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Top 10 FUNNIEST Youtuber Face Reveals

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Top 10 Funniest Youtuber Face Reveals ft Leafy Scarce HowToBasic GradeAUnderA Subscribe to my NEW 2nd Channel http://bit.ly/2bErfPX Top Trends Face Reveal - http://bit.ly/2bZ0xNS POLL VOTE HERE - http://www.strawpoll.me/11093835 Subscribe to Top Trends - http://bit.ly/SubTopTrends Follow Me on Twitter - http://bit.ly/28V8Toi My 2nd Channel - http://bit.ly/2bErfPX Top Trends Room Setup Tour http://bit.ly/2cioAMu Reacting to My 1st Ever YouTube Video http://bit.ly/2blNWYv Top 10 Hottest YouTuber GirlFriends http://bit.ly/2bjnM3X Top 10 Most Expensive Youtuber Setups http://bit.ly/2bg2zws Top 10 Most Subscribed Youtuber Kids http://bit.ly/2bEYGOt NightBlue3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmRmykdBIFk Luna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wefDdKoLFXE Scarce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcnFMrIYIM0 speedyw03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oP3rfe7nNs Moo Snuckel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wefDdKoLFXE Wildcat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS4AlGn7O38 HowToBasic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-Vuw-burI0 GradeAUnderA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1ZHLcBYS3o Leafy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo8ryQ6b1Gc Konac - Home (NCS) http://bit.ly/2aahswc
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Text Comments (26166)
Kolton Cochran (6 hours ago)
Y does he look like pewdiepie
Solomonce (8 hours ago)
top trends doesent know leafy, he doesent watch idubbz
Ishraq Ahmed (12 hours ago)
The speedy guy and the Moo guy looks exactly the same or is it just me
Cindy Khan (12 hours ago)
You are a hacker top trendp🙄
Dean Walding (14 hours ago)
Who saw a hacker mask
CAIYOKEN (18 hours ago)
Ive been subbed since you didn’t have a beard
Hyperunicorn K (1 day ago)
I think he’s the game master look in the corner the mask
WOW didn’t know I was watching pewidie pie
Cameron Rutherford (1 day ago)
My name is Cameron too
TrapDrap YG (1 day ago)
It's not funny, it'd have st cringe lmao
DEMOTUBE693 (1 day ago)
Emo Zombie (2 days ago)
What's up with the mask in the corner
Shannon Cavanaugh (2 days ago)
Anyone notise that at time 0:13 there is a haker mask cwc or vy or steven sharer
Lucas Mcg (2 days ago)
Your a part of project zorgo mask hoodie and everything
vDusk4X TV (2 days ago)
He's a hacker for project zorgo if u look at the right bottom hand its a hacker
christo issa (2 days ago)
2018 anyone
Ma Ly (2 days ago)
Is he the menber of project zorgo
Ma Ly (2 days ago)
I see a project zorgo mask in your room
ElectrockpandaYT (2 days ago)
Casper les (2 days ago)
U look like pewDiepie brother
Shadow face Dark mask (3 days ago)
It's not that funny
Elias Lakaniemi (3 days ago)
Lol åt you
Cuber Pro Gaming (3 days ago)
I will probably do a face reveal once I get 50 subscriber
Fake Bravez (3 days ago)
Y do u have a mask in the backgroun??? btw keep it up 💗
Matt Usher (3 days ago)
YOU the hacker
Are you a the game master or a memeber of project zorgo
Death youtube Gaming (4 days ago)
looks high
Ivy Santos (4 days ago)
why is Rhett have a hacker mask on the corner
HumanPuman (4 days ago)
I do not remember you showing your face this early
Alexander Boi (4 days ago)
I just had sex and it felt so fucking good
How bout itsfunneh?
xy223 waqq (5 days ago)
this kid is slow he said some one was how to bacic
Bangs And Pops (6 days ago)
search for agirlandherbiker face reveal`
Caylee Bain (6 days ago)
kyle villan (6 days ago)
Hey you are project Zorro member
Nicholas Liem (6 days ago)
You should add racconeggs :-P
Renee Dekker (7 days ago)
fuck shit bitch nigga
empty milk (7 days ago)
He is a hacker
My Game Clips (8 days ago)
Wait whaaa I’m two years late
srk sharukesh (8 days ago)
Are you the hacker vendetta look at the right side of his room the mask is there.
