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How to Approach Girls (works EVERY time)

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3 steps for how to talk to girls with confidence. This is how to approach girls with confidence. ▼ see below for links & more ▼ MY FREE CONFIDENCE COURSE: ➜ https://www.howtobeast.com/get-confident SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: ➜ http://www.youtube.com/howtobeast?sub_confirmation=1 MY SOCIAL MEDIA: ➜ Instagram: http://instagram.com/howtobeast ➜ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/howtobeast ➜ Website: http://www.howtobeast.com NEW HERE? My name is David de las Morenas. I'm a strength coach & bestselling author based in Boston. I upload new videos every Monday & Thursday. Song credit: Zookeepers & Heuse - Mercury [NCS Release]
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Text Comments (5027)
i Nerri (10 hours ago)
I just love his Honesty and Simplicity which really works most of the time...just being plain Natural is Key!!!
Spit fire (15 hours ago)
I like this guy
Brutal V10M5 (15 hours ago)
Nice body mate.. but fix those teeth. lol.
Oye Fadiora (1 day ago)
if u don’t want to go up to random girls in the street to get a gf, then here is better advice : make lots of friends in school, meet the friends of ur friends, hope that many of them are cute girls, then when u get a chance to talk to them u can just be like: “oh hey ur (insert name here) right? Im (insert name here)’s friend we went to the same school. And now u have someone to talk abt then it can grow into a friendship and soon a relationship ;)
D Hoffman (1 day ago)
You are a serious moron bro. Lmao!!!! You are ridiculous doing push-ups in the middle of the street. That is dumb in so many ways!!!! I can’t believe this is allowed on YouTube.
This guy's a handsome man... Into working out and bathing... I'm a big, smelly, fat schlub... What do I DO?
Roberta Christeen (1 day ago)
what men wont do for a booty call men are ROOSTER and there all ways looking for a HEN women
Mr. Lopez (2 days ago)
Id rather date a guy than this bullshit
Robina Blundell (2 days ago)
the gap in your teeth are like my parents....... divorced.
Clorox Bleach (2 days ago)
this is the guy who wouldent give my gumball to me when i stuck my quarter into his teeth
jukebox 752 (2 days ago)
pep talk.. check confidence.. check going out.. check in the bar.. check approach anxiety.. check going home.. check
Rifleman1982 (2 days ago)
Just get drunk and ask if you they like their ass licked
Wolf Plato (2 days ago)
Who the fuck are you? Piss off!
Andreas Harijanto (2 days ago)
I admire the bravery.
Alexander Harmon (3 days ago)
VANTA BLAk (3 days ago)
cappiz (4 days ago)
+How to Beast "Fake it til you make it" bro. The 3rd approach was *more* genuine than the first two. At the core you a good dude so fuck what people think. Remind yourself every 3 months not to let it get to your head is all.
bleekoo yinakovic (4 days ago)
bleekoo yinakovic (4 days ago)
If you spent your time having a hobby and honing an interest maybe you'd be more interesting for women.
twizzlersraw (4 days ago)
I get a couple shots of Ciroc I can talk a girl right out of her panties.✌❤🤗😎
Metal X Gaming (5 days ago)
This is great advice for sales as well
King Mex (5 days ago)
Who know's if they're not your friends men ?
Gaming Is My Life (5 days ago)
Does this work for the brown guys living in the UK?
John Schrock (5 days ago)
oh golly, i gotta try this out. On my Mama. THANKS XD!
Gamer Lightning nr 1 (6 days ago)
Do like me. You can't get redjected if you never ask a girl out (;
Jaid3n (6 days ago)
Just remember, if you don't talk with someone later on, they'll forget who you are.
DeezeLlamas (6 days ago)
You just look like a retard in public for that
Alaize9300 (6 days ago)
Your face is ugly dude 😂
Patti Funk (7 days ago)
Whole foods girl has an ass good enough to eat.
Ross Cardenas (7 days ago)
not good enough, but youre right about that rejection thing.
