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Saying Goodbye to ThinkTank

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John Iadarola discusses the past and future of ThinkTank. Thank you to everyone who watched and helped produce the channel. http://tyt.com/JOIN Follow Hannah: https://twitter.com/HannahCranston
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Text Comments (1046)
Mercenary148 (14 hours ago)
Dude it's weird I left this channel like 2 years ago and it randomly popped into my head, honestly kind sad
veleli maka (21 hours ago)
It's sad I dislike TYT but I used love ThinkTank lol
destinationskyline07 (2 days ago)
Left when John left. Fuck Hannah. Also wouldn't mind fucking her.
Johnny Hsieh (23 hours ago)
Sounds like you prefer to do him instead
IndianLover4you69 (3 days ago)
I just watched because I lowkey wanted to fuck the feminazi out of hannah..she kinda hot yo
Tyson Smith (4 days ago)
Loved this channel! Screw the negative comments! 👍
Ayelo (1 day ago)
Hate progressivism and all of its fascist branches such as black lives matter. And god bless you with a real future beyond surfing and cooking tofu dishes, you poor liberal bugger
Dan Campbell (2 days ago)
Loved the negative comments and banter, hated the channel and content, loved Hannah and her evolution.
Margo West (5 days ago)
John seemed fine, he just seemed more of the face of the channel and Hannah was the voice. But I think when they brought Hannah in, everything turned south. Yk? She is just such a liberal that you can’t help but look at her and pray for her sanity. Like I’m sorry, just because a female toilet has Caitlyn Jenner’s face on it doesn’t mean that it’s Racist or Transphobic. Fuck off
Wow, that was late. This goodbye was better without Hannah.
Khalif Ryden (6 days ago)
Man was never a big fan of the show but still weird to see it go.
Jessica Lopez (7 days ago)
The opinions/statements are already coming off as self righteous, not constructive, not productive, not effective.. sorry
Jennifer Duquette (9 days ago)
About time lol
Bulk Smash!!! (9 days ago)
Hey, I noticed a curious but satisfying lack of leftist thought on YouTube. I became aware of it from another video. Anybody else want to subscribe to Tumblr and shake the tree with a bunch of logic bombs?
Ulek _ (7 days ago)
Oh lmao bless your heart. There's certainly no lack of leftists on youtube these days, you're just too deep in your conservative echo chamber bubble.
Student Loan Debt (7 days ago)
+Bulk Smash!!! Sure, Jan
Bulk Smash!!! (7 days ago)
+Student Loan Debt Not triggered. Inspired!
Student Loan Debt (8 days ago)
Jesus, you couldn't figure out how to say it in 1 comment? You had to leave that many? Someone seems triggered.
goltoof (9 days ago)
Good riddance.
Bulk Smash!!! (10 days ago)
This show beat itself into the ground because of the irrelevancy of it's sexist message.
Franz (10 days ago)
This channel was beat to the ground with extreme social comments and male antagonist opinion
Roy Rieder (11 days ago)
Marcus Håheimsnes (11 days ago)
Finaly. Fuck this channel
Timothy (11 days ago)
No one loves Hannah Cranston. Thank God this cancerous show is done. Hopefully TYT is next.
Dan Campbell (7 days ago)
I love the kid. She's a better person, than her Think Tank persona. But we share the sentiment about Think Tank ending, and TYT at least changing their tactics.
Son of a BITCH ! ! (12 days ago)
Happy Half-Hour needs to go here! C'mon!!!! -ThinkTank- DrunkTank 😂😂
Sistik123 (14 days ago)
Started out good but hannah ruined the channel.
Frank Castle (14 days ago)
So happy this shit is gone.
running man (14 days ago)
why hate think tank?
I'm Adopted, But (13 days ago)
Because their contact has been going downhill. Channel with 1.3 million subscribers but only gets 30-50 thousand views.
jfrd072891 (14 days ago)
Americans thinking their opinion can change shit hahaha
Depression Anxiety (15 days ago)
NuclearBolton (15 days ago)
1000th comment, get rekt, DARKNESS
Romeo Leo (15 days ago)
Liberal ideas will end us all
Nibir Beastmaster 64 (15 days ago)
thank god.
Aussie Roberts (15 days ago)
Thank fuck this feminazi mess of a channel is dying. Bye you cunts
Bakey Stokes (15 days ago)
Goldman (15 days ago)
Fuck u think tank feminist,I'm glad u guys are done
DEADSCHOOLED (16 days ago)
Get fucked. Good riddance.
