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Sasheer Zamata | Dating a White Guy | Stand Up Comedy

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Sasheer Zamata performs stand up at Live @ The Apt, an underground stand up comedy show filmed live in NYC apartments. Get on the list to attend Live @ The Apt: http://www.liveapt.tv/attend/ About Sasheer Zamata: In 2014, Sasheer Zamata joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live (SNL). Zamata is the first black female cast member on SNL since Maya Rudolph departed midway through the show's 33rd season in 2007. Zamata has performed regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City since 2009. Zamata co-starred in the ABC News hidden camera series Primetime: Would You Fall For That. She was a cast member on MTV's series Hey Girl. Zamata has also appeared in sketches on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell and Inside Amy Schumer. She stars in the webseries Pursuit of Sexiness. Additionally, she has appeared in sketches for CollegeHumor. - Via Wikipedia Follow Sasheer Zamata: https://twitter.com/thesheertruth For tickets to Live @ The Apt: http://www.liveapt.tv/attend-host/ Follow Live @ The Apt: http://twitter.com/liveapt http://instagram.com/liveapt http://facebook.com/liveapt
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Text Comments (51)
Fernando Wong (2 days ago)
This is my third video of her stand up. Trying to see if she can make me laugh once. So far, not one.
duy (3 months ago)
You're taking it too far rubbing your face in white guilt
duy (3 months ago)
Well, that was a waste of googling her name after watching Black Jeopardy
765respect (3 months ago)
White guys are thoughtful and considerate. Mine always wants to please me in any and every way he can. I come first ;) That's why I married him!
Masterpsflood (6 months ago)
It was a good setup for expanding on the concept of messing things up to get what you want or some financial related racial humor but instead she abandons the concept and settles for a weak face rubbing transformation punchline. Could've been decent but the initial quality was squandered
Jeremy Stanton (6 months ago)
The guilty whites laughing at everything she says is pathetic tbh.
Jason Reyes (7 months ago)
And I thought i was white washed! Lol
tarique wilson (8 months ago)
wow so fn black n funny
Nanuq 83 (8 months ago)
The beginning was funny but as the skit went on, it became less funny and more like she wasn't sure where to go next. The laughter diminished with her comedy from the audience. Bummer. She's pretty and has the ability to go far if she wants. Hell she was on SNL from 2014-2017.
JMichael Drollinger (9 months ago)
That's what white guys do! They'll change things for you!😀😃😅
Hoojikee (1 year ago)
The laughter sounds so fake, only came from RAC.
gfro6 (1 year ago)
SNL is the olympics and she couldn't compete at an olympic level. Leslie Jones could and does.
Chip Fett (1 year ago)
Race, race, race ! White privilege ! Race ! I'm a victim! Whaaaa. Fuck off you unfunny twit
poopmaster13 (1 year ago)
It gets really old hearing non-white people talk about white people as if they have no ethnicity. That is literally the dumbest, most ignorant shit on the planet. There is no such thing as "white" people. You are some strain of any number of European ethnicities and cultures. There's literally thousands of years of history and culture there. So claiming that you being his first black girlfriend as his "first ETHNIC experience", is the most pointless, ignorant shit.
AMGwtfBBQsauce (1 year ago)
uh-huh... and how many non-white women have you dated?
5 Minute Lunch Break (1 year ago)
Is she in someone's garage? -Ty
this is supposed to be funny? what happened to new york?
Edward Lindon (1 year ago)
I guess they collectively decided to like things you don't like. Boohoo
Old Thug (2 years ago)
I love her
King Mac (2 years ago)
I'm still waiting for the funny parts....
HnN M. (1 year ago)
Mr. Nerve Damage *brown But I get your point and I agree
Mr. Nerve Damage (2 years ago)
Yeah, I mean it went from "my makeup got onto his white sheets" to "everything I rub my face on turns black"... : /?
1bbbbbaaaaa (2 years ago)
because white people have no ethnicity to experience..... .... .... . .. ok.
Celestial Mud (6 months ago)
DogBMokay I dont think ive ever seen anybody try so hard to sound smart and fail this miserably. Also your entire comment could have been reduced to like two sentences. Nobody wants to read your self indulgent essays, try not to be so condescending and maybe you would have some friends.
Keta Francis (8 months ago)
DogBMokay wow. I highly respect you. That was well said.
Edward Lindon (1 year ago)
It's comedy...
