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BTS at Young M.A Pornhub shoot for "The Gift"

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We go behind the scenes with Asa Akira on set for The Gift, Young M.A's directorial debut for Pornhub's new Visionaries Director's Club
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Text Comments (124)
Black Manga Man (30 days ago)
succi fucci (1 month ago)
Watched it and gotta say it was pretty damn good 👌👌
Pantherboss1668 (1 month ago)
i hope the dykes not in it
Diamonds.mp3 (1 month ago)
1:11 name pls
Gary The Snail (1 month ago)
Gary The Snail (1 month ago)
Bronwyn Maritz (1 month ago)
She low key Got me on lockdown.
stickman Gamer (2 months ago)
omg i saw this one
Diamond Robinson (3 months ago)
I'll be straight for young ma lol
Jovaughn Jones (4 months ago)
Young MA is bisexual
Hajima, hoe. (4 months ago)
Jade Webb (4 months ago)
Ok before you freak out when they said BTS in the title they didn’t mean the Korean pop group BTS means behind the scenes!
Alex Wassabi (5 months ago)
Reason I'm here cuz im related to one of them and I have seen the lol
Alex Wassabi (5 months ago)
At the start u can see her boobs
Brian Cleland (5 months ago)
Get The Fkn Dike, I mean dude, I mean, I gots ta turn straight girls out, cause we gots to expierment. Outta here! Fk hip hop in Porn! Bring the Haters, u lil pussys! Hahhahhh. T.I hates dikes too...
David Hötzl (6 months ago)
That RED camera😍😍 #justnerdthungs
ssj editz (6 months ago)
EezyPeezy (6 months ago)
why you promoting this BASURA rapper
Tr3vZ (6 months ago)
Issa dy
Sub Samwitch (6 months ago)
iim getting hrony...
Kundalini Kuss (6 months ago)
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thewilloughby605 (6 months ago)
ya know, she might be the next spielberg,
Tati Jimenez (6 months ago)
Is your apparel shipping discreet help a sista out
Angelica Coles (6 months ago)
that chinese girl looks formelier
Robyn Johnson (6 months ago)
The girl is the sports bra could easily get me off just by looking at me and saying my name. Omg
Nuna Jubidnas (6 months ago)
Saw the porn it was amazing
Deistrix (4 months ago)
The Gift - Visionaries director's club by young MA, free on pornhub
Nuna Jubidnas what is called
Aixa Reina (6 months ago)
Young Ma" Brooklyn Cortelou Old Ma " Loves YA!
mystery nigga biron (6 months ago)
Blackout 26 (6 months ago)
These dusty crusty looking bitches no wonder there gay
Epic Realist (6 months ago)
Wow! This is interesting! Anyone got a link to the film or do I have to scour Pornhub for it?
Piya Askar (6 months ago)
Who is at 1:45
Ivan Liukin (6 months ago)
I like Young M.A great collab with Pornhub
B. D. (6 months ago)
noooooooooooooooooo (6 months ago)
Not that this is being made for for women /actual lesbians anyway *rolls eyes, but why did she only use fems? She could've at least used a stud to represent her ass since it's based on her album, but... oh well. I guess since its her vision she wouldn't want to see girls like her anyway
Mahi (6 months ago)
Balabunnyxxx add me 😋
seoklex (7 months ago)
TrillBoy Gaming (7 months ago)
That lady in the intro issa tranny 🤢🤮
Sirblae (3 months ago)
Transgender girls have pussys retard
kamill (4 months ago)
TrillBoy Gaming nah she has a pussy she just looks like one
Dicky Martin (7 months ago)
C SHINDS (7 months ago)
Yea M.A get into that directing!!! Expand you skills!
Babydoll Babydoll (7 months ago)
look like A boy
CIRIEIAITIOIR (7 months ago)
Gina Valentine is so damn fine
Bunny loves TaeTae (7 months ago)
Bro when I searched "BTS" this is not what I expected.