Police Tapes (7 days ago)
well i tried to talk to a girl today... she look me weird and her friend asked if i had weed i guess it didnt go out so well lol
xd mcplayz ツ (8 days ago)
I tried it chief, they added a 5 second reload
Trilochan Pokharel (8 days ago)
You are the best dude.....💙💙
jay man (8 days ago)
Thank you, bro you really help me out alot👍
Bux Bunny (8 days ago)
Dang some women don't make it easy to talk though. Much props for pushing through it.
mahm as02 (8 days ago)
I am not gonna watch this I have a girlfriend...
Erick Morales (9 days ago)
Nooo u made it look so easyyy. Ill try it but feel too damn insecure with my small height haha.
Love his approach! You need to fix your mindset in order to attract the women you like without chasing her and wasting your time!! I have attracted many beautiful women who are all 8's 9's or 10's. and my girl right now (who's definitely a 10) loves me truly. Wouldn't have been possible unless I had changed my mindset first. I've uploaded some videos in my channel that will subliminally reprogram your mind to attract and approach beautiful women easily and they're there for free! Click on the eye to open you eyes!
Jason Robnett (10 days ago)
No it does not liar
Jason Voorhees (11 days ago)
I can't do this shit.
Zeleck Ruiz (11 days ago)
Nick Mellick (11 days ago)
You've clearly shown it doesn't work everytime and I bet nothing happened with that girl at the end when you texted her.
Arpit Bisen (11 days ago)
Indian girls dont even look at u men if u do these kind of things
extrafreshhh (11 days ago)
He’s lowkey awkward hahaha but he’s got some confidence which helps
extrafreshhh (11 days ago)
Just download tinder and hit them DMs
Francis Grimaldi (12 days ago)
Super cool vid
Adam campbell (13 days ago)
But does It work if your unpleasantly over weight
Shervin Shares (13 days ago)
What joggers are you wearing? I want them
Official Me (13 days ago)
Just have confidence & love yourself & BE YOURSELF, I see some men who are not good looking & get the most beautiful women ever they're born with it.
Faiz Ahmed (14 days ago)
Super cringy... the first attempt
paul swatsell (14 days ago)
do the backstreet boys know they are missing a member
Ahmed Shehata (15 days ago)
You don't have to act like an idiot before to talk to someone you're interested in.
I work in direct Marketing sales I sell beauty products. I am in my 50s I am super shy how do you meet girls without seeing creepy when you walk up and say Hi?
RComboS255 (15 days ago)
These ideas might come in handy
Imagine, if all 3 girls are actually best friends ... lol
Kris Muroky (15 days ago)
Those three approaches are equally important... They'll work out for some people... Good work bro... Keep inspiring and helping
Ebben Thomas (16 days ago)
Maybe it wouldve worked better for the second one if you didnt look like you where beaten with a frying pan
King Nation (17 days ago)
did this nigga stop in front of cars in did push ups lol im dead
Obert Dube (17 days ago)
You're grt bro
Mashallah bro
GracefulNiko (18 days ago)
This is terrible. The first one hurt me a lot and rude.
Nastassia (18 days ago)
Uuuh I don't know if calling a girl "basic" for liking Starbucks is a good start. Probably thought you're an idiot.
SiriussGirl (19 days ago)
The first one is creepy as hell. The first girl clearly kept trying to walk past him, and he kept walking in front of her to block her way! If a girl says no, take it as no, for fucks sake. No does not mean ‘well maybe in 30 seconds’. How about you give her YOUR number and she’ll text/call if she’s actually interested in you. Also, PLEASE do not assume you’re thought of as attractive. This kind of big-headedness is not attractive at all. Confidence is good, but making assumptions about stranger is NOT. Stop being a pushy, and give the girl some control over the situation.
AJAO TAIWO (19 days ago)
I tried it it works much Love ®®®
dragon warfare (19 days ago)
I tried this and the girl said I'm your mom
RSRSketches (17 days ago)
dragon warfare 😟
Kris Swearingen (19 days ago)
This guys has positive confidence
jsg040 (19 days ago)
Ah this was my yearly portion of cringe. Thanks
Chris Heinrich (19 days ago)
I see the same girl every single day on the bus and we can't say a single word to each other coz nobody ever talks on there. If a man tries to chat up a lady, the lady then goes out her way to completely avoid him every single time. From my past experiences, I just know that if I say so much as a hello to her, she'll be avoiding me like the plague. I could not bare this happening one bit. She was sitting bang opposite me this morning just inches away, and lastnight next to me coming home. I sat next to her yesterday and she sat opposite me this morning. This was only due to the fact there were no other spare seats on both occasions. I really like her so much but there is nothing I can do as we have to see each other every single day. It's driving me absolutely insane to be honest. Knowing that she's avoiding me when she wasn't before will make me feel absolutely awful and that's the whole problem with me attempting to talk to her.
