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Eritrea - Welcome To Eritrea, Africa's Hidden Gem ©

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http://www.madote.com/ Did you know that more tourist (410,000 of them) visit Eritrea each year than all of Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and djibouti combined?? (SOURCE: http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_tou_arr-economy-tourist-arrivals ). Eritrea's Wildlife habitats: Eritrea is home to a RARE mix of inter-bred Indian and African elephants that mixed when the British invaded modern day Eritrea in 1878 with thousands of Indian elephants on a rescue mission of British hostages.(SOURCE: http://www.mcp.com.au/sinus/newsletters/newsletter-11/newsletter-11.html ) In addition to having a rare breed of Elephants, Eritrea is home to lions, greater kudu and Tora hartebeest, vervet monkey, olive baboon, pale or sand fox, common jackal, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, genet, African wild cat, warthog, Soemmering's gazelle, Abyssinian hare and ground squirrel in Gash-Setit Area (Gash Barka Zone); Soemmering's gazelle, baboons, dik-dik, Dorcas gazelle, wild ass, ostrich and other small mammals in Buri Peninsula & the Gheralo-Tio-Badda Triangle; Leopard, bush buck, klipspringer, greater kudu, duiker and warthog in Semenawi & Debubawi Bahri ('Green Belt'); Gazelle in Dissei and Dahlak Kebir, oryx, dugong and green turtle Coastal & Marine Area. Eritrea's Capital city of Asmara: Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, bordering the Red Sea, is referred by many expert travelers as the beautifulest city in Africa and is also home to one of the most important and exciting architectural 'discoveries' of recent years. Built almost entirely in the 1930s and early 40's by Italian and Eritrean workers, Asmara has one of the highest concentrations of modernist architecture anywhere in the world, and has evocatively been described as "the Miami of Africa." Desperate to build quickly, the colonial government of the time allowed radical architectural experimentation that would not have found favour in the more conservative European environment. Asmara therefore became one of the world's prime locations for architectural innovation during the Modern Movement. That this occurred at all is remarkable enough, but that these buildings should have survived in such numbers today makes it one of the finest modernist cities in the World. Eritrea's unique natural features: i. Danakil Depression, 100 metres below sea level with temperatures over 50° Centigrade. ii.The Great Valley Rift, runs through Eritrea. iii.Hot Springs in many locations such as Akwaar, Mai Wui, Gahtelai and Arafayle. iv.The Escarpment providing spectacular views from the highland plateau to the coastal plains. v. Dahlak Archipelago off the Red Sea coast with over 350 islands and unexplored undersea wonders. Eritrea's Marine life: Coral: Healthy coral reefs around 350 islands off the Red Sea coast including the Dahlak Archipelago. Flat reef gardens and cliffs that slope down to the depths of the ocean floor. Varieties ranging from large mounds of brain coral (Porites) to branching Acropora; Varieties of fish: Angelfish - blue and yellow Arabian, the yellowbar and the striped emperor. Butterfly fish - the orangeface, and the brilliant yellow-masked variety with a black face patch, the endemic bannerfish with its elongated dorsal fin. Wrass - brilliant blue-green, blue-striped and other colourful varieties. Parrotfish, groupers, damselfish, animonefish, dascyllus, scissortail sergeant, blue and orange sunrise dotty back, small pipefish, red squirrelfish and cube-like box fish. Larger fish - jacks, snappers, emperors, sweetlips and barracudas. Varieties of crabs under small coral, black, white or red sea cucumbers and snails on the sandy floor beside jellyfish are common. Eritrea's Beaches: Wide sandy beaches and calm seas along the Red Sea coast include Gugusum, Buri Peninsula, Zula Bay, Mersa Gulbub, Mersa Ibrahim and Ras Kuba. Dahlak Archipelago with over 350 islands, Dissei island and Assab Bay islands also offer sandy beaches and ample opportunities for underwater exploration. Eritrea's Bird life: varieties of francolins, sunbird, shrikes, canaries, turacou, serins, starling, green pigeon, oriole, barbet, robin boubou and babblers in Semenawi Bahri; love-birds, wood dove, coucal, warblers, prinia, cisticola, woodpeckers, cameroptera, crombeck, varieties of parrots, warblers, tit and hornbill in Solomuna; coucal, Abyssinian rollers, scimitarbill, flocks of starling, buffalo weavers, varieties of grouse and wagtail in the scrubland and Red Sea coast; stork, herons, crab plovers, larks, sparrow hawk, little green bee-eaters, golden sparrow, speckle-fronted weavers, chatterers and kingfisher in Massawa and environs; francolin, massive thick-billed raven, varieties of pigeon, hornbill, wheaters, turtle dove, wagtail and seed-eaters from Massawa to Asmara.
