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Atlantis in the Black Sea? - Ruins and sunken cities, the Black Sea?

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PaceccaMusic (1 month ago)
According to google *most* of those lines underwater are made by something by the boat (can’t remember exactly what)
Michael Zimmermann (2 months ago)
Nice Music.......NOT!
Gogu Pintenogu (4 years ago)
on romanian coast is a big underwater city with big temple in the center is visible from 25 km to 40 km  
Stanislav Lechev (1 year ago)
Can you provide GoogleMaps link please, I'm curious.
thekingcody456 (5 years ago)
@thekingcody456 I found I to sorry for adding the I thou grammar mistake
thekingcody456 (5 years ago)
@EsaulRuss I found that to I thou
Sasha Kravets (6 years ago)
Many underwater features look strange, some of those lines on top of hills and canyons remind me of Nazca Lines in South America, only problem is, in my opinion, that we need to look closer to shore or the old deltas of Danube and Don. Old Danube Delta is easy to see next to the Bulgaria shore, but the Don Delta has been long flooded and is where now the See of Azov. So the Old Lake was very large and there would have been water back then, where most of those underwater lines are.
Sasha Kravets (6 years ago)
Funny, I was looking at the image of the bottom of the Black Sea just now and was trying to find something that would look like settlements. I was born near Black Sea and later read books by Walter Pitman and Andrew Ryan and even before that I was always fascinated by the idea that there used to be life around a fresh water lake, which was Black Sea some 9000 to 7000 thousand years ago. And then I saw your video and it is great that I am not the only one.

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