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Dating Rules For Guys TOO EXPLICIT FOR TV

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LM S (11 days ago)
she is hilarious!! and I love that dress
Eli G (11 days ago)
This woman was BORN for the stage!
Lisa (15 days ago)
That dress is so pretty.
lynno from Cork (15 days ago)
Terrible crowd
S C (19 days ago)
Delicious Luisa😍☮️💚🙏🏼
Becky (19 days ago)
@2:17 soooo true.
Samantha Marcrum (19 days ago)
I love you, I want to become BFFs and drink in pubs and Debate Kabobs vs. Burritos for drunk food - Come to San Diego!!!
Mia (22 days ago)
Disgusting. Oral sex should not be done. Ever.
New subie all the way from South Africa. Luv ya Luisa
LordBane (7 days ago)
With a name like THAT, you are MOST DEFINITELY from South Africa !...and a Boerkie to boot !
Kamri Yksl (22 days ago)
They way she says shaming 😂
Michelle O'Brien (26 days ago)
That joke about Donald Trump just makes me feel sick 🙊
G04t33 McGee (1 month ago)
keep that fake trump hate racist shit in your own shithole country
Present. Lana (1 month ago)
Oh yes..
Lewis Brain (2 months ago)
As a Male this does not shock me. 95% of men can't even be bothered to wash their hads in the toilets after using the toilet. If you have a cheesy knob you get no gob. Ohh and wash your hands. some men are sick of using the self closer as a handle.
Jonathan Vogel (2 months ago)
haaa haaa :-)
Jen Wolf (2 months ago)
Babe's got new rules! OMG I love you!
DogOfKrondor (2 months ago)
Only too explicit for US TV.
Skylar McLeod (2 months ago)
the political joke with comparing trump to hitler was not needed
Moree lite (2 months ago)
I bet she's single.
MGTOW Paladin (2 months ago)
MGTOW for life!
Clear News (2 months ago)
What fool wants a finger up their ass?
Super Red (2 months ago)
I wonder if all the people commenting that this Isn’t funny are men ?
Super Red (2 months ago)
Skylar McLeod ok that’s my (cock handed) attempted at feminism pissed on :)
Skylar McLeod (2 months ago)
Super Red no. im a woman and dont find this very funny.
Andy Elliott (2 months ago)
Why can't women comedians talk about anything else other then their pussy or being a slut.
The Shovster (2 months ago)
NextWorld (2 months ago)
do NOT use soap---bad tasting
Patrick Jenkins (2 months ago)
🗿 SAVAGE humor from a Woman's perspective in a (cockney) accent, I believe. LOVE IT. 😗
Patrick Jenkins (2 months ago)
+Mark Fox 😲🤣🗿 My goodness❗ So I was wrong. O.k. I'LL OWN THAT. I did a Google search before hand, and thought she sounded like some of the famous "cockneys" listed. That's why I put the word in brackets: (cockney) and said "I believe." And by the way, you could've simply CORRECTED the error without resorting to the "Total Ignorance" cliché. However I realize that this is Social Media so that language comes with the territory. Personally I try to avoid dishing out harsh criticism online unless I feel there's a compelling reason to do so. So please pardon my..."Total Ignorance." Perhaps you could take a moment to ENLIGHTEN ME as to the type of accent she DOES have. Thanks. 😘
Mark Fox (2 months ago)
Patrick Jenkins - cockney accent? Wtf? Cockney?! Advertise your total ignorance a little more widely, why don't you?
Terence devlin (2 months ago)
Fuck off
Tom Upton (2 months ago)
Hey look! Another female "comedian" riffing on sex... hilarious! Not
Michael Naisbitt (2 months ago)
The number one thing that will attract women is MONEY. Women will do literally anything if you pay them enough. I have seen things that begger believe that woman have done for a handful of cash. There are no limits
Daniel D (2 months ago)
Whore! 😀
Professor Jameson (2 months ago)
Women aren't funny.
