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=AQW= /join Falguard FULL Walkthrough! (LionFang Saga)

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This video will show you how to do the quest: "Take Up The Cause", "Well Kept Secrets", "Feeding On The Fallen", "Special Delivery", "Precious Scraps", "Restocking", "An innside Job", "Streets Run Red", "Open The Temple", and "The Open Temple" at /join FalGuard (LionFang Saga!) Playlist containing ALL walkthrough videos from the LionFang Saga! http://bit.ly/XGsCtZ SONG: Artist: Dani Way Track: Asteroid Video Link: http://bit.ly/Vd3ESs Licence: http://goo.gl/ZSoZf Note: If the licence is different to the licence shown at the download link, then the licence HERE applies, as an arrangement with the artist has been made to distribute music through AudioPad. Audiopad: http://www.youtube.com/AudioPad *NOTE* This is royalty free music. I have permission from the Artist to use this song through the Licence. ***LINKS*** Backup Channel - http://www.youtube.com/JunijiisTutorials "TheAQWBros" (Other channel) - http://www.youtube.com/TheAQWBros Subscribe to me on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/Junijii Twitter - http://twitter.com/JunijiiAQW Livestream - http://www.twitch.tv/Junijii Like my Facebook Fanpage! - http://www.facebook.com/JunijiisFanPage Google Plus - https://plus.google.com/103522806653473614246/about Visit Our Clan's site - http://www.shadowraven.forumclan.com TAGS: Aqw, falguard, fal, guard, lionfang, Take Up The Cause, Well Kept Secrets, Feeding On The Fallen, Special Delivery, Precious Scraps, Restocking, An innside Job, Streets Run Red, Open The Temple, The Open Temple, cutscene, find, where, to, whereto, questhelp, quest, new, release, walkthrough, tutorial, help, helpful, info, information, aqwinfo, howto, aqworlds, artix, entertainment, battleongames, battleon, games, junijii
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Text Comments (85)
Joseph Gaddi (6 months ago)
The "BEST" Guide <3
SvK AcKo (9 months ago)
How did you get those swords please?
Pacific Sniper (11 months ago)
best vid ive ever seen coz you have full instructions
cher Manigos (1 year ago)
Hi Im Jad (1 year ago)
thanks :D
Heaven Lee Jones (2 years ago)
thank you:)
SøName Gamer (3 years ago)
name music please junijii
Rikkke e Demoniowar (3 years ago)
cara vc e foda ajudou muito valeu ae 
Demona312 AQWorlds (4 years ago)
You are the best
HeadHunter (4 years ago)
I love it here cause i am a darkblood fan :D
Τασος Π (4 years ago)
thanks dude u always help me
yowwzhaira (4 years ago)
Neto Silva Parker (4 years ago)
vlw mermo manow :P mt bomm
pedro guilherme (4 years ago)
thank you
sasuke uchiha (4 years ago)
thnx men your the best we love you bro!!!
Paulo Sérgio (4 years ago)
mina ele so disse q gosta dele por ter ajudado ele parece q vc fugiu da escola pq e ua affs vo nem fala
yowwzhaira (4 years ago)
love? are ua girl
john mass (4 years ago)
ur really good at this lol 
Brian Isaak (5 years ago)
tnx you very match :*
Brian Isaak (5 years ago)
tnx you 
TrackID GT (5 years ago)
I watch u all video and doing ar quest :'D
Joyce Jandayan (5 years ago)
i really like your videos
UdAx Malaysia 99 (5 years ago)
thanx dude
yusef mohmed (5 years ago)
thank ypu very much man!
Yeah fun times to me because im only lvl 18 at aqw...
AQW droklis (5 years ago)
junijii i like the intro how you do ??
