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AJ Styles 2018 Titantron | Phenomenal (WWE Custom)

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Programs Used: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Adobe Photoshop Song: "Phenomenal" by CFO$ No copyright infringement intended. All rights reserved.
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Text Comments (68)
The best
Sita Acharya (20 days ago)
Styles is the best ☺☺☺☺☺
Francis Carr (25 days ago)
Too sweet 🤘🤘
Pedro Henrique (1 month ago)
The phenomenal Wwe (1 month ago)
Music Phenomenal
The phenomenal Wwe (1 month ago)
Big dog fan (1 month ago)
Name plate and video frame is 😘😘😘😘😘
Juanny Rex (1 month ago)
aj styles el mejor
JCorona 93937 (1 month ago)
This is phenomenal
Qua Hoover (1 month ago)
Aj styles needs to turn heel as wwe champion
tar7ek splash (2 months ago)
Thank you for the song i was enjoying listing the song
Shatter.. (2 months ago)
Marcelo Rex (2 months ago)
King king of wwe 🤨 😫 🤛 🤕 🤑🤑🤑
Aj STYLE (2 months ago)
Go aj
prem singh negi (16 days ago)
Aj STYLE india fan name amit
Aj STYLE (2 months ago)
Aj styles is my fave he is the bast go aj
Tito Hernandez (29 days ago)
He's to phenomenal
Tito Hernandez (29 days ago)
And my favorite too
ADITYA PL vines (2 months ago)
Aj !
Marcelo Rex (2 months ago)
The wwe champion 😎😎😎😎
Marcelo Rex (2 months ago)
ATHARV SITOKE (2 months ago)
Said Salim (2 months ago)
This music is phenomenal
aj styles 1 (2 months ago)
Jesus Moya (1 month ago)
What that mean
Young Music (2 months ago)
I'm aj styles biggest fan
ATHARV SITOKE (2 months ago)
Young Music, so am I
AJ Shortey (2 months ago)
Tito Hernandez (29 days ago)
Hell yeah man
Brennan Jarrett (3 months ago)
loses the champion at MITB
James Norman (17 days ago)
That's wrong
Francis Carr (25 days ago)
No aj won watch it!🤘🤘🖕
Tito Hernandez (29 days ago)
Brennan Jarrett 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 goes down shinske nakamura
Dan Trojan (1 month ago)
I guess you're prediction was wrong lol
WrestleBase (2 months ago)
Brennan Jarrett no
ramkumar choudhray (3 months ago)
aj vs shinska nake mura
Michael Ells (3 months ago)
Video is awesome!
M D (3 months ago)
AJ Styles is phenomenal
Youyoudu 31 (3 months ago)
The phenomenal is here
ethan davis (3 months ago)
Bro this is one of the best I have seen keep up the good work man it's phenomenal
Mehdi Badaoui (1 month ago)
Tushar Dutt (3 months ago)
Aj I love you I will a tattoo in stomach side for ypu
Yasar King (3 months ago)
awesome them song
Balsa Vujkovic (3 months ago)
Aj styles is the best😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
ANTONI AJSTYLES (4 months ago)
Jeevin and jag Hayer (4 months ago)
Best titration ever
PRIYANKSHU DEB (4 months ago)
Wwe champion the phenomenal 1 aj styles 2 times win in werestlmnia njpw champion roh champion tna world champion us champion tag team champ at tna present world heavyweight champion
Mc Cham (5 months ago)
Great work
AWESOME TU (5 months ago)
Nice! Sync was a bit off for some parts but overall good!
TheChaserofSouls (5 months ago)
Yeah YT threw it off a bit.
G- Money (5 months ago)
Nice work!
TheChaserofSouls (5 months ago)
G- Money Thanks
Wrestle Maniak (5 months ago)
Noice job
TheChaserofSouls (5 months ago)
Wrestle Maniak Thank you
JX Editz (5 months ago)
AWESOME BORDERS DUDE!!!! Amazing Effects!!! Your improving every video!! Can you make Jeff Hardy Next?
Anna Maria Di Maggio (3 months ago)
+TheChaserofSouls tgrs
JX Editz (5 months ago)
Use the Saber Plugin with the Another America Font
TheChaserofSouls (5 months ago)
PhenomenalTronz 101 Thanks! Doing what I can to evolve. And yeah I had a Jeff Hardy video lined up. Just need to think of ideas on a nameplate.

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