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Oldboy Octopus / Squid Scene

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Oh Dae-Su gets the munchies :L
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Maris Purde (2 months ago)
Poor octopus 😔😥😱
CD AB (4 months ago)
와우 산낙지
Favmir (1 year ago)
Lol chefs boil lobsters alive and make sashimi out of live fish, why do people suddenly care so much when it happens outside the kitchen
gringo (1 year ago)
great story but this scene represents my disdain on asian people...nothing respect for animals,you suck
Tron Nort (1 year ago)
People complain about this being cruel. Lol. How do you think the vast majority of octopus have died all throughout history? Old age? Lol. Probably looks a lot like this. In something's mouth, squirming and squishing. Get over it you beta male soy-boys.
UGin (1 year ago)
Funny Videos (1 year ago)
Hardcore to do such a thing! And he is Even vegan I read
Mill Burray (1 year ago)
His behavior itself doesn't mean anything. You have to connect his experiences in the movie. He just wants to kill something alive to feel himself alive.
Arpit Agarwal (2 years ago)
what the fuck did i just watch.........
Lee Jeongwoo (2 years ago)
Actually, eating live octopus isn't that weird in korea. Just search 'eating live octopus' in youtube you can find many videos about eating live octopus(of course not that 'dirty' way. we chop this up and eat with sesami oil sauce). This is really common food in korea and many koreans like it as much as sashimi or sushi. My english skill is very poor but any questions?
ᅥᅥᅥᅳᅱᅥ (4 months ago)
마! 니 영어 좀 하노?
Lee Jungmin (1 year ago)
titanio784 I don’t know where you’re from but I know that you’re the most stupid guy in your country you fucking idiot
gringo (1 year ago)
fuck you shit
Lee Jungmin (1 year ago)
titanio784 At least better than you idiot
gringo (1 year ago)
korean people is shit
Lee Jeongwoo (2 years ago)
Actually, eating live octopus isn't that weird in korea. just type 'eating live octopus' in youtube and click search button, you can find many videos about eating live octopus. This is really common food in korea and many koreans like it.
Jack Mehoff (2 years ago)
Tony Montana from Scarface: "You know I eat octopus three times a day man. I got fucking octopus coming out of my fucking ears man"!
sunshine ghoul (2 years ago)
This scene is the reason why I feel so nervous and disgusted everytime I look at an octopus oh my god I wanna thank my Film Theory teacher who recommended me this movie... just kidding FUCK YOU DUDE MY LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME
SparkzMxzXZ (2 years ago)
to think that he's vegetarian omg
Clawbytes (2 years ago)
This is cruel and disgusting. Why didn't anyone warn me about the dubbing.
Jeroen Bosch (3 years ago)
2 animals playing around
AME C (3 years ago)
"no animals were harmed in the making of this film"
布丁 (2 years ago)
This movie is nоw avааilаblеееe to watсh hееere => https://twitter.com/d879ebfe11c6d68df/status/795841891656794112 Оldboу Octоpus Squid Sсеnе
Truth (2 years ago)
He bit it's head off, only the nerves flexing.
TheChinization (2 years ago)
+Elodie Coquillat I know youre not american but we talk in english so... You're french right? At least from one of the french colonies if im not mistaken?!? How dare i to wish something like that ;)
AME C (2 years ago)
+Liquid Black Yes, yes it is. But sometime the bs really gets me.
AME C (2 years ago)
+TheChinization You wish. Come at me bruh, if your so damn great, I'm sitting comfy at home with a cup of tea.
lionchamp777 (4 years ago)
Great Cthulhu does not approve...
DamianRayNoble (4 years ago)
how was this gross
Onlywan Rayner (4 years ago)
Is it smug to admit ur an animal? I dont think so.
Sarah Tavin (4 years ago)
Onlywan Rayner (5 years ago)
People thinking its wrong to eat live animals are being niave and childish, nature is all about things eating other thing whole, alive and wriggling. Did nature get it wrong or did you?
Jens - Oliver Macznik (1 year ago)
"apologized the octopus beforehand" xD Think it accepted the apologies?
Stephen Barnes (1 year ago)
So we've somehow evolved into a higher state of sentience than the poor creatures below us. How do we know we have it right when it comes to morality? We're all just animals after all.
bulaluigi (3 years ago)
+Chris Rayner I guess, but animals also shit and piss everywhere, beat each other up over mates, and sometimes devour their own young, so the 'animals do it, it's natural!' argument is not a good one to go by
Swang ToTheLeft (5 years ago)
Man you're childish AND pretentious. Humans know better and have better ways. The actor actually despised doing it as a vegetarian and apologized the octopus beforehand, so what are you even trying to defend besides your own smugness?
LaserGunsLG (5 years ago)
Hi, my name is Oh Dae Su and welcome to Jackass.
Prisoner416 (5 years ago)
Live octopus actually doesn't taste that bad if you dip it in a simple sauce first.
TheHornet79 (5 years ago)
Give that Octopus an Oscar!
boitahaki (5 years ago)
This scene is pretty realistic, I tried it yesterday and the girls get turned on instantly.
