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MCTS 70-680: Windows7 Remote Shells

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This videos look at how to use Remote Shell and Windows PowerShell to run remote commands on anther computer. Doing this allows an administrator to writes scripts to make changes on computers without having to physically visit the computer. Remote Shell demo 02:50 PowerShell 05:10 PowerShell Demo 06:00 Remote Shell A remote shell on Windows 7 gives you the same functional as a command prompt. The only different is you are running the commands on a different computer. Windows Remote Management Service The Windows Remote Management Service must be running and configured in order to allow command from remote to be run. This can be done by running the command WinRm QuickConfig The command WinRm QuickConfig configures the Windows Remote Management Service to delayed start. This means when the computer starts up the Windows Remote Management Service will be started after the all other services on the computer. WinRM QuickConfig also makes the necessary changes to the Windows Firewall in order to all remote commands to come through. If your computers are in a work group there will be no trust relationship between the two computers. A trust relationship will need to be setup using certificates. In order to do so you will need to run the following command on the admin computer. winrm set winrm/config/client @(TrustedHosts="computername"} Winrs Once your computers are configured you can run remote command on the other computer using the winrs command, syntax below. winrs -r:http://comptuername:5985 --u:username Command WindowsPowerShell Windows Power Shell is a modern day command prompt. It differs from the old command prompt in that it interface with API's like .net a lot easier. Using Windows Power Shell allows more powerful scripting then what the command line offers. To use it to run remote commands on anther system you need PowerShell version 2. This comes with Windows 7 but on systems like Windows Vista you will need to install it. ICM ICM is the PowerShell command that lets you run commands on anther system. The syntax is icm comptuername {Commands} See http://YouTube.com/ITFreeTraining or http://itfreetraining.com for are always free training videos. This is only one video from the many free courses available on YouTube.
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Faisal Raza (2 years ago)
Hi, I want to run this command to workstations in my domain remotely. How its possible ? So that I don't need to access each machine remotely or visiting users. Is there a way that I will run the instructed command in all workstations either by using any script or using the Power Shell. Thanks Regards
itfreetraining (2 years ago)
If you just want to run a script on the remote computers, I would suggest using group policy. You can create the script and then select which computers you want it to run on with Group Policy. A lot easier then using remote shell.
rajj ravi (4 years ago)
How does NLA work on a domain network. I have a problem with my FRDC indentifies as a public network instead of domain network. It works fine if I disable and enable network adapter
itfreetraining (5 years ago)
Thanks very much. We don't have any videos for 70-686. Sorry.
Daren Maranya (5 years ago)
Great video! This was one area I needed help with and you seemed to have provided the info I needed! I really like your video series and I would love to see more... maybe the 70-686?? Thanks a bunch!!!!
itfreetraining (6 years ago)
On you have your CA, you should only have to create certificates for the two computers and import them into the local certificate store.
puneethreddy b (6 years ago)
Yeah i figured it out . you were right about certificates .how to exchange certificates for secure channel.Sry if asking toomuch
itfreetraining (6 years ago)
It appear the firewall is configured correctly since you are getting an error message back like that. One of the first steps in troubleshooting is to disable the firewall, this will test if the firewall is the problem. Remote shells requires a secure channel to operate. Since your computers are not in a domain the secure channel require certificates in order to operate. I assuming that this has not been set up.
puneethreddy b (6 years ago)
i working on windows ultimate and premium .yeah i openned the firewall port by using winrm quickconfig command .They are not in domain .so, i tried to make a true relation by using command winrm set... .but it giving error saying authentication scheme and all like that .i configured both systems with winrm quickconfig.now when i tried to run the same command winrm set winrm/config/client @{trustedhosts="sys1"}.It saying Error:Parameter name does not match any properties on resource: trustedhosts
itfreetraining (6 years ago)
Which command are you running? Which operating system are you running? Have you tried running it without the firewall enabled to see if the firewall is blocking it?
puneethreddy b (6 years ago)
i am getting error saying "winrm client cannot process the request" thxs in advance

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