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Text Comments (59)
יפתח פופי (3 years ago)
Waw nay hmamey Chtle shambuko
יפתח פופי (3 years ago)
1980Triumph (4 years ago)
The people on this video posting Ethiopia vs Eritrea disgust me.
1980Triumph (4 years ago)
Love this video.
100kidane (6 years ago)
the first song pls?
kassalawi39 (7 years ago)
@Rolsberga im inviting u for a lil tour in small Rome,ASMARINA.touch wood thou,huh?
BahreNeGash (8 years ago)
My nephew & niece came from USA & asked their mother, "MOM, WHY DID YOU LEFT THIS PLACE"? They cought some fishes here & couldn't contain their EXITMENT. They showed their videos to their friends in school & around their neigbours in USA. My nephew said, "Man, All my friends told me I had a nice summer, I wish my dad let me stay there or stay longer". His sister said, "When I grow up, I will come back here & build a nice house by the ocean & live here". Thanks God, it feels good to be Eritrean.
sebastian t (8 years ago)
i got a eritrea friends, and i can tell everybody how nice persons they are, long live to eritrea, peace and tigringa !!
Laurent I (8 years ago)
Just coming back frome Eritrea, altough my heart is still there ! love it, really friendly and lovely people. I hope this magnificient country will be free and prosperous for many decades ! they deserve it ! ciao
DreadlockDrummer (9 years ago)
damn man, id love to learn how to speak that language with the clicks in it
DEH22291 (9 years ago)
More people go here than Sudan and somalia!!!??? Wow!! And I thought Somaliland was the new costa del sol!
nafat1 (10 years ago)
haha nee man
metsdudenj (10 years ago)
Newark New Jersey with palm trees and bananas~
metsdudenj (10 years ago)
KikeYopo (10 years ago)
Music Eritrea is very beautiful , very nice !! ;-)
54spiritedwill54 (10 years ago)
Eritrea is beautifull country.I must be go there for enjoy.
Eminet Ayele (10 years ago)
I dont know who you refering to, Ethiopia or Eritrea. But I dont think neither of us look half white. Black race have a diverse look, everyone with its own history.
wisrat (10 years ago)
just because people know about ethiopia doesnt mean its good. thats a bad reason. give me a reason why i should visit ethiopia and i will, but i know for a fact that et is not cleaner than eritrea. i hear all the time that ethiopia is filthy
Eminet Ayele (10 years ago)
If you open your eyes, you will realize nothing is that bad. I wish you all the best luck to your country Eritria and to all Africa and to the world. God is big enough to grant us his blessings to all of us.
Eminet Ayele (10 years ago)
I come to this place to learn about Eritrea. I'm from Ethiopia, I think Eritria is a great country with zelous people. But I have to ask you, Why do you gotta make that kind of comment about Ethipia? Not only it is disrepectful, but a lie. It doesnot help the situation. If you want to be respected you need to learn to respect other nation and people.
