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The Walk That Women Can't Resist (simple formula)

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http://swaggersocial.com/question/ - Have a question you want answered? Ask it here. SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel ► http://bit.ly/2qerjwC Free Attraction CHEAT-Sheet ► http://www.swaggersocial.com 1-on-1 COACHING programs ► http://bit.ly/2f3FAI1 Free VIP Newsletter ► http://bit.ly/1U6uWXW Follow me on Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/RawPatrickJames In this video, I'll be giving you my formula on how to walk with swag so that women find you more attractive. All you have to remember, to walk with confidence, is the acronym "LAST-A". Here's what it stands for... L stands for LOOKING AHEAD, with your chin up. Most guys walk with their eyes and chin down, showing a lack of confidence. Having your chin down also communicates to women that you are introverted, and not very confident. Confident guys who attract women are always looking up, and straight ahead of them -- especially when walking in a crowd. A stands for AT YOUR OWN PACE. Most guys tend to walk at the same pace as everyone else, or they walk in a hurried fashion. You do not have to walk slower, but you should definitely be at your own pace. Often times, a guy who has a lot going on in his life will be walking slightly faster. The key is to make sure that you set your own pace, and still have controlled movements while walking. S stands for STRIDE WIDE. Guys who are not walking with purpose tend to have short and choppy steps. If you stride wide, at a comfortable distance for your own body, then you will naturally appear more confident when walking in public. You will seem like you are walking with purpose, and that you have places to be. Women love a man who moves with purpose. T stands for TALL AND OPEN. A lot of guys have terrible posture, especially when walking. Stop slouching your shoulders, and stop leaning forward when you walk. You should have your chest open and your shoulders back. To help you with this, imagine your spine as having an imaginary string running through it from the ceiling to the floor. A stands for ARMS SWINGING FREELY BY YOUR SIDE. Do not make the mistake of putting your hands in your pockets. Also do not make the mistake of not swinging your arms. Alpha males have no problem letting their arms swing freely and naturally, by their side as they walk. Remember this acronym the next time you are walking down a hallway, sidewalk, or anywhere... Women will notice, and appreciate you from a distance. Guaranteed. -Patrick James, #RawDatingAdvice P.S. If you're interested in learning more, then click the link at the top of the description box to join the free VIP email newsletter. As a gift for joining, I will send you a free training.
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Text Comments (255)
Aberdolf Lincler (8 days ago)
When you travel halfway across the world to learn how to walk...
Ryan Dove (26 days ago)
Walk like you’re walking to get a towel for her to lay on cuz you just made her cum on your bed
eternity 24 (27 days ago)
just have a good posture and that is it. don't walk in a certain way just to make women like you I mean come on guys really??
Shanu (1 month ago)
You didn't even walk. dafuq bro?
david smith (4 months ago)
I watched a movie with a description of fear." False evidence as real". Rings true for me.
AJ Inc. (5 months ago)
All talk no show.
xtrasus (5 months ago)
He starts his vids screaming.. fuck no.
I never scream "fuck no"
Aluand Jalal (5 months ago)
All that to get laid with hoes, what a load of shite
Hard Truth (5 months ago)
Damn his got a ugly nose
And I'd still cuff yo chick!
Farhan Masrura (5 months ago)
Bachelors in Science? Yes I have one of those
Actually, I believe that 'power-pose-affecting-testosterone study was totally debunked, bro. Which is not to say it doesn't have positive brain-chemistry effects... just no effect on testosterone.
DA_ SUNTOUCHA (5 months ago)
let em watch u walk to the "ATM"!!
Chillo George (5 months ago)
I wonder as to what extent people go just to try pleasing other people... Everything is fake these days
That sounds awful pessimistic don't you think?
Edward Miller (5 months ago)
Meet my Bank Account 100 percent Guaranteed Success With women.
Cool story
Edward Miller (5 months ago)
Thomas Turner (5 months ago)
Too much jabber...redundancy...
Sy Eckbe (6 months ago)
Blah blah blah this video could have been 3 minutes at most!
Then make videos how you'd like to make videos! I'll be over here doing my thing and not giving a shit
Martin Zanichelli (6 months ago)
First, have a huge wallet, then, walk like he indicates in the video.
david smith (6 months ago)
Good video, good advice.🤔👍
Frederick cruz (6 months ago)
I'm sorry, is my video that you chose to watch annoying you?
Klarenxe Blood (6 months ago)
No prime example given in this video
all motor (6 months ago)
your sound levels need adjusting. the intro and outro are obnoxiously loud. or you just talk quietly in the video. either way. needs adjusting.
