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How to Walk in High Heels : More Tips For Women on Walking in Very High Heels

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In this informative video clip series, our style and fashion expert will demonstrate everything you need to know about high heels. Learn how to walk in heels properly, the differences between types of shoes and much more. In this clip, more tips on walking in very high heels. Expert: modelrob Contact: www.texaslatina.com Bio: Yvette Parrish, make up artist to the stars, shows you how to apply makeup professionally. Filmmaker: Robin Morriss
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Text Comments (196)
Jupiter298 (5 years ago)
Unfortunately they are very ugly heels!!!!!!!! I am a crossdresser and have been wearing high heels since I was 13. I am able to walk in high heels better than 90% of women!!! I wear 4.5 inch thin stiletto heels with NO PLATFORMS, and sometimes spend 4 or 5 hours in them while shopping! I, like most men, get very aroused when I see a lady wearing sexy stilettos on the street. But the really sad thing is women who think they are sexy in shoes with hideous frumpy platforms!!
abbasquare (5 years ago)
Sexy pantyhose feet and legs! I love open toed shoes with hose! She is lovely.
Melanin Goddess (5 years ago)
why are you wearing stocking...
Manuworm (6 years ago)
Thank you :) That was actually quite helpful!
soedeyase jensen (6 years ago)
hahahahahahahahahha omg
boomerlady (6 years ago)
CallMeKell2 (6 years ago)
@nelysvabska you can turn them off lol
nelly svabska (7 years ago)
Thanks to subtitles cant see heels
MSB (7 years ago)
@KahmeiGaGa so don't
shirifun (7 years ago)
stripper shoes!
Anum Butt (7 years ago)
im also 5'2
MistandAsh (7 years ago)
@ItsTheClassyBitch hahhah!
xpepe12 (7 years ago)
those look like stripper heels!
jalebiben (7 years ago)
I think she is too fat to win beauty pageant...sorry
verren (7 years ago)
"If you have a mule, which is a slip on, mule-type shoe.." Really? A mule is a mule-type shoe....however did I miss that? Obviously that tells me everything about what a mule is...it's a mule-type shoe.
marzipin (7 years ago)
Hooker shoes?
TelcontarRulz (7 years ago)
She's wrong about how petite people should wear higher heels. Petite girls shouldn't wear heels that are too high or risk looking like they're on stilts. There's a problem if the height of the heel is actually longer than your foot.
Liliath09 (7 years ago)
Yeah, right, at least my feet will stay healthy instead of crippled.
Ela (7 years ago)
no kur*a zajebiste no xd
Glitter_Graveyard (7 years ago)
those shoes are ugly no offense
Kristina Cindrić (7 years ago)
@MajikkaniHand haha, you got that right :-)
Ameeksha Dilchand (7 years ago)
what kind of pageant was that? pageants for fatties. no offence.
Babypurplebee (7 years ago)
A little less but moving,but youre advices are verry helpfull for girls who don't know how to walk in high hells... :))
Shena C (7 years ago)
Stripper shoes..
MajikkaniHand (7 years ago)
@IssabelaRosselini Heh, I've heard that, but these shoes would've been stained by it. :( Red satin strappy sandals don't allow for a whole lot of solutions, it looks like. But no matter, because next time I go to something formal I'm wearing a TUX. Screw female attire ^^.
Kristina Cindrić (7 years ago)
@MajikkaniHand I recommend you to put some vaseline on your feet before wearing the shoes, no mere blisters i promise:-)
ElunaWoolridge (7 years ago)
Its easy to say one food infront of the other!
Leanne Ncube (7 years ago)
Stripper shoes
MajikkaniHand (7 years ago)
@xPowderBluLolipopzx I walk on the balls of my feet anyway, so my calf muscles are ROCK. My feet did get worn down by the straps, though... :P Even putting band-aids under the straps didn't stop me from getting blisters. XD
NerdForYou (7 years ago)
@MajikkaniHand Oh god o- o how!? After 2 songs my toes where NUMB xD
MajikkaniHand (7 years ago)
@xPowderBluLolipopzx I wore mine the whole time. Do NOT recommend it. XD
NerdForYou (7 years ago)
@missdinamit Lol practice just walking around the room back an forth.. that's what I did and luckily I got used to it for the most part. Just be careful outside on gravel or grass (My heels went right THROUGH the grass into the dirt). After you get there, most girls don't last wearing there heels past the first song, so you'll be fine :D
Alin Olvera (7 years ago)
Lots of talk
NerdForYou (7 years ago)
I've been practicing how to do this all day for prom.. I can walk in heels but not in THIN heels baaah.
