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Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses Without Plastic Surgery

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There’s no doubt that South Korea is an amazing country where there is an abundance of talented and beautiful actors and actresses. Plastic surgery is getting cheaper, better and more popular nowadays and South Korea has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita in the world. Many famous Korean actresses choose to go under the knife, in order to enhance their natural beauty. However, we’ve decided to compile a list of top 10 most beautiful Korean actresses who are thought to be naturally beautiful. Here are some of the hottest Korean actresses who are known for their flawless beauty and their great acting skills! 1. HA JI WON 2. JUN JI HYUN 3. SONG HYE KYO 4. IM YOONA 5. KIM TAE HEE 6. PARK SHIN HYE 7. BAE SUZY 8. PARK MIN YOUNG 9. JUNG SO MIN 10. KU HYE SUN ------------------------------------------------- THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: https://goo.gl/e0ySih LIKE Fanpage to update hot news: https://www.facebook.com/topkoreannews/ ------------------------------------------------- Maybe you like these videos : 7 Sweet romantic K-dramas starring Descendants of the Sun’s Song Hye Kyo : https://goo.gl/K1vYke Song Joong Ki Buying A Gift For Song Hye Kyo? ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Actor Spotted At Hermes Store : https://goo.gl/xpzGOq Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun) Purchases A $7.5 Million Home in Samseongdong : https://goo.gl/dzThQ5 Descendants of the Sun continues with a 3-part special : https://goo.gl/Tr9h9S TOP 9 K-drama couples who looked completely in love : https://goo.gl/vM1ctO The Top 10 most satisfying K-drama endings : https://goo.gl/T5M7P6 TOP 7 Best High school Korean Dramas you must watch right now: https://goo.gl/AXbUbI All about Song Hye Kyo Every Fan should Know| Song Hye Kyo ( Descendants of the Sun) : https://goo.gl/AHpzKS TOP 11 Korean Dramas we can't wait to watch in 2016 : https://goo.gl/DJTDDP Top 10 Cutest Children of Korean Celebrities: https://goo.gl/yjW1IF What is Song Joong Ki like behind the scenes of ''Descendant of the Sun''? ( Part 1) : https://goo.gl/qqQZjK 11 Song Joong Ki facts ( Descendants of the sun) every fangirl needs to know : https://goo.gl/h2zRTk Descendants Of The Sun-Behind The Scenes-Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo- Have you seen this yet ? : https://goo.gl/lQSsYF Top 8 K-Drama Actresses Who Will Make Beautiful Brides : https://goo.gl/EEXp59 Top 10 Best Korean Drama Couples (Part 1) : https://goo.gl/AJNxdS Top Korean Drama kiss scenes - Top sweet moments Korea Dramas 2015 ( part 1) : https://goo.gl/V4k2S7 5 Facts you didn't know about Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo ( Descendants of the sun): https://goo.gl/Kdx8OZ KIM SOO HYUN in kiss and romantic scenes| The best sweet moments of Kim Soo Hyun of Korean Dramas : https://goo.gl/KIWgfi ....
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Top Korean News (11 months ago)
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Farassat Memarzadeh (28 days ago)
Top Korean News z
Charlie Extra (1 month ago)
Top Korean News If you have a Top 10, It would be better to start from 10 to 1. Personally, I find Kim Tae Hee very beautiful but I've been in love with Jun Ji Hyun since Sassy Girl XD
Yath Nabam (2 months ago)
Top Korean News ohgwscbm
Maria O'Brien (2 months ago)
I can't believe Park Min Young is included here, she went under the knife.
Jannil Sultan (4 months ago)
Top Korean News suzy
Zaira Kauser (6 hours ago)
Song hue Kyo better than any of them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Dots...
Rowena Garcia (7 hours ago)
I can’t comment! But beautiful bodies yes👍❤️😍😘
Moonlight Star (9 hours ago)
Jung so min is more prettier than park shin hey
Priya Savanth (23 hours ago)
I lv jun ji hyun acting. Lv from INDIA
Adreyyy GD (1 day ago)
jun ji hyun and bae suzy is always my kind of pure queen😙
sweety (1 day ago)
Suzy,park shin Hye,jun ji hyun,song Hye kyo,jung so min,ku Hye sun
obbor4 (2 days ago)
Number ten would be my choice for number one!