Billie Addict (16 days ago)
Used to love this... it slowly lost its appeal
Cici Chocoholic (16 days ago)
No one cares
Angie Love (16 days ago)
Y’all should just stop hating 😡‼️
Bry-Fi (14 days ago)
thn they could perhaps give us less reasons to hate
Just Watching (17 days ago)
OH YEAH THE SPERM THAT DONALD TRUMP STICKED IN TO YOUR ASS FINALLY FERTILIZED YOU ROFLMAO.... and i found about it 3 months after it.. lol cuz who gives that much fuck about libtard delusional shits like you who are trying to spoil other people every time they upload a video xD kappa RIP P.S. BTW you are not focusing on other things and shutting down this channel, but it's more like SOROS is focusing on other things and is not donating for you anymore, that's a FACT. excuse me for my bad english but you are still so translucent guys. maybe you should put more effort or try new skill while you are licking SOROS' balls so maybe he will show mercy on you xD
Greecing (17 days ago)
finally smh
Tate C (16 days ago)
Angie Love finally this shit show is shutting down
Angie Love (16 days ago)
Greecing what?
Shizuo Heiwajima (18 days ago)
Enjoyed this channel before it got too political. Still bummed to see it go though. It has its audience. Now I just need to remember if I unsubbed or YouTube did it for me like they have been for a lot of channels i follow.
I love how all the haters come out of the woodwork to comment how awful this show was or how they are glad it's over.. Months after the channel has ended. Like what's the point? Personally I'm sad I found this channel after it died. Good stuff.
Unknown Human (19 days ago)
Why the hell are all the comments so negative I thought that they were pretty good and entertaining and I didn’t get why you needed to call Hannah a piece of shit and all that
Samuel Clemens (20 days ago)
TYT is downsizing. The progressive movement is DOA.
ayub46 (21 days ago)
How many years will it take for Hanna Cranston to go #metoo on TYT when her new adventure fails?
Mr Butts (21 days ago)
Goodbye you peice of shit SJW millennials! Don't let the door hit your dumb asses on the way out. Nobody will miss you nor this retarded channel. Lmfao
Bulk Smash!!! (10 days ago)
+Angie Love Yeah it is.
Angie Love (16 days ago)
Mr Butts that’s not funny
keepinitreal (21 days ago)
Never have I seen someone so obtuse completely ignoring what their viewers were telling them! Do you guys think these huge dislike ratios were all trolls or something?! This is how trump won too, people are just too effing blind to see the truth of what's going on in the country or with their channel in your case. If people are telling you your videos are way too biased and aren't resonating with most of the viewers then freaking change something! You just kept marching on with the same bullshit content and were hoping for different results! you asked for it yoursleves!
J L Sky Media (22 days ago)
Still coming up when I type in "Dumbest shit ever seen on YT", well done Hannah, you helped bury it with your BS.
Reinhardt Huber (22 days ago)
i also feel sad in a way cos i really enjoyed watching the videos where people would make fun of Hannah and expose the retarted bullshit they talk about
Dan Campbell (21 days ago)
Same here, man. And I actually liked Hannah, but the comments were like a frat party. Almost guaranteed laughs.
TheBaconHairy (23 days ago)
Attention! Retardville is closing! Please get the fuck out.
Dynasty Star (24 days ago)
What a surprise. Not really. I subscribed to you for a brief period but I unsubscribed once I saw how political this channel is.
keepinitreal (26 days ago)
Honestly your liberal agenda is what killed the channel! if you stayed more balanced you would maybe remain relevant.
Marc Touss (21 days ago)
would you rather they not tell you how fucked your conservative heroes are?.. because see i watch fox sometimes.. and whenever they badmouth a liberal.. i go do a little research.... you might wanna try it...
Gio G (26 days ago)
lol rip
Twilight Zone (26 days ago)
From mildly retarded nonsense to full blown hate mongering neo Bolshevik trash. A long journey indeed. It's been some time since uttering the phrase "GOOD F*CKING RIDDANCE" felt this right and satisfying.
Olly Owens (28 days ago)
"Awesome host?" Hannah was actual fucking garbage
Twilight Zone (26 days ago)
Still is
Ivan Snyman (28 days ago)
Ah the cucklord from TYT , say Hi to Cenk 'The big brown buffalo' Uegyr
Down_ Shift (29 days ago)
this guy is such a bitch.. total cuck.. every guy on this show was a total cuck..