TRIPLE 7 (5 years ago)
You know your asian when this doesnt disgust you
Tyraxio (5 years ago)
While I highly agree to the fact that human beings are pussies that does not dare to look upon the harm they are indirectly doing through eating meat, the animal does not care how they are killed - however, it finds the least amount of pain the most satisfactory, and since (well, proper) slaughterings takes place under somewhat professional conditions, killing an animal on your plate could be a long process where the animal could be under intense pain for long periods of time.
TelePhotoLens (5 years ago)
Well I'm vegetarian myself because I don't see the difference between killing with teeth or with a knife. An animal doesnt care which, it doesnt want to die. But in all fairness, humans boast how predator we are, when we don't even eat our animals alive, and I feel that if you're going to eat an animal, at least show it the respect and honor of looking it in the eyes when you kill it. Only pussies buy pre-killed meat.
Tyraxio (5 years ago)
I'm vegan (huge surprise), and while I am, obviously, very well aware of the brutal killing of animals in slaughterhouses, I think eating animals live is an infinite amount of times more disgusting and horrible.
Bible Believer (5 years ago)
That was so AWESOME!
TelePhotoLens (5 years ago)
"killing an animal before you eat it" what the fuck is the difference?! Death is death. Eating a live animal is what real predators do. You think slaughterhouses humanely euthanize our meat? The way we kill cows an chickens these days, it would actually be more respectful if we ate them alive.
TelePhotoLens (5 years ago)
He's going to eat at Arbys.
TelePhotoLens (5 years ago)
Dude, step away from wikipedia and instead look at a basic zoology book. Nerve=pain. It is an animal, it is not a plant. They also have pretty advanced brains, as cephalopods have been observed opening jars and using tools. Point is, he's eating a live animal and it's struggling to get away before it slowly dies. You're obviously trying to justify it as a defense mechanism.
TelePhotoLens (5 years ago)
If Josh Brolin does this in the new one, I may forgive the Spike Lee. Maybe. Probably not.
Jesuchrist Von Piro (5 years ago)
aguante el rojo!
Doom2Guy (5 years ago)
Wasn't expecting German audio, haha
jmanthunderbolt (5 years ago)
you do realize that he is a vegetarian in real life?
uNANOtube (5 years ago)
Funny thing is that the actor is a vegetarian....or atleast before this film
Sankto (5 years ago)
I lost it at the last second. XD
angel07p (5 years ago)
Bon appetit
Tony Zach (5 years ago)
is it a real squid?
Tony Zach (5 years ago)
firmkillernate (5 years ago)
Just so you whiners out there know: Octopi do not have brains. They have nerve clusters called ganglia. This very fact means that they do not have a sensory cortex and cannot perceive pain. The animal (and essentially any animal) will always demonstrate a fight or flight response, and this is NOT out of pain.
Don Kurap (5 years ago)
if he wouldn't have*
Dane Sayer (5 years ago)
It is real. They had to do 4 takes as well apparently.
Dasyati (5 years ago)
Sounds like a deleted scene from 'W'
theotherspartan (5 years ago)
Josh Brolin will eat a live bald eagle chick at a baseball game as the national anthem plays.
theotherspartan (5 years ago)
See more films. Especially 'I Saw The Devil' if you liked Oldboy.
rick j (5 years ago)
is josh brolin going to eat the octopus?
Kholdstare (5 years ago)
And to continue that train of thought how do you know what LeftcusRighticus does in his spare time? If he doesn't have the right to judge someone from a few posts then how do you?
iluvprawns (5 years ago)
If he wants to risk his own life by having a squid attach its suckers to his epiglottis on its way down, let him. No skin off your nose.
Destiny Meetstruth (5 years ago)
I think this guy will be shitting baby octopussies
Destiny Meetstruth (5 years ago)
Don't eat the octopus! Eat the rich instead. boingboing: young luiz
EnfantTerrible7 (5 years ago)
watch the movie, and you'll understand why he's eating a live octopus in whole. and how are the Americans going to remake this scene? I'm very curious.
Nikita Rusilko (5 years ago)
Stan Green (5 years ago)
Joao Torres (5 years ago)
Every carnivore animal eat other animals alive... Why is this scene cruel????
Tyraxio (5 years ago)
I do believe we can all agree that unnecessary suffering is a bad thing in any case. Killing an animal before you eat it is the least you can do.
midnight15086 (6 years ago)
True, being normal does not equal being right. And doing something that the Western world views as abnormal does not equal being wrong either...
FranticAnimations (6 years ago)
If someone objects to it, they object. It's understandable. No point in starting a dumb argument.
noozi (6 years ago)
lmao, I got a good laugh from this
Tyraxio (6 years ago)
All right then, let's say your INTERPRETATION is correct, for the sake of this argument. Assuming I haven't seen the movie is just arrogant. First off, learn a respectful tone if you want anyone to listen to you. I am not calling you stupid, arrogant etc. Secondly, why do you suppose animals have no feelings whatsoever, and we should continue abusing them because "why not"?. Thirdly, why does believing in one cause mean one has to oppose other causes? In your own words, sir, you are a moron.