Vasu Babu (3 days ago)
I like Kim Ji won the most ever since high kick and descendants of the sun Song hye Kyo too Jun Ji hyun
burikikay (3 days ago)
For me only song hye gyo and hajiwon ... they are untouched by cosmetics procedure
maribel park (3 days ago)
Nora Barcala (4 days ago)
Park ming youn esta toda operada.....esto es mentira
Kanishka kotnala (4 days ago)
Han ji won and Jung so min to of my fav actress
gogoagone (4 days ago)
Park shin hye should be a 1 position coz she’s naturally beautiful 😍😍😍 not likes other plastics bebs
Lady In Red (6 days ago)
Yoona? Didn't take any plastic surgery? Are you sure?
Prasetyo Mulya (6 days ago)
Park Min Young = Plastic Surgery 😑
Matluagi Pachuau (7 days ago)
I love song hye Kyo
Kim Thủy Hồ (7 days ago)
Song hye kyo is the best for me, the reason why I would like to visit Korea.
Alif Eqmal (7 days ago)
I have a question chou tzuyu at Korean group twice do a plastic surgery?
Alif Eqmal (7 days ago)
That so impressive cause they still have beutiful have without do any plastic surgery:) and sorry my English there
Syifa Nurizkia rahma (7 days ago)
Song hye kyo always😍😍😍
mèo con (8 days ago)
Kim joo jung
Nwaimaroo oo (8 days ago)
minou minoup (8 days ago)
1 2 6 my favorite
Rhiza Jhane (9 days ago)
Song Hye Kyo and Park Min Young 😍 these two have the prettiest smile. Though, Min Young admitted plastic surgery, she is still pretty regardless. 😍
Christan Litimco (9 days ago)
They are beautiful
Sara Khan (9 days ago)
Song hye kyo is no. 1 she is my favorite. Love you SHK 😘😉💕
More of Destinee (9 days ago)
I don’t really watch kdramas much because I’m more into kpop but when I see Korean actresses I think the prettiest would have to be Song hye kyo. When I first saw her in autumn of my heart I was like wow she is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong lots of others Korean actresses are beautiful but she is like #1 beautiful. But usually I don’t put a lot of Korean actresses in the beautiful list it’s usually in the pretty or cute list. If you guys are wondering why I put them into three different sections it’s because they all have different meanings. Search it up if you don’t believe in me. At the end of the day Song hye kyo just beats lots of other famous Korean actresses in my opinion. She just has this look that you can’t stop staring.😊😊😊😄😄💖💖👌🏻
sniper saiyan (10 days ago)
Where is cjw???
rose Orbita (11 days ago)
PSH 😍😍😍
Shoaib Munawar (13 days ago)
Jun ji hyun so beautiful
Africa David (14 days ago)
Your other video states Park Min Young had it. I guess they denied it then.
Hanif Candemir (14 days ago)
Where is han ga in?
Harshita Maurya (14 days ago)
Park Shin Hey is not beautiful she is a looser.
Harshita Maurya (14 days ago)
Park Shin Hye
I'm a n g i e (14 days ago)
Im yoona has done plastic surgery. See her before and after pics : )
LOYAL TO TWICE (15 days ago)
Song Hye Kyo 😍😍
Pawan dhakal (15 days ago)
Korean girls are too much preety👑👑👧👧
Jennie Ruby Jane (15 days ago)
sorry not sorry but i dont find yoona beautiful.
Melfi Kharkongor (16 days ago)
My love from another star
Daisy Francisco (16 days ago)
I click because of Song Jihyo but damn why she not include her, her beauty is not ordinary, shes always beautiful with or without make up .
SNSD FOREVER OT9 (17 days ago)
Yoona is the best with not have makeup and with makeup
Suesantie Emma (18 days ago)
I think Kim Tae Hee make plastic surgery
dare tatung (18 days ago)
Andrea PG (19 days ago)
But park min young had a plastik surgery?
Shan Qayyu (20 days ago)
I love Park Shin hye😘😍😍
Aaron Cheng (20 days ago)
Song hye kyo is the most beautiful and then everyone else follows. ❤❤❤😅😅😅
jocy saculo (21 days ago)
Jun Ji-hyun is the prettiest for me 😍
War Alboroto (22 days ago)
Song hye kyo no.1 pretties for me
jefonie figuro (22 days ago)
Let's be Honest here, Jun ji hyun really deserve the no. 1 stop. She's a Goddess 😍😍😍😍
JongJoo Fan PH (22 days ago)
How about Han Hyo Joo?
