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The Holidays - Octopus of Love

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Thomas Duder (7 years ago)
@jabberwockze Lemme guess, windows media sampler circa 1991-1995? Sometime 'round there?
justin cox (8 years ago)
this is the new b-52s
justin cox (8 years ago)
this is fabulous
FishieFry (8 years ago)
wow....has it really been that long since that little 30 sec clip showed up and bewildered so many of us?
zoeysboy (9 years ago)
wow... all these years of waiting. Just like everything else in life, i am disappointed as a result of anticipation. still, it's good to nut this one out after 15 years of blue balls.
Bill Patterson (9 years ago)
Thanks!!!! So cool to hear the whole song after all these years!
RFSmediaproductions (9 years ago)
Ahahaha oh god I had this on that Packard Bell Multimedia Pack disc. The 30 second clip from this confused the hell out of me 16 years ago... and now the actual song is... wow. Whole new ballpark of "what the hell" here.
Jason Covert (9 years ago)
OMG! I've been searching high and low for this song, thanks for posting it!
eTpERI rAYO (9 years ago)
thanks for posting...!!!!! :) I have been waiting for 16 years (since 1993) to listen to the full-lenght song XD yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah...!!!!

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