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How UGG Boots Inventor Brian Smith took an Australian Fashion Style to America

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Watch the rest at http://academy.secretentourage.com/youtube/ A passionate author, speaker, and innovator, Brian Smith is one of the most sought after business leaders and branding experts in the country. Starting with only $500 and selling UGG boots from the back of a pickup truck, Brian’s leadership and ability to market his brand through customer service and loyalty allowed him to take his company to a record $15 million in sales in 17 years. As a media guest and inspiring entrepreneur, he is committed to teaching his breakthrough business strategies to entrepreneurs and translating personal vision into company culture and branding through his new book The Birth of a Brand.
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Porter Frazier (3 years ago)
Great great video. Learned a lot. Now back to work on my "product"
Porter Frazier (3 years ago)
+SecretEntourage Not yet. I have been planning to buy a membership, but with my newest business I have been low on funds. All earned money has been going back into my most recent venture. It would be awesome to get a membership but I just cant afford it at this point. It would be a great investment in the end with finding mentors, (which is the hardest thing at this point) learning the lifestyle, and talking to people that have been in the exact spot that I am in now. It would lift the spirits which is what I need now because business it a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially when I have nobody on my team that really is driven and wants success. I started my business a month ago and am not even close to making my first product, despite working my ass off every day. I just cant make the payment at this point. But definitely in the future when I can afford it.

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