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Half Human - Half Snake Creature Found in the Philippines

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Half Human Half Snake Creature Found in the Philippines Here I collected that the creature like Greek mythology found in Philippines. is this real or fake. Watch the full video till the end. Hope you like my video. Please like and share my video to support my channel. And Don't forget to subscribe for more videos. Thank You. Music : Foreign Land Sting From YouTube Audio Library Like on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unbelievable-Facts-100/327685397402281?fref=ts Subscribe Here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXPI7V8hfVpG3vMQkZmosFA
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Text Comments (69)
Ah Po Philipo (8 days ago)
Yesha 48283 (12 days ago)
its real , alice dixson is famous actress in the philippines , when she go to fitting room at robinsons galleria she saw a half snake and half human , they said it was grandchildren of the owner in robinsons galleria EDIT: the owner of robinsons galleria is gokongwei , they said the snake is grandchildren of gokongwei
so what your saying a snake and a human has a baby together? yeah sure.
maki tanaw (21 days ago)
yeah!! half human half stupid.
halo raider1 (1 month ago)
oh that's me in my childhood >_<
brajesh kumar (1 month ago)
Marte Flores (1 month ago)
Pls visit the congress here in ph. U will see half snake half man
Aren Khan (1 month ago)
Not b good ok n
peng wind (1 month ago)
fucking clickbait and shit
Rica Agramon (1 month ago)
It's real And that was very real
wetzkie ph (2 months ago)
Sa India yan
Johny Atiga (2 months ago)
david Last (3 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue... I got clickbaited and so did you....
Unlucky Xxx (2 months ago)
Actually Human Snake is Real but this Video is fake
Jeff (3 months ago)
People are really this stupid?
Jeffren Jay Gonzales (2 months ago)
Jeff its true will live nearby the town.
IvanneGaming YT (3 months ago)
He's half is buried
Carlos Wilson Lacanlale (3 months ago)
This is the Robinson snake and this is real check and make a research for it
Godzilla1 (3 months ago)
KIEN LAPUZ (3 months ago)
ohh that is real
h e l p m e (4 months ago)
Johntroy Maghanoy (4 months ago)
Its real because. I see this snake man in the tv
JessicaHammer (5 months ago)
Don’t go to hospitals don’t take the potassium even if it’s good for your heart we’re endangered but I beat it u can too I only have a little time left knowledge is power [email protected] for help you are not crazy u have a soul.
Marshalls vlogs (1 month ago)
JessicaHammer what
I live ther
This is faker tham Kim Kardashian's ass
Jack White (5 months ago)
If you really think all this video's are real you'r a real dumb ass
Vîāñ Ø11 (5 months ago)
Its REAL. Its known as Robinsons human snake
Yesha 48283 (12 days ago)
Vîāñ Ø11 yes its urban legend , i know that its in robinsons galleria
Kajal Bhowmick (1 month ago)
Omar M. (5 months ago)
Bad Photosop Found on Youtube Its here on this video
Porn Only (5 months ago)
Don't call my grandma a half snake
Security puppet [fnaf 6] (6 months ago)
KAGURA MLBB (6 months ago)
0:19 its real
Mm Mm (6 months ago)
Asif Moris (7 months ago)
This is fake who even made this video
Jurassic Tube (7 months ago)
Send it to billschannel
cool sis (7 months ago)
im in philippines but i saw that guy from the thumbnail
Pylet Condor (7 months ago)
That is real said my grandma
Allen Maniwang (7 months ago)
Allen Maniwang (7 months ago)
Jippu not only nepal have this. and are you using ur brain idiot
Abigail Eldritch (7 months ago)
“Found” my dude, he has a buzzcut.
LOO YONG SIANG - (8 months ago)
Fucking fake
Jomie olaires (8 months ago)
it is true half snake and half human name Robinson he's eating human only the he like to eat only beautiful girls but in 2007 he died so this is not a fake
The group Friend (1 month ago)
This is not robinson
Skit edit (8 months ago)
What i lived in the philipines
xxTaekookie _BTSxx (8 months ago)
I come from the Philippines!!! My English is not good because I come from the Philippines and I no speak english that much💜🙃
Torre Mark Anthony (10 months ago)
This channel are fake
Social Downloader (11 months ago)
JOAN FORD (11 months ago)
Swaroop (1 year ago)
Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did you
Vince Owen (26 days ago)
Swaroop shut the fuck up
zed master of shadows (10 months ago)
Swaroop Devadiga its real its from the Philippines it died 2016 though they said this creature live in robinsons its like a store from the Philippines
Pugzley Tyree (1 year ago)
Yzzami (1 year ago)
I hit that part of YouTube again
JaKieRz GaMiNG (1 year ago)
Its obviously fake
Michael Baiguen (9 months ago)
Caroline Eijansantos (1 year ago)
OMG OMG OMG this can't be our country would never had that
Jippu Tpa (1 year ago)
fake !! this was also shown in nepal. and said was born in hospital.. and now it is born in Philippines. Oh really😕😕
Lyonill PlayZ (17 days ago)
This is real...im from philippines..well nepal is the fake..but ours is real
Francis Mapagdalita (1 month ago)
True because of u
Jeffren Jay Gonzales (2 months ago)
Its true its not fake. You didnt know the real story.
Ayan Mitra (2 months ago)
tumne sahi kaha
Asif Moris (7 months ago)
Jippu Tpa this is fake
HillSidin Radio (1 year ago)
stupid shit
Jonathan Jaftha (1 year ago)

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