?
GoddessofEggrolls (5 years ago)
I'm rewatching (for the umpteenth time) in celebration of finding my keys today!
rar3kainrandomness (5 years ago)
destinie delgado (5 years ago)
your so cute :)
asouerulez (6 years ago)
I finished my homework, yelled "DONE....FIESTA!!!!", and started dancing wildly :P
Dulce Dueñas (6 years ago)
4 years later and i'm still laughing!! love you, joe!
classiccathy (6 years ago)
I found me a new channel I actually like watching... keep up the good work kiddo... "I noticed a qute in one of your videos which says I hate everyone. It's the end of my favorite quote which is "I'm not prejudice... I hate everyone".
Trudy Baer (6 years ago)
Lol this was hilarious xDD
AutumnBear21 (6 years ago)
Lmao,Dude I Love This Kidd!!
Samuel Pollen (6 years ago)
This is. An original song about. Easter.
Grace Higgs (6 years ago)
After every assignment me and my friend click our pens on our paper and yell "DONE! FIESTA!" then start dancing
Jenny (6 years ago)
This is still SO hilarious! xD
Ignelux (6 years ago)
I love the 'DONE!' face XD And holy frakk, the fiesta that followed. I almost died XD
F your feelings (6 years ago)
i just found my new favorite gay person ever
Rileym2468 (6 years ago)
lol this is really funny!!!!!
Blaire Collingwood (6 years ago)
zsmithmyself (6 years ago)
ZOMG what was i watching. i turned on the tv, and she was in some magical forest with a unicorn prince. and she was saying everyone should be free to be themselves and should still be allowed in the forest! and i was like YEAH! NOW TELL PPL THAT ABOUT GAY, LESBIAN, BI, TRANS, QUEER, ETC PPL! I was all: wow, Dora's smarter than America...
Ilke Serlet (6 years ago)
You got some damn moves there buddy
Jennifer Stuebner (6 years ago)
You're so effing adorable. MARRRRRY ME. Yes, I listened to the Gay Song, I still love you.
nickkohmann1234 (6 years ago)
You cant dance
DhiscoStu (6 years ago)
I'm not sure she's ment for an over 7's audience :s
Lexxi Williams (6 years ago)
lol i love how he said after doing a test sing and dancing is fun yet he didn't even sing lol
Amanda Holt (6 years ago)
I have those purple pants...
Georgia Davies (6 years ago)
your tooo funny dude xxxx I CANNOT FEEL MY SIDES
Nia Hampton (7 years ago)
The things you do in that room.
Gabrielle B (7 years ago)
i meant CRAZY
Gabrielle B (7 years ago)
ok he REALLY IS vrazy!!! RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!!! SCREAM!!!!!!!
nisenty (7 years ago)
repeat repeat repeat:D
EverMuppets (7 years ago)
50 thumbs up and I will do done song and dance in school.
david graessle (7 years ago)
@willmcorrea i can do boom snap clap faster but i dont know how to make a vido on this o and hes a dush
Mileenie (7 years ago)
I just had my daily cup of Joe :)
taya v (7 years ago)
this is probably my fovarite youtube video
Candace Hiley (7 years ago)
Is it weird that I already do this?
Kari Sue (7 years ago)
found my keys found my keys found my keys found my keys... okay every time i find my keys.. im goona start singing that.. :)
Robert Stubbs (7 years ago)
prob my fave vid of all time!!!!!!
Garrett Morrow (7 years ago)
Roderick McCloud (7 years ago)
dora doesnt look for anything. it will be a volcano next to her and she will ask "have you seen the volcano?' smh. bitch please.
April Orange (7 years ago)
IAmWhatYouWantMeToBe (7 years ago)
Joe, your videos make me laugh so much. I had to dig around your old videos because I was all sad about 5AG ending and you're quite honestly my favorite.
Dakota (7 years ago)
@Alatskivi Fiesta! My favorite part. hilarious!