Rich F (6 months ago)
I walk with my head up and on the balls of my feet, I look not at people, but through them, I dont make eye contact, I look through their eyes. I rock out with my cock out motherfuckers.
Gabriel Coleman (6 months ago)
Funny, I learned this in Marine Corps Boot Camp.
Aziz Malik (6 months ago)
Wow I love it
Alphyz Qrw (6 months ago)
That doesn't work nowadays... Women are after money
stop making excuses for your lack of results
Kumar Dilip (6 months ago)
This guy reminds me of ross *friends
is he the one that banged Jennifer Aniston?
ed chapman (6 months ago)
I grew up in the country and if you didn't look at the ground you'd end up striding right into a fresh cow patty - it's a hard habit to break and it's not like I haven't tried.
Jules Gaerlan (6 months ago)
swag& stare ,rap like soulja boy i teach you be like soulja boy go to my vlog!
Syed Qasim Ali (6 months ago)
hahaha.. Nice man
Stanislav Cojocaru (7 months ago)
IS it just me, or he kind of has elf ears zZzZZ >_>
just you
futureFROG MAN (7 months ago)
To Sum up what he actually said is Wide strides, go your own way, tall and open, as if a board, but not robotic, open body language, arms swinging freely and naturally, looking straight ahead chin up, look straight up shows you are going sonewhere walk your own pace, (one that I would add personally SMILE so people don't challenge you or laugh) not personal but from video --> don't change, to fit the crowd don't change pace for other people in hallways or sidewalks, keep shoulders back. thanks 👍👍
L Lance (7 months ago)
If you never look down when you are walking you won't see that $20 bill laying on the floor or you won't see the shit you are about to step in.
L Lance (7 months ago)
This guy needs to hit the gym.
Ishaan Xavi (7 months ago)
Most of time i walk faster walking slow tires me
rexlive1 (7 months ago)
FUCK!! you scared me!!! DON'T scream like that...
thereistheguy (7 months ago)
so, what do you do when people are walking towards you in a hallway? isn't it common courtesy for both parties to sway slightly so that both can pass freely? Next time I'm walking right into you fucker and you better be ready to prove that you are the local boss and a big shot, and not just walk like an asshole when in a public place
Leopardo Fadinho (7 months ago)
U don't need a board and remarker! Just walk in ur own natural way! U just mentioned "women" to catch followers!
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and your point?
Martin Lehfeldt (7 months ago)
do the moon walk. downtown.
Rico Crockett (7 months ago)
I personally copy young Denzel Washington. He was the smooth as glass in Mo Betta Blues.
buzzbbird (7 months ago)
Laxidaisily? Lacadasically, maybe?
M. Lo (7 months ago)
Now that I have seen the whole video it was a waste of time, just walk as if you have a big dick. It's as simple as that. BDS that's my acronym the s stands for swag.
M. Lo (7 months ago)
This is funny to me to see a little hand man talking about a walk of confidence. This comes natural for big hand man it's like seeing President Obama walk we made Swagger we're naturally born with this confidence that takes other man time and money to have. It goes along with having a deep voice and man hair instead of hair like a woman.
Jermaine Jones (7 months ago)
A confident walk also gives off a confident vibe that'll turn heads , male and females...
Adam Brake (7 months ago)
ben yaho (7 months ago)
I look down as I walk on the grass to my apartment because my neighbors dog shits all over the grass.
Neal Sabel (7 months ago)
Stride wide? Hmm. What if you have to turn left Sherlock lol
Wow. You just talk toooo much.
I'm sorry, does my video that you chose to watch annoy you?
shami Arif (7 months ago)
its in the genes
junior carvalho (7 months ago)
this guy in this is feel of shit.. c'mon! walking this or that changes your life? work hard, pay your bills find a nice neiborhood to live and dont spend more than you make so this will change your life.
Fuck off with your bullshit life advice. If you want to live in mediocrity, never make an impact, never take risks, and always play small then fine, live your life by those rules...
John Michael Twist (7 months ago)
Simple formula - almost a 13 minute long video?!?
Felix Khale (7 months ago)
Greg Walker (7 months ago)
Walk like a SS panzer division officer who just took Karkov .... that is all...
Hall 9000 (7 months ago)
Hahahah I dropped my coffeecup on my ballsack from laughter. Thanks man!
Karl Meadows (7 months ago)
The walk too the cash machine walk
LaRue (7 months ago)
NEVER walk like a duck. Walk pigeon toed and swing hips as if your Junk is so big you're trying keep them from rubbing your thighs. Notice professional male athletes walk with a closed Gait. Its Key guys. Women make fun of men's walk and it turns them off if you're a goofy walker
Peter Miller (7 months ago)
walk around like you own the town but at the same time do not be rude or inconsiderate.