Steadno (10 years ago)
Eritrea fought against its brothers and with Italy!
savannahblk (10 years ago)
please accept me as a visitor and future native; u never ever see this about africa. would never come back to the us aka devilshitca. lovely food; women; atomsphere, what more can u ask for. PLEASE STOP FIGHTING ERITREA AND ETHIOPIA; PLEASE STOP.
moulhoule (10 years ago)
Ethiopians and Eritreans always fighting. Even through their comments... The Horn of Africa region suffered too much, it's time to change. Follow the example of Djibouti, the only country in the region that have never been in conflict with it's neighbours, that fact makes it the most stable state, the highest standard of living, strongest currency, highest GDP/capita ect... Our economies would be better if we talk about regional integration and cooperation. It's time for Africans to wake up!
Just Messi (2 years ago)
The problem is these Ethiopian agames and Amharas are so hurt and jealous of the prosperity we are making. They hate their identity and come to Eritrean videos just to talk rubbish and spread their colonial propaganda garbage around. If it was up to them I swear they would wish we were still in war. They need to understand it is 2016 and not one Eritrean cares about them. We have our own beautiful country, beautiful ethnic groups, languages, religions, towns and most important BEAUTIFUL PEOPLES to fit the scenery. They are jealous we have survived the unimaginable so continue to talk rubbish, you won't find Eritreans on Ethiopian videos but you will find Ethiopians on Eritrean videos, AND, talking rubbish. So who do you think has the problem here??? If Tigray and Amhara left Africa tomorrow I swear the Horn would be the most beautiful place in the world!
waleed osman (10 years ago)
for all ethiopians ur just jelouse ur country got nothing to be proud off apart from all starving dying people so all u ethiopians do to take the pain of ur chest is to complain and try to insult us eritreans but its not wroking u agame/amharania stinking idiots. LONG LIVE ERITREA PROUD TO BE CALLED ERITREAN!!! (THANKGOD IM NOT ETHIOPIAN)
zeragito (10 years ago)
...don't forget also Tigray:-))) Belesest country in the world hehehehehe
zeragito (10 years ago)
Not to mention Tigray right? LOL
Costas Stylianidis (10 years ago)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Costas Stylianidis (10 years ago)
You tend to miss the point. Of course I have seen all of Tanzania and parts of South Africa.. You have in your image a 'developed' country being a country with Glossy and artificially maintained Parks and Hotels. In Eritrea you will find the true, unspoilt Africa where you will be perfectly SAFE and welcomed. It is THE ONLY country that I know in Africa where Christians/Moslems and other Religions live and rule the Country in Harmony and peace. Take a trip ... and you will remember me!
Costas Stylianidis (10 years ago)
I am from Africa. I have seen lots of places in Africa. If visiting means staying in a Hotel Complex surrounded by 'shanty towns', visiting Parks in organized groups, going to the airport and back to where you went to...that to me is not a 'visit'. Visit Eritrea and enjoy a SAFE and unique experience where people and I mean everyone of them is proud to be Eritrean and will treat you as a friend and a welcome guest!
Costas Stylianidis (10 years ago)
Depends what you are looking for in a country. If you want unspoilt sandy beaches, perfect weather all year round, unpoluted seas and fresh fish, Culture, people with style...then Visit ERITREA !
Rebecca Aleme (10 years ago)
100% agreed!!!Thew music is wayyyyyyy better!
Rebecca Aleme (10 years ago)
Cut the bullcrap and enjoy the desert dear.
Rebecca Aleme (10 years ago)
Good Job...
adyyy22 (10 years ago)
its nice to c something like this for a difference im sick of war and seeing people suffer my country (Bosnia) had war so many lives destroyed all over Balkan and they still live in past i hope it gets better there and that there is peace all over the world
Dhomen (10 years ago)
Did you know that more tourist (410,000 of them) visit Eritrea each year than all of Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia and djibouti combined?? ------ of course because there are civil wars...