Alatskivi (7 years ago)
Denis Themenace (7 years ago)
you scared me when you raised your arms dude. you look soo skinny. funy vid though. im only watching this cause i have an article to do on dora in college. How ridiculous is that
ChickbabeC1 (7 years ago)
You are brilliant!!
witabif (7 years ago)
you win at dancing :D
customcartoons (7 years ago)
Lesson 4) My purse sings its own theme song, while it vomits up the stuff I need, and eats up the stuff I want to store for later :D yaaaay!
Ebby Turk (7 years ago)
Swiper no swiping..?? Im gonna give it a shot
bla blan (7 years ago)
you look a bit like toby mcguire in spiderman
savanna21 (7 years ago)
this always makes me feel better when I'm sad.
456puff (7 years ago)
I see this show sometime at my grandma's house. I think all the people in the show are really stupid, all but Swiper. He is pretty smart. But the show is so stupid it is kind of sad.
Megan Low (7 years ago)
oldppls (7 years ago)
found mah keys ! haha i love you!
onceuponavlog (7 years ago)
this video was fucking hilarious
Zhuli Wei (7 years ago)
I want "Found my keys" to be my new ring tone. Could you arrange for that?
foshoY0 (7 years ago)
LemonExtras (8 years ago)
he looks like eric from that 70s show
ItsRobinWhoTalks (8 years ago)
i love how there is a dora commercial window right next to this video :D
Will Correa (8 years ago)
"founmakiz, founmakiz, founmakiz, founmakiz!"
jamie harrison (8 years ago)
i was walking down the street and some black guys in a van yelled to me "swiper no swiping" i was like WTF JUST HAPPEND?
KiraTheWizard (8 years ago)
MilkaInSpace (8 years ago)
The 'FIESTA!' bit makes me laugh everytime.
GoddessofEggrolls (8 years ago)
I forgot how much this made me laugh... xD
biohazard951753 (8 years ago)
I just wanna force feed you McDonalds lol
Emily R (8 years ago)
they need a third button......like, dislike and LOVE!!
Emily R (8 years ago)
lol. at 0:55 u hear him say oh shit. lol.
kohlton pascal (8 years ago)
total fuckin tool
markoromance (8 years ago)
ala mlerda... come pe tio tas q te secas xD!
rabbits901 (8 years ago)
I agree with you
Shin Alipio (8 years ago)
mr. bean ?
Taylor JN (8 years ago)
"DONE. Fiesta!!!!"
That Guy Named Tom (8 years ago)
I liked the pokemon one cuz it was hilarious but the other ones are to gay for me.
Tori The Owl (8 years ago)
Kate Manson (8 years ago)
this is still probably one of my favorites of your videos. mostly because i work at a dayschool and we watch WAY TOO MUCH DORA and this makes me giggle and because you are hilarious.
Shannon D (8 years ago)
this is my fav vid of yours <3
jennavelasco (8 years ago)
Swiper no swiping LOL
Joe Gualtieri (8 years ago)
fond the keys found the keys found the keys!! hahah lol Xd XD
Rusty Shackleford (8 years ago)
Renata910 (8 years ago)
Amanda Roton (8 years ago)
I hate Dora the explorer! She yells! and she wakes me up in the morning =[
girIZAninja (8 years ago)
@YankeeDoodlePoodle, he's gonna wear that sweater in his new music vid that comes out on feb 5th!!!!!!!
Alex Olivas (8 years ago)
makes me laugh EVERY time! :D
EllysaE (8 years ago)
theresa hoang (8 years ago)
@purplelllama LMFAOLMFAOLMFAO ! OMG , thats the same exact thing that happend to me x]
NellySpinelli (8 years ago)
haha that was very funnny
The Meyers (8 years ago)
that was ilke the most funny video ever
savanna21 (8 years ago)
literally every time i have a bad day i come and watch this video. lmao.
Gabrielle (8 years ago)
lucistele (8 years ago)
lmao im highly amused :)
IamFifteen (9 years ago)
my favourite video in the world I am the 1337th comment =]
Sam Butler (9 years ago)
i LOVE this video you are amazing!
raechel romero (9 years ago)
this makes me laugh every time I watch this :3

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