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SQL Complete Tutorial - ADD or SUBSTRACT or MULTIPLY between two columns - Chapter 6

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In this video, I have explained how to add_subtract_multiply the two columns from the particular table. Comment - Follow - Like : https://www.facebook.com/TechyVickyBlog https://www.twitter.com/techyvicky https://www.pinterest.com/techyvicky/techy-vicky-blog https://plus.google.com/109896475845510580320/
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Text Comments (9)
minyoi godfrey Chibuye (2 months ago)
Can this be done between two different tables
manjunatha s Rao (22 days ago)
+mike lynch how
mike lynch (1 month ago)
yes you would need to use a join first
Rich Williams (1 year ago)
once you have the new column how do you add it to your main table so it always updates? thx
rajnish chaubey (2 years ago)
Hi Thanks for the wonderful video. Which application you are using. Is it a SSIS package ?
Diksha Kalra (3 years ago)
Keep it up, Thanks
Vicky's Blog (3 years ago)
Thank u
Vicky's Blog (4 years ago)

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