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how to walk confidently - attract women - The cut on strut technique

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MH CHOWDHURY (3 months ago)
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Honesty Islam (4 months ago)
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bcg bc (8 months ago)
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Alamin Raj (8 months ago)
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REBEL STAR (8 months ago)
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Kwasje Titty (1 year ago)
guys when you walk dont stare people down who are with many friends just look at his hair and think what a joke 😈
Wil`la Knutsen (2 years ago)
Sounds pretty retarded to YouTube "how to walk", this still helped me. Cheers
Jayakanth Reddy (2 years ago)
god bless you!!!! you canT see us in next video . only we can see you
shando Shannan (2 years ago)
Disliked because you didn't even walk.
cybercity1984 (2 years ago)
I been trying this walk for about a month now . Sure , I notice that some women are staring at me while I walk but I also notice that many men are staring at me like I'm some kind of a badass or something . Why men are staring at me .... I don't know .
Britney Johnson (2 years ago)
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nordac parallax (2 years ago)
+cybercity1984 dey jelous
Assasination pro (3 years ago)
well the same used to happen with me in my school but as I followed this I got a positive attitude
Shadow Kid (3 years ago)
i mean he gave u the tools to use now u have to create the blue print to fit yourself. xD he shouldnt have to spoon feed it to u.
Ctrl-Z (3 years ago)
You talked the talk...but you didn't walk the walk.
SUGAR XYLER (1 year ago)
Yes, I always read the comments first Did not watch !
skione n (4 years ago)
I'm going to practice that walk everyday I'll test it out when I go to the mall shopping.. lol
skione n (4 years ago)
Yes show us a demonstration of the walk it will be helpful thank you
KlimovK (4 years ago)
This is cool! But yeah, show the long shot, if possible, it would be helpful to see the entire body. Thanks a lot!
manny moore (4 years ago)
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Joakim YesMan (4 years ago)
Pete Thavatchaising (4 years ago)
Hamsinator Tvre (5 years ago)
best vid evarrrr
Nataliy Ramos (5 years ago)
subbed! this was great
DemeloHD (5 years ago)
woohoo this is great
Rokas Alaubrda (5 years ago)
teach me teach me
Dave Wigfall (5 years ago)
incredible thanks so much
Carlos tgv (5 years ago)
watch the video
stephin (5 years ago)
i like fishes
Tony Downs (5 years ago)
what is this gold fish?

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