Scott Morrison (2 months ago)
Who tf is she sleeping with? None of those rules make sence, unless she sleeps with homeless dudes
Titan Uranus (2 months ago)
Homophobic shit!
M. F.S (2 months ago)
I didn’t know Katy Perry had a sister who did stand up
Jess Connelly (2 months ago)
Keep your finger out of my bottom👊👊👊👊👊
Ken Harris (2 months ago)
What are they laughing about? she is literally doing the "my vagina is so stinky" jokes.
Carl A (2 months ago)
Always try to understand the other persons point of view. We are all equal. On the other hand had a very educated woman tell me once: all the moves are great but why don't you go down on me? I replied why don't you wash your ass more often.
Branon Fontaine (2 months ago)
No man wants to look at a sweaty, obese hamhock every day of the relationship ladies, don't listen to that hairy skank on stage tellin you different, wash and wax everything bald front to back on a very regular basis, and for fucks sake, do not become a fat tub of estrogen infused lard....workout and take pride in yourself, and find someone who does the same for himself, but he can also make you have multiples orally, and who can make you laugh....and make sure he has a fuckin job before you give him any ass or a blowjob, don't let any man mooch off of you....
Atoms Apple (2 months ago)
Most va-jay-jay connoisseurs (if, not all) would object to what she said about diet. I would say that eating: fats, sweets, oils & sugars make for a tempting treat.!! (dropping my mic).
Another bullshit channel. Worthless lady that can't be funny unless she talks crude. DISLIKE
Leester (2 months ago)
She eats fish sticks and oyster mushrooms.
adessa jhim (2 months ago)
Why do guys like their butthole licked and rubbed ?
Teresa McMurrin (2 months ago)
Idk about that part, but have heard that the finger up the bum will massage the prostate, which is supposed to make the orgasm more intense. Idk about *that* part, either, since it's just not gonna happen. As far as I'm concerned, that section of the anatomy (on male and female) is labelled "Exit Only".
Jeff Baker (2 months ago)
She is one desperate woman.
Chris Drummond (2 months ago)
Subtitles please
Gazzara5 (2 months ago)
The Number One Rule: Don't date. The scre**** you get isn't worth the scre**** you get.
Mark Fox (2 months ago)
Gazzara5 how are you spelling screw? scre** doesn't spell screw.
mark stark (2 months ago)
I haven't seen a good act like that since Lisa Lampanelli.I just found the only current female act I really truly enjoyed.
Steven Larson (2 months ago)
She is Firkin annoying! She will never get a chance to have any guys! Not funny at all.
Aaron Cherry (2 months ago)
This proves women are not funny.
Charles Gutzwiller (2 months ago)
10 4 no finger in the bum funny as hell
Ben Carpenter (2 months ago)
A pom on Trump!!😂😂..Allah akbah
james seabrook (2 months ago)
a disgusting foul mouthed women is never funny,,
james seabrook (2 months ago)
10 seconds was enough,
Luciano Pratarelli (2 months ago)
your a prude why watch the vid
Kaushik Bala (2 months ago)
Whore is a whore ....no questions asked
absoftitanium (2 months ago)
'Slut shamming'?
Max Liskovich (2 months ago)
So nasty.
MrGrombie (2 months ago)
Well done. A very funny skit. I will remember to wash my Willy. XD
LordBane (7 days ago)
You should have learned this when you were growing up as a young child....
cloudyyo (2 months ago)
Sex is universally funny!
svartvist (2 months ago)
Bathroom Banter, Bedroom badinage. Toilette training stage.
raysmusic49 (2 months ago)
Guess shes been with a lot of inconsiderate trashy guys.... Wash everything down there..not just the willie...do a little manscaping..
Ray Smyth (2 months ago)
I was impressed that someone as boring and tedious as this individual can actually read.
Keshaw Gajadin (2 months ago)
women are not funny.
tvsinesperanto (2 months ago)
Why is it that female comedians cant be "funny" without denigrating men. Female comedians just aren't funny (Tina Fey excepted).
