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Eating a F***ing Sandwich | Joseph Birdsong

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whiskey happened again. I'm running out of reasons to drink in videos, though. Be sure to subscribe for more chances for me to ruin your homepage for free. ▶ Twitter: http://twitter.com/josephbirdsong ▶ Tumblr: http://josephbirdsong.tumblr.com ▶ Site/Blog: http://www.josephbirdsong.co ▶ Facebook: http://facebook.com/josephbirdsongofficial
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Text Comments (916)
clariola (1 year ago)
Literally one of my favorite videos on YouTube. I keep going back to it after all these years.
Faith Batdorf (1 year ago)
omg! I freaking love you! 😂😂😂 you look amazing the way you are!!!
wolf13xxx (2 years ago)
eat another sammich because that one didn't work
Dead Betty (2 years ago)
Youtuber Ofherbsandaltars gave a link of your channel on one of her videos and oh my I can't stop laughing. I just really need to subscribe 😂
Candice Be (2 years ago)
Haha this is great. OfHerbsandAltars linked this and I love it
Eric Goodwin (2 years ago)
Xynarah (2 years ago)
+OfHerbsandAltars linked your video, and I'm pleased he did. I laughed so hard. Thanks for making this, you're a star!
malefecent (2 years ago)
Mary Sanders (2 years ago)
this boy is epitome of perfection
PinkCloud (3 years ago)
Jenny Moody (4 years ago)
Emma Spring (4 years ago)
Which I had your body type. Endomorphic right?
jinxgirl5 (4 years ago)
My favorite sandwich changes pretty often, cause my body and taste hate being consistent XD I have gone through a love of grilled cheese, PB&J, grilled PB&J, bologna/cheese/mayo, grilled bologna/cheese/mayo, PB&banana, grilled PB&banana, and, last and probably weirdest, cheese&mustard. I think I'm just addicted to sandwiches in general...
ClumsyMely (4 years ago)
Excuse the lack of class, but I almost peed myself laughing. Thank you Joseph! Love
Anne marie (4 years ago)
I love u
Nancy Pierce (4 years ago)
ROFLMFAO.  I get told to step away from the table.  No one ever stops to think I have medical issues that put the weight on.  I have finally gotten to where I can mostly laugh it off.  But you cracked me the hell up.  Thanks..  :) 
TheBeautyPumpkin (4 years ago)
Omgg you are so funny 😹
Rowan Kenagy-Valtair (4 years ago)
this is actually the best thing ever
ITCHY GINGI (4 years ago)
Aria Glass (4 years ago)
Omg Joe I have come across very few videos that makes me laugh as much as this one
Koen Van Der Meer (4 years ago)
I just love this video. I've watched it 4 times now and you are so genius. The creative writing really suits you :)
dandy augustino (4 years ago)
Eat a chicken
SoSuperMenU (4 years ago)
You've just earned my subscription. You are too hilarious.
zach regimbal (4 years ago)
ohh i dont talk jk
Jeni Perdue (4 years ago)
Because of this video you are my new hero!!!
b2stbabo (5 years ago)
I fucking love this. Amen
derf tastic (5 years ago)
Brittany Hamby (5 years ago)
Oh my this made my night
Vickky1319 (5 years ago)
Have not subcribed as yet, but I love I have watched a lot of your vids... Think this is my fav one tho... Makes me laugh for every time.
ceara jennie (5 years ago)
maybe he has :p
W. Paul Carter (5 years ago)
FatalDubstep33 (5 years ago)
Hahahah fucking hilarious
nunya buisness (5 years ago)
MadamShizz (5 years ago)
PB&J? Gross. U;
central green (5 years ago)
I totally lost it when you said "Do you love me now MAMA!"
Cicily Justina Nece (5 years ago)
Are you being serious?
QueenTandy (5 years ago)
I'm not sure what's more enjoyable about this video, how much you are enjoying the sandwich, or how much you are enjoying the whiskey.... Either way time for a drink. Now where's the boones farm?
Rodney (5 years ago)
He's no more gay than a drag queen walking through Disneyland in a pink tutu on Christmas Day.
shane barrett (5 years ago)
Is he gay
Allen2441 (5 years ago)
Next time try it with a glass of milk .
MisterSystemsBiology (5 years ago)
I am in the same boat as you. I've copied and pasted this video so many times...
Nika Soto (5 years ago)
Lol I can smell the alcohol from your mouth.
MrMadscotsman (5 years ago)
too fucking funny
kaligiy83 (5 years ago)
my my Joseph, how I've missed your videos. How dare I have left your channel this long! Le Sigh..I'm back :).
Alyssa W (5 years ago)
You are so entertaining and funny!
mirroredhour (5 years ago)
*junk food. I don't know how it turned out as "junk old"...
mirroredhour (5 years ago)
Yes, some people have high metabolism. I'm not fat, but I eat junk old more than I should... I hate it when my Asian relatives tell me to eat more. And there's been a lot. I also don't like the Asian food they cook very much, so people probably think that I starve myself... T_T And I like deli sandwiches, but I've never liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...
