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Highland Oaks Middle Steppers

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TheOfficialTeamz (5 years ago)
*** the elementary school, like a year or two after we used them. that makes me angry, they're lacking originality lol
TheOfficialTeamz (5 years ago)
they pretty much reused steps from
sabrina carrier (6 years ago)
after madie ives elmentry , going to highland oaks! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
gdd (7 years ago)
<<<confused ...ARE THEY THROWNG UP THE DOVE?!?!?!?!? ..NOT OK. They look great tho
Fred Cullins (7 years ago)
we did awesome we should have won but there is always next time. thx miss washington and erica for teaching us new skillz :)
Tell ALL Ash (7 years ago)
i go 2 dat school go ashley since dats my name 2
mbchtman (7 years ago)
@ImaaNerdProductions well sweetie, i dont know where you all get the steps from and honestly I could really care less, I just recorded their performance and if there is any problem between you all, yall should settle that as ladies. Also sweetheart if they are using yall moves, then prove them wrong and show them out and let them know whos best. Record yall show and place it on here so that everyone can see it and judge whos best.

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