Bomu Mon (5 years ago)
How get this weapon?
winifer patrocino (5 years ago)
eres de lo mejor
Poli (5 years ago)
vlw dei joinha
Jordan Ko (5 years ago)
Deo Farhan (5 years ago)
junijii ... im your fans
Alex Jordao (5 years ago)
Tank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Katie Cox (5 years ago)
Haii, Junijii, its me Bloodcantlie, im in your Guild ;3 Hope to see you soon! Thanks for the vid! (I just got my account back from my hacker)
Lightning Dragon (5 years ago)
nah im not jelous im never jelous of junijii because im not even 1 step of making videos like xyo if i was xyo it would make sense but it doesnt make sense when idont even make videos and u are telling me im jelous so just go fuck your self or whatever :P peace
Lightning Dragon (5 years ago)
nah i subscribed back :D
khoa tran (5 years ago)
thanks Junijii
Deah Gazer (5 years ago)
Cyzoer Junijii Has Allot Of Subcriber By The Way Ur Just Jelous Cause he Is Smart At All Am i right Junijii
Kazuto Kirigaya (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot..zzz i was stuck an an inside job i was going in orther place and was killing for one hour zzz
Club Dance (5 years ago)
very good!
Club Dance (5 years ago)
TheLostChild (5 years ago)
thanks you the best
WarGaMeR EX. (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for helping me bro! Thank you.
Swan thar (5 years ago)
u r awesome!
Kevin Lin (5 years ago)
Ikr FUCK is just a word cyzoer chillax bro
maged mohammed (5 years ago)
you best man can do quest
Lightning Dragon (5 years ago)
junijii did you just say the f word o.o i just unsubscribed o.o better luck next time bro o.o
JHPization (5 years ago)
Damn, Is till need your videos Jun, xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ~JHP
JoleKeen13 (5 years ago)
Where do I go after Falguard? (After I kill Primarch)
junijii give me the link to download and run so fast
Orthen Aqw (5 years ago)
whats davids name on aqw?? cant really see it and thx this helped alot again junijii ;)
Atara Sakamichi (5 years ago)
What Armor Does David Using? :o
diego simon (5 years ago)
boa vlw
dowydas (5 years ago)
i like
Gigson TM (5 years ago)
cool video junijii! i like your videos very much! and deadly mauce videos is cool too :D
AqworldsKulvacha (5 years ago)
Nice video check out mine
Gigson TM (5 years ago)
where program help you when you make and record this video?
Gigson TM (5 years ago)
hi guys! cool video junijii. and please my video is aqw pyromancer vs shaman on pvp like subcripte or watch!
intensegamer47 (5 years ago)
best walkthrough ever seen nice vid
Bakr Aburoza (5 years ago)
Happy to help! xD
Aikawa Ayumu (5 years ago)
shadower darkisb (5 years ago)
THXN DUDE I WAS STUCK IN Open the temple quest lol anywais thxn so much for helping me
Joe (5 years ago)
goo gys it is dubble xp junijii you forget to say thet :P
marco cortesclause (5 years ago)
vale junijii
Omar Adham (5 years ago)
and a quistion u used dragonlord right
Omar Adham (5 years ago)
thanks bro
Omar Adham (5 years ago)
ya helped alot
lolman608 (5 years ago)
Thanks, i didnt know you had to kill calvary for swords. this helped alot
Dellisa John (5 years ago)
thx junijii for helping me.btw,i really want to meet u at aqw soo bad
Northgaza (5 years ago)
Thank you very much
GetPandas (5 years ago)
Junijii Is Best Quest Walkthrought Ever :DDD But Thanks For Showing Me :3
Bakr Aburoza (5 years ago)
The clan link, Junijii...
SapphiR3 (5 years ago)
I think you should also show the cutscene but tnx for the Walkthrough
Johnlion7 (5 years ago)
thx dude
SAdhieR (5 years ago)
dude, it's awesome
Vencislav Kacarski (5 years ago)
awesome walkthrough.
denis ivanov (5 years ago)
junijii is the best
petko georgiev (5 years ago)
tnx again dude
olan angeles (5 years ago)
This Best It Helps Me Thank :D :))))
wagih zaxe (5 years ago)
junijii you are the best thx for oyur help
Ajay Aq (5 years ago)
Junijii you are the best of best :D
kent fuyonan (5 years ago)
Tnx it helped alot ^_^
i like
Dante Sparda (5 years ago)
:0 omg 08:00 minutes of upload
maktar ould (5 years ago)
first comment yay

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