Juniper Azami (9 days ago)
Juniper Azami (9 days ago)
2017 he died
Juniper Azami (9 days ago)
Juniper Azami (9 days ago)
Michael Jonsson (9 days ago)
hahaha yea gmm
Garrett Brown (9 days ago)
0:05 look at the hacker mask in the back
LostTurtle 101 (9 days ago)
Is it just me or without a beard he would kinda look like Tanner Braungardt
phillip jones (9 days ago)
hacker look in the back
talvi tupe (9 days ago)
are you the game master
Andrea Stewart (9 days ago)
I love you keep growing
micheal cedrick alba (9 days ago)
Are you a frickin project zorgo the gears of project zorgo is on the floor back ground
Denielle Roberts (10 days ago)
Are you part of protect zorgo
Hannah Lewis (10 days ago)
You should of added fearless
Mitchell Smith (10 days ago)
The mask
Mitchell Smith (10 days ago)
He is a hacker
Masacur (10 days ago)
you have a cool accent. That already makes you likeable bro xD
Nikki Rodgers (10 days ago)
You look like pewdipie withh out the dyed hair
Tt Yy (10 days ago)
What game is he playin
saeedFTW walker (11 days ago)
He's face is funny lol
Raven's videos (11 days ago)
the hacker mask tho
Aman Padala (11 days ago)
Complete wrong
Aman Padala (11 days ago)
Dude your talking about. Good mythicill morning
Aman Padala (11 days ago)
Who know DanTDM
the fhelliks box heads (11 days ago)
U look like pewdepie
J.A.K.C PRODUCTIONS (12 days ago)
Matyas Fekete (12 days ago)
Erich Rommel (13 days ago)
Young Fizz (13 days ago)
Good Video Your Channel Ain’t Dying Keep Going
J L R Gaming (13 days ago)
u look like pewdipie
kitty cat (14 days ago)
Why does this guy look like piwds
coocoo bird (14 days ago)
Hacker in the corner
stealth er (14 days ago)
Why is there a hacker mask in backround
Kieran Cashell (15 days ago)
This video is neither funny or revealing
Sarah Krueger (15 days ago)
that wasn't howtobasic
k j (15 days ago)
W...why do you have a hacker mask
Celestino Monte (15 days ago)
My driving when I said I’d be there by 7 and it’s 8:15.
Teressa Green (15 days ago)
Are you the game Master.
Cifiboy (15 days ago)
Your face
tree young (16 days ago)
Hacker mask
slickeyticket (16 days ago)
October 29? 2018
Frieza on fleek Wow!! (16 days ago)
Jasslindra Murillo (16 days ago)
Wait a sec there is a game master mask your the gamemastwr OMG
Ben Graham (17 days ago)
Ben Graham (17 days ago)
Y has he a project zorgo mask in the backround
Ryan Lev (17 days ago)
1:23 did anyone see the hacker mask
Justin Bishop (18 days ago)
You hav a
At 00:36 theres a hacker mask he is a hacker
Santiago GOmez (18 days ago)
Why is there are hacker mask in the background
Gamer Kid (18 days ago)
XOTIC Gaming (18 days ago)
What's the game you're playing?
Noah Coluccio (19 days ago)
Bro where is racconeggs
Caleb Moore (19 days ago)
There is a hacker mask in the backround
Noah Sykes (19 days ago)
U ugly
Yousef Sadek (19 days ago)
12:36 hacker mask like @project zorgo
omar mohammed (20 days ago)
You are a hacker mr
Ronnel Albert Estacio (20 days ago)
Are you a hacker look at the background
Cindy Manzano (21 days ago)
Hacker mask
A rally big mac (21 days ago)
*Number 15* All Meme Accounts Apparently there has been this recent YouTube video about PewDiePie controlling all Meme accounts and apparently all these facts are true
Baby is a hallowen i guess
Theres a hacker mask there saw it

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