Tyraxio (6 years ago)
Calling other people dumb is a sign of low intelligence, and lack of respect. To use your annoying way of arguing, I suppose I should correct your "if he wouldn't of..." to "have" instead of "of". Who says the octopus had to die anyway? There's an obvious difference between actively opposing something, letting something happen and actively make something happen. To use your analogy, if an innocent man was getting his head chopped off, I wouldn't sign up to be the executioner.
LefticusRighticus (6 years ago)
You really are dumb, arent you. That doesnt equate. This does: I am heading up to the chopping block to have my head chopped off. Nothing I can do about it. Sentence passed, I'm going to die, period. Does it matter who the exexcutioner is? Baka.
LefticusRighticus (6 years ago)
He hate a live animal because he was trapped in a room for years with NOTHING alive while eating only the SAME fried meal over & over. He wanted the feeling of something alive, dying, so he knew he was alive. Probably should watch the film before making stupid ass generalized theories on why he did it. Morons who cry about the rights of animals Why dont you go whine about something that actually matters Like the millions of homeless & hungry children in the world Oh, animals first, right?
Tyraxio (6 years ago)
And also, let me cut it out a bit, the meaning of this scene is that eating live animals is an act of feeling superior. Having anger that you displace on a helpless animal, which is kind of contradicted by the fact that they actually did it, rather than fake it, which would have been possible.
Tyraxio (6 years ago)
Being "normal" does not equal being right. "If I don't kill this innocent man, someone else will!"
LefticusRighticus (6 years ago)
I object to the fact that you are real. They eat live octopi in many different countries. Its a delicacy. If he wouldnt of ate this one, someone would have.
Tyraxio (6 years ago)
I still object to the fact that this is real.
LefticusRighticus (6 years ago)
@gaminkalv Ignore the previous response. He ate this because he spent many years locked in a cell with absolutely no contact with anything alive. While trapped in the room he was fed nothing but the same exact fried meal every day for years. So, he wanted to eat something alive. Its very psychological and hard to explain, but it makes total sense in the film. I'd highly recommend watching it. Will Smith wanted to do a remake, but decided against it as they'd have to change too much.
LefticusRighticus (6 years ago)
@megaachilles23 haha. Funniest comment I've read all day. Thank you for that :L
MegaAchilles23 (6 years ago)
I'd cover my eyes but my fingers look too much like tentacles
Calum North (6 years ago)
this video is ruined by the fact it's a German dub
LefticusRighticus (6 years ago)
@gaminkalv because he spent many years imprisoned with absolutely NO contact with anyone or anything else, and was served the same nasty old fried meal every day, and this was his first day out. He wanted to eat something alive.
Şems-C Efendi (6 years ago)
Sadiya S (6 years ago)
oh man the legs were still moving :(
thebossman222 (6 years ago)
I read on the behind the scenes video of this on here, he's a vegetarian buddhist or something, and he prayed and apologised to the octopus before eating it.
FeelinGood (6 years ago)
Why did he eat it like that?? What was the message behind that?
JackoBanon1 (6 years ago)
Poor Squiddy !! :(
Barbara Gonzalez (6 years ago)
such an epic movie
No One (6 years ago)
...Are you sure she didn't deathed...?
TadRaunch (6 years ago)
No, the octopus lived a happy life and had many children.
DerHalbeEuro (6 years ago)
Thats why i never eat asian food
DeLucios (7 years ago)
@terratrema YES!!!!!! 4 died for this Scene!!!!!
LefticusRighticus (7 years ago)
To Anyone who has not seen this movie, I highly HIGHLY recommend it. Do not let this one scene turn you off as it makes sense in context. This is probably the best film I've ever seen.
No One (7 years ago)
Did the octopus died?
silentgrayfellow101 (7 years ago)
@stork101 your fuckin dumb, so why dont you take your little troll cave and go fuck off somewhere
silentgrayfellow101 (7 years ago)
@stork101 man fuck you, you probaly fuckin beat off to that part you vigirous fapper
poorenglishjuggler (7 years ago)
@AzureMonk hahhahahha I truly laughed out loud!
Vagrant (7 years ago)
mother of god...
kaan9072 (7 years ago)
Why the fuck should he do this??
Alexander Strohschein (7 years ago)
AlexanderTuring (7 years ago)
@MsBlaas es coreano pendejo
Kor O'Connell (7 years ago)
@pakku159 i second that emotion
Anita Kaur (7 years ago)
OMG..., someone kill me!!! *Pukes on the side!!*
RyanLies (7 years ago)
the funny thing is he's a vegetarian
UrSoMeanBoss (7 years ago)
you have no idea how long ive been waiting to see this movie again. i only remembered this scene and the suitcase falling on a roof thing... TYTYTYTY
Anemone Lizz Blandz (7 years ago)
que nojo!!!!

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