Jane Ofalltrades (7 years ago)
Wish this would have been around when I was first learning how to walk in heels. I can't walk in them now but want to be a bit more graceful. Thanks for explaining.
Kayla Kross (7 years ago)
good video for you girls learning to walk in high heels
MrsHatta (7 years ago)
@RiekeFyed Well, come on. Walking in heels is simple. You work your way up.
MrsHatta (7 years ago)
@RiekeFyed U serious? Lol
Janna Rodriguez (7 years ago)
enlongate? can expert village do a better job?
Janna Rodriguez (7 years ago)
djennelast (7 years ago)
it looks this bitch forever to get to the fucking point!DAMN
MrsHatta (7 years ago)
Is this supposed to be a joke? I mean, are there any women out there who does not know how to wear high heels? If so, this video will probably not help you at all. This might be too american for me, but from where I see it, this is truly and utter troll
Leah Arlington (7 years ago)
go to 0:56 to skip her life history..
SmileForPink (7 years ago)
@abc123333333333 She can do whatever she wants. You're just jealous because I bet you're short. In heels she would be a supermodel, but since I assume you're short, you would still be JUST AVERAGE. Nothing special like her. Not a supermodel- just AVERAGE like everybody else. People look up to her in awe, where as people just look past you. No man would want a girl who looked like all the others, he would want a tall, beautiful SUPERMODEL.
GosipGirl93 (7 years ago)
Thank You, thank You, thank You :D
Inis91 (7 years ago)
@lilkenna2006 Your tip is brilliant :) In the past i used to think that with my 1,75 m tall It's just too much to wear high heels. I was so embarrased 'cause i thought that everyone is staring at me an i look like a girraffe. Suddenly i realized that is only my choice and no one can judge me :) Now i'm wearing VERY high high heels (about 12cm) :) and it's fine! So ladies- don't be afraid. We are beautiful the way we are, and we should wear as we like :)
Inis91 (7 years ago)
@lilkenna2006 Your tip is brilliant :) In the past i used to think that with my 1,75 m tall It's just too much to wear high heels. I was so embarrased 'cause i thought that everyone is staring at me an i look like a girraffe. Suddenly i realized that is only my choice and no one can judge me :) Now i'm wearing VERY high high heels (about 12cm) :) and it's fine! So ladies- don't be afraid. We are beautiful the way we are, and we should wear as we like :)
Daisies (7 years ago)
@123avatarlover Well thats nice. lmfao.
Jacilyn Bruns (7 years ago)
this helped me!
XXX (7 years ago)
Molly (7 years ago)
@123avatarlover rude.. not to mention unnecessary
Myra Emily-Neheng (7 years ago)
so i'll stick to wedges for now so i don't feel like an elf around the tall ones
Myra Emily-Neheng (7 years ago)
I'm 5"5, average height i say, i'm from SA but i live in asia. where girls are reaally short. i'd say ave height is about 5"2. but i feel so damn short because my best friend is 5"11 she's from russia. and on top of that the guy i have a crush on is freakin tall too, he's like 6"5 maybe. and i too cant wear heels to save my life. i wish i could they'r so damn sexy but i feel really uncomfortable in them. i used to be a skater chick and i'm only slowly coming out of that phase
Amy Hide (7 years ago)
Even though I'm 5'8, I still like my heels to be 4-5 inches. I never think about how I walk in heels though, I just tend to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. That's always a good start... :')
Denisse Vargas (7 years ago)
im 4'11 :'( how long should ibuy my heelzs?? plsz help!! thank youh :D
Glen Raven-Mills (7 years ago)
Thanks for producing this video. I wish I had something like this when I first started wearing heels 11 years ago. BTW, I'm 6'0" and prefer heels in the 3-4" range.
Amy Sanchez (7 years ago)
what if your 5'6? how many inches should i wear?
GloriaD5767 (7 years ago)
@VanishMeantime Yup, me too. My boyfriend (now ex) loved high heels, so I bought some that had sort of a thicker heel, and platforms, and they were fairly comfortable...but I probably won't wear them anymore since he broke up with me. My feet curve out, so when I point them, they curve inward, which means that when I walk in heels, I'm afraid I'll turn my ankle outward and break it.
dorinioanaalexandra (7 years ago)
@sockbeam i'm 5'2 and i'm considered super short... everyone is taller than me at my 20 years old and it's so frustrating.... maybe i'll move to Asia
mole646 (7 years ago)
Yvette is extremely beautiful!
sweetu4jaanu (8 years ago)
How to walk in heels when you're like 300lbs wearing 3 inch heels?
Kelly Richter (8 years ago)
@VanishMeantime It's really easy. I wasn't able to walk in heels for the longest time because I am so clumsy, but now I can. You need to start off with with a low heel and work your way up. When you wear heels you need to walk on the balls of your feet rather than on your heels and swing your hips from side to side. Hope that helps!