Costas Stylianidis (11 years ago)
This is definately the Best country to visit in Africa. Beatiful city, beautiful people, perhaps the safest city to go around!
wgjpinoy654 (11 years ago)
I'm an American college student who has been to Eritrea. It's an amazing place! Awesome video, it's perfect!
alfreferraro (11 years ago)
Great Video, Great Song... Nice Country!!! My next destination!! Greetings from Costa Rica
K Jr. (11 years ago)
oneluv, east africans + west africans + north africans + south africans, = ever blessing love and Peace sincerly Kimo-G
MishuTaste (11 years ago)
If only Ethiopia and Sudan could have such prosperity.
endale (11 years ago)
fuck all of you !! ethiopia is one of the most beautifulest countries in the whole world and you eritreas are making it sound so horrible you are all ethiopian!!! lyke seriously i hate how everybodys gettin all seperated .. yea there are gurages and oromos n all that but you are all ETHIOPIAN lyke fuck man
Just Messi (2 years ago)
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL the jealousy is strong with this one lmfao, you cheap self hating ass bitter agame frog! Go back to your Ethiopian videos, why are you here!? Eritreans are Proud Eritreans. Eritreans for Eritreans by Eritreans. Nothing more nothing less.
dodo mcpoopoohead (11 years ago)
Some Ethios are obessed with the red sea and the ports. But whats the point? Eritreans deserved their independence and it belongs to them. Now all we need is for the Eritrean independence to sink into Meles Zenawi.
dodo mcpoopoohead (11 years ago)
I am an Ethiopian Amhara. Before you jump on me, I love Eritrea and Ethiopia. I am glad about Eritreas independence from some of our horrible leaders like Mengistu. Strong Eritreans and a beautiful country. I am visiting Ethiopia 2 weeks from now. And we might make a pit stop in Eritrea(if the border roads are open otherwise we will take a plane). Asmara is awesome.
bongiwe (11 years ago)
i hear you but even in Hotel Rwanda this song was out of place even at that time. Hotel Rwanda used many South African elements even South African actors and music yet they are telling the story of Rwanda. For people who don't know Africa this adds confusion and misrepresentation.
squeky11 (11 years ago)
The song is called Umqombothi (African Beer) & it's off the Hotel Rwanda soundtrack. This video was created for folks who know very little about Eritrea. I chose this song so non-Eritrean viewers (who mostly speak English) can relate to it more. There's another video I created for Eritreans and it has Eritrean music on it, you can go click on my channel and view it, it's titled "ERITREA".
bongiwe (11 years ago)
This is south african music. Though I'm south AFrican and I love our music but I think Eritrean music would fit better, and better reflect that culture.
MarginalMedia (11 years ago)
Could you please let me know if the title of the original video is "Eritrea, Africa's hidden gem" and was broadcasted in 2002? Thanks.
Kalydosos (11 years ago)
The video looks very nice, I'm Black British of Jamaican decent I have been to Ethiopia before on holiday I enjoyed myself very much. I have to say I was treated very well by the Ethiopians I met, I think I might check out Eritrea this winter. just to see Eritrea for myself instead of taking the BBC's word on Eritrea.
sirwallaby (11 years ago)
hey red cross,american military personnell and embassy officails r not counted as tourist.secondly why would some1 go to ethiopia?always didvide ethiopian tourist by a fifth bcoz 80% of dem r there due to an emergency landin by ethiopian airlines.lol
erking55 (11 years ago)
This is what it really looks like , its a beutiful country...I think its more beutful then any other country or continent. The people,the climate,the scenery..im a photogpher and i love capturing beauty and Eritrea is a beutiful country.
zeragito (11 years ago)
These poor landlocked qomaTa famine-posterchild beggars come to bullshit on Eritrean videos for one reason and one reason only: jealousy. That is why they always try to compare...One region in Ethiopia gets more tourists? Which one? Tigray? You mistaking Red Cross for tourists LOL. I know they aint going to Afar anymore, lest they get kidnapped tsk tsk.
wediafom (11 years ago)
I am lovin' it.
nakfa (11 years ago)
gangsta fweeeeee
Mela Ha (11 years ago)
that is amazing love the music
cutegual (11 years ago)
wow!!! nice
sirwallaby (11 years ago)
nice squeeky.
Redddddd seeeeeee FISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Thanks Squeky11 bro!!!

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