Skye Thorgerson (30 days ago)
Great job Hannah you killed this channel
Potato PewPew (1 month ago)
Cutting a show that’s unsuccessful? I thought Jenk wanted socialistic views like idk FORCING COMPANIES TO KEEP PRODUCING FAILING SHIT. What a fucking joke you guys are all fucking idiots. PLEASE NEVER HAVE CHILDREN
Bulk Smash!!! (7 days ago)
+Student Loan Debt I'm not trying to send a message, I'm expressing jubilation. I know that to leftists concepts like expression, freedom, and liberty are foreign and probably confusing.
Student Loan Debt (8 days ago)
+Bulk Smash!!! There is a difference between watching a channel fall (which isn't the issue here) and, for some reason, expecting those who ran the channel to see a comment after they left 4 months ago (which you seem to think they will see). This isn't a real issue, just weird how late you are with trying to send them a message
Bulk Smash!!! (8 days ago)
+Student Loan Debt Valueless semantics. You want to win this back and forth, fine. I cede my position. It still does change the deep sense of satisfaction I get from watching another leftist ideologue get shown the door.
Student Loan Debt (8 days ago)
​+Bulk Smash!!! >"obligation" And you say it right there when you say "let her and people like her know" that you were intending for them to see the comment. Dude, this is MONTHS later. You think they're still reading? Besides that, you think creators actually read the comment section? This cesspool? The issue isn't what you're saying, but how weird it is to say it months after they stopped paying attention with the intention of them seeing it. This is the equivalent of you not saying anything to your brother before, during, or right after the moment the kid hit the ground and deciding only months after to warn your brother.
Bulk Smash!!! (8 days ago)
+Student Loan Debt You know one time my brother was talking with his son in law and their young child was on a rocking horse going back and forth with everything he had. I said out loud "your kid is going to fall over backwards and bust his head". Couple of minutes later the kid fell over backwards and busted his head. I said "Wow! Didn't see that coming". I didn't feel bad about it then and upon reflection I don't feel bad about having said it now. Hannah Cranston and people like her are openly and publically engaging in discrimination based on sex and race. I have no problem openly and publically laughing at her and others like her when they trip and fall into a mud puddle. In fact as a citizen of the freest, most, tolerant society ever created since mankind's existence I Havan an obligation to publically laugh at her and in other ways let her and people like her know that such behavior is unacceptable and that she should be ashamed of herself the same way as if I were laughing at the KKK.
xmcaroline (1 month ago)
bro I quit watching when john left
Disfavored (1 month ago)
Get woke...go broke.
Sidney (1 month ago)
Designing WOMEN - Puppydog Eyes
Enko Viewer (1 month ago)
Another dull channel meets a dull end. Fitting really. It will not be missed. Ever.
Cian MacNamara (1 month ago)
Hannah ruined it with her hyper feminist views
Rapid Fire (1 month ago)
wow, really, this channel was actually cool and interesting, go hate your own shit man
Mo Chubby (1 month ago)
Making room. Unsubscribing to a dead zombie channel. That is all.....
T FP (1 month ago)
You should have reflected on how much of a failure the show was with the constant huge dislike ratios etc.
Pher0cious (1 month ago)
Dead channel with 1.3 million sub? All fake.
Reinhardt Huber (22 days ago)
most of those subs are just there for the entertainment and to give the videos a thumbs down. just have a look at the thumbs up to down ratio of the videos.
J Nexus (1 month ago)
Get woke go broke!. Fuck this channel haha
Vancouverxhange (1 month ago)
Did he smash tho ?
Ismail Riley (1 month ago)
I like how the old clips are when think tank was fun and decent but hannah and feminism turned it into shit
Ismail Riley (1 month ago)
Hannah and feminism fucked it up lol The show used to be so good -_-
Glitter biznatch (1 month ago)
So glad this bullshit channel closed.
Serenity Hamilton (1 month ago)
This makes me sad, I used to watch this a few years ago and it kinda just faded from my YouTube and it just popped into my mind randomly today and I’m sad to see it’s ended
Dynasty Star (24 days ago)
It wasn't worth watching for years.
Jack Ferrone (1 month ago)
Serenity Hamilton same
Eduardo Giron (1 month ago)
It was a awesome show!😎
Julia Söderström (1 month ago)
iBels (1 month ago)
that girl was looking like a snack tho
Dan Campbell (1 month ago)
Fyi for fans of Hannah : She has a podcast now, called Too Much to Handle. The content is hers, not TYT, it's all her. AND for those who worried, like me, about her finding a partner, she has one now. He seems like a really nice guy, and her general disposition has improved like Night and Day. Good chemistry ; this guy might be the one. So Think Tank may be gone, thank heaven. It lingered long past its shelf life. But Hannah has taken the training & skills she acquired at TYT, and is building her own career.