Carp man Jones (2 months ago)
Tell it like it is..... Brilliant
Psyclotron xx (2 months ago)
She isn't funny at all. 😒
Irma Vep (2 months ago)
I tried going into this open minded but this was complete shit
Mr. Mike (2 months ago)
Here we go again, women making up rules for men. Ho hum. Whatever women are doin, it's not working
Heidi (14 days ago)
its a comedystandup
John (2 months ago)
Any man who like a finger in their ass is borderline GAY!!!
Vegan Dolls (2 months ago)
wowwwwwwww this is sooooooooo bad. please..women comedians...stop. just stop
IMD1IAM (2 months ago)
There is funny, then there is vulgar! Mostly embarrassing vulgar. S K A N K
ALL BOYS are whores and sexist misogynistic male pigs; ALL BOYS HIT AND BEAT WOMYN TOO😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
K August (3 months ago)
I think I like her... And it is a good list!
Peter Southgate (3 months ago)
This comedian wasn't funny
Luisa Omielan (3 months ago)
*in my opinion...
bangmeister2012 (3 months ago)
A little raunchy but its fine
Zage13 (3 months ago)
Some sloppy chick taking about sex? It's a no for me dawg.
Sage Oldmann (3 months ago)
She’s not pretty enough to make demands
David Hoch (3 months ago)
Mark Fisher (3 months ago)
Obama washes michelle"s willy
Firstname Lastname (3 months ago)
Whats "slut shammin"?
Rel (3 months ago)
Lol its true
Jeremy Holmes (3 months ago)
Downs syndrome Katy Perry is still cute.
10469 (3 months ago)
What can I use to wash my willie with Louisa face.. NO !!! Lmao !!!
LordBane (7 days ago)
Try soap and water !
10469 (3 months ago)
Wow.. that was funny laughing the whole time !!
Estephen H (3 months ago)
News flash, only women can be sluts! Why? Cause they're the ones that say yes. Seriously, women talking about having sex is like dudes talking about playing with their balls. I mean, come on, ladies, what did you have to do, leave your house?...
pvjim (3 months ago)
Hideous...and not funny.
Peter Alvin (3 months ago)
"What does Luisa taste like? ~~paradise~~!"
Tim Austin (3 months ago)
Chicks ain't funny.
D Mays (3 months ago)
Lol i normally don't find femal comedians that funny but this chick is really funny. She's cute too. Her accent is a little tough for me to umderstand though
Michael (3 months ago)
A low-class woman will attract low-class men.
Amanda H (3 months ago)
Wash your balls while y'all at it too and give them a trim! No one likes nasty stinky balls and long hairs that are tangly.
Arnieus (3 months ago)
Slut shaming is pointless these days. How do you slut shame a women wearing a pussy hat and a shirt with "proud slut" printed on it?
Egg drop Soup (3 months ago)
Everyone pls shut up about her not being funny off this one clip. She’s literally hilarious and covers a range of topics in her specials but you’re all to busy trying to affirm your confirmation bias
Aaron Harris (3 months ago)
Who told this homeless hooker she was funny
Richard Cantin (3 months ago)
Who doesn’t wash Willy!! No that’s not right. Gotta be presentation ready!! Go all out! Manscape!!
Jessica (3 months ago)
I don’t know you...but I love you 💕
Jay Lee (3 months ago)
1. you're not funny 2. you're ugly 3. see one and two
firetheho (3 months ago)
Not funny. Next..............
Ru22eLL (3 months ago)
Foul-mouthed feminist. And this is humourous?
Principles Not Politics (3 months ago)
Womansplaining rules of behaviour to men? She's funnier than most comidiennes, but ultimately way too offensive... and should probably be shut down 😀
Hellgearone (3 months ago)
I love Luisa's comedy. She fucking helarious. Out of love for my gf, I Keep my dick suckably clean all the time.
ArcaneEiro (3 months ago)
Slut shammin baby.
Ian Summers (3 months ago)
Tired, hacky premises with no punch lines. How the hell does she get in front of a theater with this act?

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