Brendon 1 (7 months ago)
I dont like your camera angle at start it signals talking down to the audience.
Morgan Johnson (7 months ago)
Stand tall. Walk tall. Look ahead but still look relaxed. That has been my walk since I entered high school. It results in people everywhere assuming I am in charge no matter my rank or position in an organization. I always thought of it as "natural leadership" but there was always more to it than simply being taller than most people most of the time. And yes. women of all social standing respond to it almost reflexively. Living in California you'll cross paths with celebrities often. Something about confident body posture causes big name celebs to open a conversation with you on their own. Everything this guy has offered is something you should take onboard as soon as possible. I put it this way, "Most people never look up and therefore never move up."
moonaboy45 (2 months ago)
Morgan Johnson I like that
Ann Beamish (7 months ago)
OMG! Your walk is an expression of your personality, level of energy, and feelings. Change must come from within. Don't become someone you're not, we can see from a distance when a guy is FAKE and trying too hard !
Luca Ruz (7 months ago)
Pepper Shaker (7 months ago)
More walking less talking
david smith (5 months ago)
Pepper Shaker hahaha nice one😂
Rage Red (6 months ago)
David Lyons (7 months ago)
I like that shirt bro.
Jasoni Paulos (7 months ago)
Long ads vid for a short acronym, why do people have to repeat themselves.
Kao Vang (7 months ago)
Have you ever though that there's people out there who isn't worry and thinking about how they walk just to get a pretend impression of yourself? When I walk anywhere, i walk so people can't see me, this way no one can judge me, being invienceable is the way to go. Then again this trait is only given to certain people and only cannot be taught.
The Sheeples Shepherd (7 months ago)
Kao Vang Bata
Victor Guzman (7 months ago)
Hahahahaha!!!! What people do to make money. All BS.... Hahahahaha!!!!!
David B (8 months ago)
So basically walk like Speed Walker. Bill Nye
DVo (8 months ago)
I walk slow with my head down & kick every rock I come across & get laid every night cuz hoes don't give a shit!!! #HeadDown #KickRoX #WTFdidIjustWatch
Alama Amosa (8 months ago)
That makes sense confident stride ,some one with a purpose and distinctive.what seperates u from the crowd
brandon909able (8 months ago)
There's a lot of footage of lebron walking... lol
Quite Moves (7 months ago)
brandon909able FOH, that was a good one!
Pablo Nalerio (8 months ago)
Take a drink everyone he says "right" side note nice video man😁
zak Sarwari (8 months ago)
ThanK you for sharing.
foreveragainOK (8 months ago)
I've always walked like this unconsciously.  Eg., I was walking and three cute girls by the side.... I kept walking a felt something bump me.  I assumed it was an accident, but then heard one of the girls say "That's a nice piece of ass." and the others giggled.  Of course, I had to stop my smooth walking and go into other actions....
Andréa S. (8 months ago)
Do the invisible huge lats walk.
jay M. (8 months ago)
All that good walking. Still gotta be a bull in that bedroom or you gonna have to walk away like a puss anyway 🤔
Dennis Ochieng (8 months ago)
Talking much nonsense instead of hitting the main point!
James Hickey (8 months ago)
to much talking
Ace Super (8 months ago)
Most people don't give a shit what's surround them when walking. Get out of the way I'm busy lmao
Wholy (8 months ago)
*Walk like trump*
Solomon Pilot (8 months ago)
Caleb Wright (8 months ago)
Thanks man, I’ve always walked like this, but I’ve always waited for people that drives me crazy, when there is jus no possible way to get through the crowd, idk what to do... I’ve always walked with a strut, ever since I was like 6, maybe before then, I’ve strutted...(I think that’s how ya say that lol)
almadeunrebel (8 months ago)
Is there even anybody in that room with you
Cunning Linguist (8 months ago)
Probably never.
The CHAMP (8 months ago)
what about a video on self love..
Rohan Gayen (8 months ago)
But how do I avoid obstacles on the ground if I look up straight?
Asuran 55 (7 months ago)
Rohan Gayen use your eyes bro
Capricosm (8 months ago)
This guy is a wimp.
Capricosm (8 months ago)
Strut like Barnaby Joyce .
Capricosm (8 months ago)
Beautiful introverted women like introverted men.
it nice (16 days ago)
Introverted men do not typically like introverted women.