Paintbrushurie (1 month ago)
Omfg leave
Anesza Espejo (2 months ago)
Sirblae (3 months ago)
Bunny loves TaeTae Ewwwww
Lila The Blue Killa (6 months ago)
Kyubey (6 months ago)
Bunny loves TaeTae boy in luv
Make It (7 months ago)
omgyomam123 (7 months ago)
Derry Us (7 months ago)
Bruh Aieen even know that pornhub had a YouTube page😂
dark star (7 months ago)
I no all this girls names but it does ent come cheap
Otto& Jc (7 months ago)
How can I be a director and get the job and make money dm me on Twitter Otto2fresh.
David Buzzin (7 months ago)
Keepin It1000 (4 months ago)
Nigga u still a man they ain’t gonna fuck a straight man except asa akira
David Buzzin (6 months ago)
Robyn Johnson👎 DICK
Robyn Johnson (6 months ago)
David Buzzin if you're a man then you're not a lesbian. That joke wasn't funny before it was old.
F Faei (7 months ago)
im watching this on internet cafe
aintdead17 (7 months ago)
Почему у этой девицы (Young M.A) мужской глас??
righter0o07 (7 months ago)
i wasnt a big fan of her music but im start to like what shes doing :D
Lomecron (7 months ago)
Turn the music down so I can hear them talk!
Daisy Lawrencia (4 months ago)
Daisy Lawrencia (4 months ago)
Rafael Barato (7 months ago)
Who's the girl @ 1:20?
Rafael Barato (7 months ago)
Yam Doo (7 months ago)
Rafael Barato w
brago 97 (7 months ago)
asa akira looks like a sexy alien
nyc letsgetit (7 months ago)
Pornhub when are u gonna actually make lesbian porn for women and not men??? Lesbians can’t really relate to this shit or get off ...
Robyn Johnson (6 months ago)
Having watched the Gift, it's definitely a by women for women kind of deal
Kyubey (6 months ago)
This was directed by women for women. Also the "for women" category exists
Jonatan Nilsson (7 months ago)
this was movie was directed by a woman
nyc letsgetit (7 months ago)
A girl is a girl which means she knows the woman’s body better than a man!
subzero mite (7 months ago)
Wow your gonna give Mattie a heart but not every body else that's hating
Brandonyrn (7 months ago)
I was so scared I thought she was gonna be in the porn
kali staff (2 months ago)
Brandonyrn lolz not scared. i guess tho
šëłëňä 15 (2 months ago)
+DaddynHay he it's a her
Jared Hughes (4 months ago)
DaddynHay (5 months ago)
She looks like a old Egyptian hobo who just saw his first rap music video.
Robyn Johnson (6 months ago)
Scared? Honestly I've never been so turned in as when I look at her. Men are weak 😂😂
Guilherme Silva (7 months ago)
Can anyone list the models in the video? For research purposes
Keepin It1000 (4 months ago)
The list is on the promo
righter0o07 (7 months ago)
Raphael Carmo (7 months ago)
honey gold, gina valentina and elena koshka are the only ones I recognize!
LaDaja Johnson (7 months ago)
Who’s the girl that was eating the muffin🤨😍
Pharsyde (7 months ago)
Ethan Cossell this nigga a feen LMAOO 😅
Ethan Cossell (7 months ago)
LaDaja Johnson honey gold
Love you Asa Akira :))) <3
Doug Dimmadome (7 months ago)
I wasn't expecting this, but I'm also not surprised. She stay getting W's
Alpha Male (7 months ago)
What's the name of that Chinese girl
Alex Wassabi (5 months ago)
Peter Griffin have fun xD
upload2014 (7 months ago)
Kung Pao 🐓
Ethan Cossell (7 months ago)
Kalin Ccellis oh lol she's awesome too
Kalin Ccellis (7 months ago)
Ethan Cossell we were talking about asa not honey😂
Ethan Cossell (7 months ago)
Kalin Ccellis she even said she's blasian even on her Instagram
Mattia Santoro (7 months ago)
Ok, lesbian scene, but that RED CAMERA IS AWESOME! #nerdpart
Michael Book (7 months ago)
Haha another filmmaker here :D
David Hötzl (7 months ago)
Sooo true
kyle buchanan (7 months ago)
wondering if its 6k or 8k
Flame Beats (7 months ago)
Watched the scene on my 4K TV and it looks great.
TG (7 months ago)
Myst ZER0 (7 months ago)
I always wanted to direct porn
Africa by Toto Only (7 months ago)

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