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Confident Body Language Tricks That Attract Women

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Free Webinar: 3 Steps To Get Dates With Attractive Women https://theattractionswitch.com/ In this video, I will show you the 3 specific techniques how to be more confident around women and the particular body language that attracts women without much effort on your part. Now, remember: these attractive body language moves work if you combine them with playful, cocky and flirtatious conversation so make sure to check our other videos out on this youtube channel.
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Text Comments (35)
Z31Rider (1 month ago)
I gotta be conservative on not doing too much of this. I already drive the ladies crazy.
DAFALCENATION (3 months ago)
Need more advanced tips, sir!
JA CAR (3 months ago)
I wont to see advanced thniques
Rem Ruati (3 months ago)
Please make the Advanced video
Varun sharma (3 months ago)
O bhai india mein aisa karenge to boss log chair utha k bahar marenge
Chennaram Neveen Kumar (3 months ago)
Very very powerful body language video
ghassen jabri (3 months ago)
yeah , we want more advanced body language , can you make another video ?
The Attraction Switch (3 months ago)
Yes. I will 😊
Tado AL XAVIER (3 months ago)
Hank Moody
Tado AL XAVIER (3 months ago)
Do Hank Moody Pls
Tado AL XAVIER (3 months ago)
The Attraction Switch nxt week?🤗
The Attraction Switch (3 months ago)
We Are releasing it soon
OSR -OutSpokenRascsls (3 months ago)
More advanced please
kim jong un (3 months ago)
I knew this already
kim jong un (3 months ago)
+anon. Thanks,asshole
anon. (3 months ago)
Well done fuckhead
Paul ZzZ (3 months ago)
More advanced tehniques man, you're awesome🙄
Definite G (3 months ago)
Great vid but what advice for body language do you have for taller men, everybody is shorter than me and i naturally slump over what advice do you have for them
Definite G (3 months ago)
Project Attraction taller guys unconsciously slump so they can see other people so if they stand up straight they have to look downward and that can come across as snobby. Plus our shoulders never really (in my opinion) stand straight out because of the sight problem i just mentioned. And as you are talking to the woman you would start to slump over becausr your trying to keep that strong eye contact. Just want your thoughts on that
Project Attraction (3 months ago)
Great question, so the problem is a tall guy dealing with shorter people around him? Can you tell me more specifics about the problem? Thanks - RR
Afonso Albrecht (3 months ago)
OMG, looking at you, anyone can already see that you're a looser trying to learn alpha man things to become an alpha man! haha alpha men tricks aren't taught!
Afonso Albrecht (3 months ago)
hahaha, yeah yeah my kid! :))
Ayan Biswas (3 months ago)
Afonso Albrecht looking at you, anyone can tell you're aren't alpha either.
Michail Michailidis (3 months ago)
Afonso Albrecht that's where you are wrong
Michail Michailidis (3 months ago)
Yo Rick when will James return?
Project Attraction (3 months ago)
He's will be working behind the scenes and I'll be doing the videos, But maybe we can get him to do a cameo ;) -RR
GHOST 39 (3 months ago)
i need the advanced tips
Project Attraction (3 months ago)
done -RR
Babul Singh (3 months ago)
Can I be your editor I mean your videos was dope but the point that you shared came and went and no one noticed I mean when you was sharing key you did editing but those are really boring I can do advance animation and improve them I can send you my resume if you want and also no music and thumbnail also needs to be improved I mean more eye catchy.
Project Attraction (3 months ago)
Sure, send your resume to [email protected], Thanks -RR
Manav Gupta's Channsl (3 months ago)
Salgadinho (3 months ago)
More advanced techniques ,please!
Project Attraction (3 months ago)
You got it -RR
Tristan Feinauer (3 months ago)
When u quoted Jordan i knew u were the real deal
Project Attraction (3 months ago)
Haha thanks -RR

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