Dynasty Star (23 days ago)
+Dan Campbell what reasons do you have, and what reasons do you assume I have?
Dan Campbell (23 days ago)
+Dynasty Star There will be fewer excuses, that's true. I'm also glad she's on her own now, but not for the same reason you have.
Dynasty Star (24 days ago)
Glad that she's isolating herself so that she can fail on her own.
Dan Campbell (1 month ago)
+Bry-Fi Saw it, liked it.
Bry-Fi (1 month ago)
and today I came out with my second tribute to Hannah Cranston, and I responded to her podcast an stream
Bearie roblox (1 month ago)
stupid liberals
Bry-Fi (1 month ago)
my brand new "A tribute to hannah cranston part 2" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXT5i_Er15o&feature=youtu.be
Dan Campbell (1 month ago)
That's pretty good. I didn't expect the tribute to be respectful, thought it would be an insulting rant. You gotta be careful about those beginnings, though. It seems like the kind of thing that could get you censored.
Angry Emu (1 month ago)
Good fucking riddance.
Åsgeir A Rise (1 month ago)
i will miss this show, espesially Hannah
Ken Stew (1 month ago)
Hannah gave me herpes.
Pher0cious (1 month ago)
Impossible. Hannah doesn't put out.
kween tea (1 month ago)
I love the tea going on with this chanel
Enemy (1 month ago)
I liked this channel. Videos were interesting. But when John wasn't in videos anymore it went to shit. It went to some liberal, sjw road. That's bad. But i don't know how this channel was at the start tho. i haven't watching this from the start.
Enemy (1 month ago)
+Will back then when i was watching he didn't seem to be like that :< i don't know how he was at the start and now at the end tho.
Will (1 month ago)
john's a cuck too
Jarrett Balfour (1 month ago)
This show was not good and I’m pleased it is gone.
Eyeless Jack (1 month ago)
Can someone explain to me why this comment section is so toxic and negative? I understand criticism, but 90% of them are just insults.
Reinhardt Huber (21 days ago)
@ Jenn East lol you realize it took you just as much time to insult the people commenting here as it took the people commenting here to insult the show. So by your own logic you have no real life and nothing better to do with your time.
Jenn East (21 days ago)
Because that have no real lives, and nothing better to do with their time.
Reinhardt Huber (22 days ago)
i think people are just overwhelmed with relief that the toxic garbage is coming to and end
Bry-Fi (1 month ago)
insults based on our criticism
TheUnmaskedMagician (1 month ago)
Eyeless Jack, well TYT and their ilk insult people they disagree with all the time (just look at the comment made about Trump and his supporters). so if they are going to pitch they better be ready to catch
Lil Beano (1 month ago)
Thank fuck it’s over
Wild Honey (1 month ago)
This channel should have been called “Liberalstrytothink”
Josh Cohen (1 month ago)
Kudos on having the most unintentionally ironic names out there.
Hoolio Iglesias (1 month ago)
Hey before you go can you just confirm you hired Hannah as just eye candy? Her grasp on anything political is practically non existent and I actually wonder if she could truly formulate her own opinion on simple let alone the complex subjects that your show "covers". She's attractive and I think that is her only redeeming quality. I honestly can't think of any other reason you would have hired such a liability.
Samuel Nelson (1 month ago)
It’s about fucking time. Think Tank is an ironic name since y’all are braindead
Wood Chisel (1 month ago)
i liked this video because you worthless retards went AWAY
Wintermute (1 month ago)
Hannah is a moron who ran this channel into the dirt, glad its finally dead.
StigDesign1 (1 month ago)
Miss you :)
K Train 8 Av Local (1 month ago)
Yay ThinkTank is gone for gooooooood
Sebastian Talbierz (1 month ago)
I use to watch you lot back in like 2016 but you went full retard since then
Bluo U (1 month ago)
Bluo U (1 month ago)
You too bud sure umm
Bluo U (1 month ago)
Oh I meant the girl
Bluo U (1 month ago)
Omg what happened to you"
theprinceofeverything (1 month ago)
Good bye 💙💚💛💜
Gage Westerhouse (1 month ago)
Thank god.
Tehanu Reaver (1 month ago)
good riddance
Was just about to type that.
StarWarFan (1 month ago)
L FrioNorte (1 month ago)
Hey John, this channel was a joke. Nearly every video was majority disliked by your OWN subscribers.
kstock (1 month ago)
TYT sucks. Badly. The panel of "The View" has more brain power. Where is your sense of dignity?

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