NatashaAislin (8 years ago)
MorganGabbie (8 years ago)
@JustAMeThing01 Actually 5'4" is average . Sooo you are pretty darn tall .
Maury B (8 years ago)
AWESOME.... please contact me.. ^_^
kelli43938 (8 years ago)
the text is all over the video. How are you supposed to see?
Steve Martin (8 years ago)
More tips for women - why do men walk in high heels ?
bluelime (8 years ago)
@Fullmetal1890P 7? That's nothing. I've been wearing them since I was 2 months old!
chibi cyn (8 years ago)
@sockbeam Snap, Then I must be a giant over there :o I'm 5'5 xD
Fullmetal1890P (8 years ago)
Helpful video, however I've been wearing heels since I was 7 and I'm pretty sure on how they work.
Park Bench (8 years ago)
@karinaketcup actually the difference is in the platform in the toe section
gotgears3444 (8 years ago)
I'm gonna forward this to my GF she does try wearing heels for me when we go out but its kinda awkward for her cause she's a "country girl" and not used to wearing anything close to that high. And no ladies i dont nag her about it she just knows i love seeing her like that so she tries and yes i do things for her too ladies.
Kayla Nohos (8 years ago)
Oh god, I didn't know this was an expert village video!! Holy eff, these people don't know what they're talking about, it doens't matter what the subject is that they're talking about, they have no good advice and no nothing!
steve2275 (8 years ago)
love the tights
Sarah Sherman (8 years ago)
i do my little turn on the catwalk
bob7872 (8 years ago)
The sandals look great with nylon tights. At 2:00 it looks like a lady with a Kimono walking--nothing wrong there!
NallePu83 (8 years ago)
Pornmovie shoes
NallePu83 (8 years ago)
@sockbeam Yao Ming
Sarah Elkady (8 years ago)
So this woman is trying to give WOMEN ( as in hi solidarity) and some of you stll have to talk shit and call her fat or whatever.....wow seriously. If you are laughing at her you seriously need to get laid. ASAP
Daniela R (8 years ago)
i'm 5'2 too :) what u can be a pageant wueen so short?
Stargaze (8 years ago)
@shawna1512 Well I am strong beliver of the truth in contrary to lies. You might be under the impression that not telling people the truth how you see it to them is the way to go but i see that as keeping them in a state of misery for your own good. Keeping them stupid. And THAT is really really something that WILL hurt them in the end.
MrClickity (8 years ago)
@RaWrZzZz You know what kills more people than anorexia and bulemia? Heart disease and diabetes. You know what causes those? BEING FAT
Stargaze (8 years ago)
@RaWrZzZz No she is fat. No doubt about that unless you live in some African nations or USA.
miah love (8 years ago)
I love those shoes!!!!!!
Chaznia Marquardt (8 years ago)
And what about us REALLY tall girls?
Jade MacDonald (8 years ago)
@sockbeam lol :-P
Fabiana Branco (8 years ago)
damn and im 5 9
hccnd (8 years ago)
@zmiranda12 lol thats so funny!
annekeiv (8 years ago)
she keeps saying "enlongate" lol can't walk in heels to save my life :(
Claudette (8 years ago)
@blondeandblue14 there's nothing about being too tall. i'm only 4"11 and hate, hate, hate it. people think i'm younger than my actual age, if i gain weight it shows, and i have to wear high heels to give me height. and that's a hazard! and you could be a supermodel x]
Claudette (8 years ago)
@sockbeam 5"2 is tall to me lol especially when i'm just under 5 ft (4"11) which is why i'm watching this video right now. i've just bought some killer, killer heels and i've nearly broke my ankle in them twice! the things us women do to look better! men get off so lightly. i'm definitely coming back as a man in my next life.
Marisela Jimenez (8 years ago)
follow me on twitter /Mahmaaas
Eleonora Kalinina (8 years ago)
well, i believe every girl should be happy with the height she is. i'm shorter than most of you - only 5'1" and i effin love it. I wear high heels and sneakers and feel comfy in any of these
Danielle Hill (8 years ago)
yhu tlk too much sorry...
Laura Campbell (8 years ago)
stripper heels! lol jk, thanks alot, im going to a wedding and im wearing really high heels and im 14 so dont really wear them that often so jm gonna try this :)
Mishi (8 years ago)
clutching your toes are really bad for your ankles, i did that a lot and now i have to have physiotherapy every week
bebetigre12 (8 years ago)
so gross
just2garfield (8 years ago)
i'm 5'7'' and i'm thinking of myself as short
Raz Newman (8 years ago)
good luck :)

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