Day Perez (5 years ago)
"No Joseph Bidsong, gay people dont go to the doctor I saw it in a movie." Omg we literally cannot get enough of you!
pwease no cucky (5 years ago)
I am girl and I wish like hell you weren't gay because you are so damn amazing
bl0xbeats (5 years ago)
So maybe now you can all fuck off... yeah? fantastic!
Plantaeforce (5 years ago)
ThePurpleStripedSock (5 years ago)
I love your videos, even more when your drunk! <3
Simon L (5 years ago)
Is it me or does Joe look like the male (-esque) version of Holly Madison?!?!
JohnFabulous (5 years ago)
One of the best videos on the internet!
vukan nenadovic (5 years ago)
is that a pokemon hat? holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!
SeaGreenie (5 years ago)
"Gay people do not go to the doctor, I saw it in a movie."
Ms Melissa (5 years ago)
Club sandwich
Dakota Jade (5 years ago)
"Gay people don't go to the doctors, i saw it in a movie " you're perf.
Lauren Collary (5 years ago)
mindy smith-langel (5 years ago)
:) my goodness you make me smile. Hahaha
Alyssa Cupcake (5 years ago)
"gay people can't go to the doctor, I saw it in a movie." lmfaooooooo XD
Sam Stypayhorlikson (5 years ago)
a sandwich 0-0
ch33rylips (5 years ago)
tuna salad with fries
ch33rylips (5 years ago)
lmfaooooooo best vid ever
Michael (5 years ago)
I love you so much.
SebastianSobriquet (5 years ago)
2:01 she gives good face.
456puff (5 years ago)
Here's a "fun" fact no one could care less about: He said "A sandwich" 10 times. No one cares though, so I'll just sit back and watch as this comment most likely get too many thumbs down and gets removed. Isn't my life fun? : /
rar3kainrandomness (5 years ago)
I 3 everybody....except dave....fuck dave
Autumn Horan (5 years ago)
You are my favorite person ever. I love your videos and i flacking CHERISH you, bro. Can you please be my best friend? We can ship Larry Stylinson together! :'D They are real. OMG. I love you so much, you are one of my hero's. Ahhhh, BYE! (:
venom (5 years ago)
Holly Mooney (5 years ago)
I find you so witty and entertaining! Please don't stop drinking or making videos.
Sharon M (5 years ago)
peanut butter and jelly.
Sarah Henry (5 years ago)
me too.
ThaaInfamousUnicorn (5 years ago)
Eat a hotdog in a skimask#-#
GabsD (5 years ago)
Sandwiches are good!! I love sandwiches, I'm just too lazy to make one....
Harmoni Metcalf (5 years ago)
eat a pickle
SmileyHermy (5 years ago)
Please Joe stay as you are because on of the reasons that I always watch your videos is because I know you are as fucked as I am :)
emilywoodhead85 (5 years ago)
Joe i WISH i was as skinny as you:-)
Kyle Reecee (5 years ago)
Lord of the cock rings, more like
NyxNox13 (5 years ago)
Omg so fucking funny im subbing
BigBlack81 (5 years ago)
The opening 3 seconds of this video renews my faith in gay men drinking being the funniest thing in the entire universe. Ever.
Placeabetonmyheart (5 years ago)
"Ehhhh, oh my goodness, with every bite I can feel society accepting me more and more..." My favourite part xD
Edmon E. Hogan (5 years ago)
At 1:33 I began to ask where my box and 6 ft was.....
VNBANH (5 years ago)
you kind of look like a cancer patient...
456puff (5 years ago)
What movie says gay people don't go to the doctor?
Michelle S (5 years ago)
People who tell you to eat a sandwich clearly haven't heard your tribute to Gaga from 5ag: "nom, nom, nom, i don't want to talk anymore. my name is joseph and i'm making a sandwich'.
problemami (5 years ago)
"i can feel society accepting me more and more!"
Brittany Lee (5 years ago)
"Muthafucking sandwich!" I can't count how many times I replayed that part.
vla8806 (5 years ago)
I've shown this to so many people and they all crack up LOVE IT!
rhodiso (5 years ago)
your wildy attractive
IshootURface (5 years ago)
cock meat sandwich.
Annika P (5 years ago)
im super skinny too and it sucks but at least we get drunk quicker!!!!
Briallyn Rose (5 years ago)
your comment actually made me laugh till I cried. preach girl
JackyK (5 years ago)
Gay skinny bitches 4 lyfe~~~~~~
Lise Lestrange (5 years ago)
bacon sandwich!
CourtneyCarma (5 years ago)
I am so in love with you, it's redic. I'm a big ass bitch (as you can see in my videos, wink wink) and i'm so tired of people telling me to "get off my fat ass". like.... YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!! I have never tried this "getting up" concept! What are these on my legs?!?!?! FEET!!!!! I will immediately lose 100 pounds by learning how to "walk" THANK YOU! :) So yeah. you're amazing
Nia Maria (5 years ago)
how is it possible for you to be this freaking hilarious!!!! I just keep rewatching this video!!!
Samantha Kearns (5 years ago)
literally 10th time i have watched this. it's perfect.
Riley Phoenix (5 years ago)
Girl your southern drawl gets more pronounced every video. Love it.
Sereene Kurzum (5 years ago)
um excuse moi why did I receive the least amount of pOINTS EVER

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