Isabel Balen (22 days ago)
I like them all
Nyi Khant (24 days ago)
Song Hye Kyo is no.1 for me😍
Unkown Player (25 days ago)
Bae suzy😍💗💓💖💘
Ronnie Piapa Cruz (26 days ago)
My top 3 song hye kyo jun ji hyun and ha ji won
Gelo Torremocha (26 days ago)
No Han Hyo Joo???? What the hell
violetlav 14 (26 days ago)
was Han Hyo Joo had a plastic surgery?..
Maame Ekua Sarfoa (27 days ago)
Empress ki
Isa Lim (27 days ago)
Park Min Young had gone under the knife. Can't believe you have not known that.
TEACH BANGLA 2017 (27 days ago)
Where is tiziyo
Ying Mesenbrink (28 days ago)
Kan mi youn is the most beautiful girl in South Korea
Naylei Imanina (29 days ago)
For me it's Ku hye sun, Jun ji hyun, Park shin-hye, Jung so min and honestly Song Jihyo deserve to be in this list rather than Park minyoung. Park minyoung did plastic surgery right?
Mck Shelly (29 days ago)
Park min young had extreme surgery.
Mck Shelly (29 days ago)
She do have surgery
Mck Shelly (29 days ago)
Park bo youmg is really beautiful and talented so she has atenntion for his habilities many times
Jcwooke48 HildaJaro3 (30 days ago)
Park min young, I think have plastic surgery. Check it out!!!
Khatijah Hassan (1 month ago)
Song ji hyo?
Emz Caminade (1 month ago)
Park Min young did a lot of surgeries from her nose jawline double eyelid etc. Lol real beauty is SONG HYE KYO & KIM TAE HEE
Krisna Inspirit (1 month ago)
I like ha ji won more she looks so stunning even wearing only light make up and she is very charismatic and knows how to pull of her looks
Krisna Inspirit (1 month ago)
But Korean standard said that Kim tae hee is the most beautiful for them
Rââ Rââ (1 month ago)
Park min young are plastic surgery
Ha My Hoang (1 month ago)
What?? Seriously?? The first one is Ha Ji Won but the one in the clip is Lee Yeon Hee. Wth?
So Le (1 month ago)
Any list without moon chae won is not worthy to talk about
kim ah ro (1 month ago)
the kings loves yoona is best for me btw i love all the acterss
Natalee vue (1 month ago)
You right! They all have plastic surgery.
Intika Macqueen (1 month ago)
Vincent Allen Abutog (1 month ago)
Park min young
Suanneithang Aimol (1 month ago)
Song hye kyo is the best
Anju Gupta (1 month ago)
I think song Hye kyo should be number one
Sengnanggabil Momin (1 month ago)
I choose Song Hye-Kyo
Ren Shin (1 month ago)
Good genes. Natural beauties. They just needed to enhance them. Had nothing against those who went under the knife. It was a hard choice to make. If it was for the better, that's fine.
Longing Heart • (1 month ago)
My TOP 3 will never change. Suzy Bae Park Shin Hye Song Hye Kyo
Kathryn Ekwere (1 month ago)
Park mi young is d most beautiful
Huyen Dinh (1 month ago)
Park min young
Tri Komariyah (1 month ago)
Park min young is get surgery, the face is not natural...lets check again with your statement...
jabat mariel (1 month ago)
I nominate Daisy of momoland!
jabat mariel (1 month ago)
I nominate Daisy of momoland!
jabat mariel (1 month ago)
I nominate daisy of momoland!
jabat mariel (1 month ago)
I nominate Daisy of momoland!
munmun kawaii (1 month ago)
U missed out go ara wtf
Bevel Dionson (1 month ago)
Jun Ji Hyun 😍😍 Gorg
babylyn rivera (1 month ago)
Song hye kyo is my number 1. 😚
Jovel Luminarias (1 month ago)
this must be 11 and the no. 1 is Dara park♥️
Carolina Alvez (1 month ago)
They are all pretty and attractive but beautiful? No. I have a different view about beauty. I have 3 choices of beautiful actressess and they are not one in this list. Sorry
dlanor hebi (1 month ago)
Jun ji Hyun
Renchen Lepcha (1 month ago)
i love park sin hye. ....she is natural beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Devi Jk (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but yoona had plastic surgery
Miemie Tc (1 month ago)
song hye kyo😍😍
Hanna Faquza2ndaccount (1 month ago)
Park Hana and Wang Bit Na also beautiful
John Paul Ronda (1 month ago)

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