Kunal Bhardwaj (20 days ago)
I ended up being subscribed to his youtube, Instagram, twitter, bell icon, post notifications, but still got no girl outta this
Adedayo Adeyeye (21 days ago)
This dude says nonsense, help yourself don't listen
Kameron Welch (21 days ago)
Figgy Figueroa (21 days ago)
Not to be an A-HOLE, well, maybe a Little... But, Dude... Your hair looks like the Oompa Loompa's hair in Willy Wonka.. Or like a dog took a Giant SHIT on top of your head!!!🐕💩 Yo, SHAVE THAT SHIT OFF!! You look Stupid.. No F'ing Wonder that chick said NO WAY!!🤢😒 LMAO🤣 The dog is probably Laughing His Ass Off too(LHAO)!! 🐕🐶😂🤣🤣
Nuru Hesenov (21 days ago)
I have better lines but i only used one time
fashionista (21 days ago)
Before I talk to a girl I die out of heart attack
Darth Troublous (22 days ago)
Is this at Boston University?
Darth Troublous (22 days ago)
Hey man what city is this where you approach these girls?
Gai Jin (22 days ago)
Damm American woman are ugly🤮 I would never date American woman there attitude stinks there not good looking and there gold diggers I don’t like American woman I love japanese woman - American woman you have to be kidding yuk
Jay Mac (22 days ago)
I passed a note to my crush: “I like you, do you like me? Check yes or no.” She checked yes, but I don’t want to seem too eager w/ my response. That was 1990. #LongGame
Anil P (23 days ago)
Every gal is dying to sleep with him..
Solomon Mihai (24 days ago)
You ask too much for subscribe
Stephanie Gabrish (24 days ago)
axiom (24 days ago)
lol the first girl... "i dont really know you though"... no thats why he is asking you to hang out lol
all Oreo (24 days ago)
Hello fellow virgins
EricLynchSucks (25 days ago)
Daniel O (25 days ago)
Fair play to this lad. Best video on this topic by far. Good idea having actual real life proof
Daniel O (25 days ago)
2 outta 3?? Good enough for me...
Josh California (26 days ago)
I trust u, u look like u slay the puss frequently
LMNOP QRS_ (26 days ago)
This mf is weird. I'd be creeped out
George Gomez (26 days ago)
He said "if your a guy right now" LMAO if your a guy, aren't you a guy all the time?
Ny Chau (26 days ago)
Kudos. I like how real you are, it's nice that you include rejections and akward moments.
ASHWANTH Nv (27 days ago)
U should bring ur teeths closer. Don't like the gap
charliedontsurf70 (27 days ago)
Calls number given it connects to the sherrifs department........
FULL Perspective (27 days ago)
Bro i love that u show imperfect approaches. Instead of asking her " do u wanna hang out some time?" Say " hey u know what lets get together some time and see how we vibe i think we gonna have a good time" boom
Truth Seeker (27 days ago)
First tip don't get a haircut like this guy. Second tip don't wear wore down shoes. The first thing girls look at are your shoes.
Ruisdier /\ (27 days ago)
I can feel the awkwardness. You talking loudly about aprroaching someone and getting rejected in public. Stop that
Ibrahim Mahamed (27 days ago)
this mufucker is a beast!!
Julie Bissell (28 days ago)
There always he’ll no they think I’m ugly
Julie Bissell (28 days ago)
It never works 😥
Mike Soda (28 days ago)
The slight gap in your teeth made me feel better because even though I don't have one, my slightly overlapping teeth might not be seen as bad as I thought they were.
Blake Godwin (29 days ago)
Don’t be the guy who does pushups in public...

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