Matthew Jones (5 months ago)
Capricosm Exactly
Alphonso Duncan (8 months ago)
I feel like if the camera was to zoom out a bit, toys and stuffed animals were your audience
Jermaine Jones (2 months ago)
Hahahah..😂..you funny
You caught me! lol
Cloudsley Falconbridge (8 months ago)
I'm in a wheelchair, any suggestions? Should i swing my arms above my head confidently?
Ahmed Mohamed (7 months ago)
Damn do dat wheelchair swagger swing lean back and swing when you want attention put your chest up
Cunning Linguist (8 months ago)
Use your crutches as clubs and knock out whichever wench you prefer, then drag them home by their hair.
Cloudsley Falconbridge (8 months ago)
deathtrap_ 400 Thanks for the tip. But miraculously, i can walk again. But on crutches now. Any suggestions?
Deathtrap 400 (8 months ago)
Cloudsley Falconbridge have a cool lean to the left or right.😎
AlmostBipedal (8 months ago)
Too much rambling.
wendeln92 (8 months ago)
Many times I walk looking down because I'm usually very deep in thought or trying not to make eye contact because I don't want anyone bothering me - lastly, looking down while waling is much safer than looking straight ahead - look out for dog shit and cracks to trip on. If you want to get through crowds - walk upright, look straight ahead and walk forcefully and with purpose - most fo the time people will get the hell out of your way. I also walk up or down escalators. I think it is absolutely ridiculous to walk in a certain way because you thin it will attract women. Keep being their performing monkey or puppy-dog hoping to get in their pants......pathetic.
Onalapo Kaitell (5 months ago)
wendeln92 wear shades look forward and depend more on your peripheral vision, not for pussy, because it feels good.
Hall 9000 (7 months ago)
I agree with Wendeln 100 % Ignore these beta buttboys, I bet they do the dishes and laundry as well. A real man doesn't give a fuck. He walks how the fuck he feels like. Head down. Head up. Slow walk. Fast walk. Keep eye contact. Ignoring eyecontact. Doesn't matter. Adapt yourself to yourself. And stop worshipping women, it's enough you treat them with respect and confidence and you will get any lady you want. Women can sence a beta faggot trying to act like an alpha from miles away, that's why they ignore the majority of you lol :D ( Drops mic )
Randy Phillips (7 months ago)
If you dont realize how body language affects you and others, your attitude will keep you down, that's more pathetic.
gakaface (8 months ago)
Confucius say, "Man who walk with head held high, end up with shit on his shoe"!
Jo Lee (8 months ago)
you're an idiot
Sniper X (8 months ago)
Ima tell you your body language through this whole presentation... Boy you was moving like a coked up rabbit... Be still you confidence lacking self reassuring wannabe playa Let me catch my son traveling from China to attend a confidence class from Mr let-me-look-over-the-room-so-my-imaginary-audience-know-theyre-there
niceuser1234 (8 months ago)
people had to learn how to walk whats next?
DMO DMO (8 months ago)
niceuser1234 the world people have been fed since birth. People react subconsciously to how they "should" react in social and even personal affairs.
trulysick86 (8 months ago)
Just do what you do. Fuck em all. If a girl aint down for you because you arent over compensating, who cares. Got 99 problems but a bitch aint one. Plus having to try to walk a certain way isnt really confident now is it?
Lone Wolf (8 months ago)
Translation: "Follow my instructions on how to walk, but it must be natural."
mauric99 (8 months ago)
You're an idiot
errol (8 months ago)
when you walking pass a women try to fart loud. . women love it . she will never forget.....lol lol
vineet agarwal (8 months ago)
Bose DK
Lone Wolf (8 months ago)
I'll buy that she'll not soon forget it...
Gordon G (8 months ago)
I’ve been to China 🇨🇳
Traditional500 (8 months ago)
Proverbs 21:19 “Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and nagging wife.” Modern Western Women are Dangerous. MGTOW Saves Lives. MGTOW Monk; The Only Way to be Sure.
Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (7 months ago)
Traditional500 ((( MGTOW )))
Dell Jr (9 months ago)
Watch those shows on gangs and prisons and copy the style of walking from certain inmates. find your favorite strut and copy it.
Mount ain (7 months ago)
Nice ass.
Think Stuff (7 months ago)
just walk like the squirrel master
John Michael Twist (7 months ago)
What if the inmate is a bitch??
Lk T (7 months ago)
those are actors.
All Aspects Construction (7 months ago)
Tsukasa Wavemaster (9 months ago)
I walk like Ezio from Assassin's Creed lol
Cunning Linguist (8 months ago)
I bet all the nerdy boys wanna get in your robes.

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