DogBMokay (1 year ago)
Hey Poop, Would you be willing to share the basis on which you make your claims? From which information sources did these claims come? You say: Most whites have a "fairly deep knowledge" of their heritage and would enthusiastically share it with any who ask. ...while...(frankly)... Most blacks have "zero interest" in knowing or learning about their background. "Most don't care," says you, yet "THEY TALK SHIT" about the non-ethnicity of whites. You even go so far as to call your claims a "standard," and that everyone "SHOULD" care about their roots. How did you get the idea that your views are about that which could be called a "standard"? By what standard are you referring to a standard? And how did you get the authority to tell others about what they should or shouldn't care?? You ain't speaking for me, boy, girl, or whatever you are!! You got dat?? Do I have that essentially correct so far? Please let me know of any incorrect interpretations I've made. Notwithstanding my appearance, from which most observers would conclude that I look like an average white person of European descent, it is also true that I have Hawaiian, and Chinese mixed in with my Italian, Scottish, and Irish composure, but you wouldn't know that from my looks. That's just an FYI on me. That said, your comments strike me as: 1) WAY TOO GENERALIZED and come nowhere near convincing. 2) the type of commentary that commonly causes the face of its reader to get all scrunched-up with disgust, NOT with you, directly, but disgusted with those who raised and educated you, to whatever limited extent you were taught anything at all. 3) arrogant, despite claiming to be "non-white," whatever the fuck that means, assuming for a moment that your ethnicity matters to anyone reading this, within the context of your remarks, which it doesn't, yet you remain true-to-form, and for what reason, we may never know, you felt the need to tell us anyway. Good for you for being non-white. Ask me if I care. 4) an indication of the distinct probability, when reviewing your "poopmasterfully" written comments in aggregate, that your circumstances would show significant improvement, if promptly combined with your acquisition of that which even the smallest minority of people who come into contact with you, could be persuaded into believing that you just might, at some distant time in the future, be on your way, a long way in your case, to having a life. Good luck!!
poopmaster13 (1 year ago)
Most "white" people DO acknowledge their ethnicity. In fact, most "white" Americans have a fairly deep knowledge of family history and their ethnicity and culture. Most "white" Americans are able and willing to readily tell you at the drop of a hat that they're "English and Irish", or "French and Swedish" or "Italian" or "Polish" or "Dutch", etc. etc. etc. Something that, frankly, most "black" Americans have zero interest in knowing of their own history and culture. I get that it's much harder to TRACE their roots because of the nature of the slave trade (even though not all American blacks are here via slavery), but it's still very possible. Most just don't care. They're rather just be the generic default "black", than to know what part of Africa and what tribe or nation they came from. They don't even care to know their OWN ethnicity or heritage, yet they talk shit about "whites" having "no ethnicity or heritage". It's a stupid standard. EVERYONE should care about their history and their roots. And I say that as a non-white myself.
Jonathan Young (2 years ago)
Yo, that Chance at the end of the video woke me up.
Ramonerdna (1 year ago)
Serg Kaizen (3 years ago)
Come over stain my sheets please
NewToysCollector (3 years ago)
TheNickelodius (3 years ago)
ЖЖот чертовка!
dee nice (3 years ago)
Hardly funny!
Rodney Dongerfield (3 years ago)
kuraco dkrave (3 years ago)
Why are people laughing
Edward Lindon (1 year ago)
Because she's funny. Why are you asking?
reduce cotwo (1 year ago)
It's an applause machine, lol
SWR 360 (1 year ago)
It's pretty funny. Wikipedia's Facebook page shares lots of topics every day and one page they shared of theirs was about a famous black woman. Not an activist or some politician but just a famous black woman and some dumbass kept posting about how this was some sjw conspiracy.
Phil Savage (1 year ago)
Apparently now it's SJW-ism to ever mention race? K.
broken brain slaves to sjw.
alejandro rodriguez (3 years ago)
is all of NYC like this ?
LeMec17 (1 year ago)
lmao white ppl being salty
unfortunately these days it is sjw capital like the west only with culture. somewhat. it turned into jew york which stinks.
Joshua K (3 years ago)
+alejandro rodriguez Yes the whole city is just comedy clubs
Avi (3 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHA HAHA i like her switcharoos
Justin T. Shockley (3 years ago)
Are you going to post her full set?
Justin T. Shockley (3 years ago)
LIVE @ THE APT (3 years ago)
Nah. Sorry man. Got some good full sets coming in the next couple of weeks though. 
fuzzylumpkin49 (4 years ago)
She's crazy! ^_^

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