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Russians finish 1-2 in women's race walk

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Russia's Olga Kaniskina won the women's 20-kilometer walk after a confusing start at the world championships on Friday. Kaniskina went on to win in one hour 30 minutes and 9 seconds with compatriot Tatyana Shemyakina second in 1:30:42. Spain's Maria Vasco took the bronze in 1:30:47. (WCSN, WCSN.com)
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Text Comments (289)
When you did something wrong and she's about to rat on your ass
LOL LOL (1 month ago)
GoldenJam_ 01 (1 month ago)
Ehab Ewida (3 months ago)
Press x to run
The We-Ling (3 months ago)
That is sooo me When I Walk into my Ex Classroom😂😂😂
Ming MMing (3 months ago)
When you're late for class but no running in the halls
Occam's ASMR (4 months ago)
Hal brought me here
Mimi The Goat (4 months ago)
Thot walk.
Maria Mongillo (8 months ago)
This Explains the awkward posture : "race walking has rules — strict ones that force the athlete to exert maximal physical effort within very narrow confines. That’s why the athletes look so robotic: They’re required to stay in contact with the ground at all times, and the leading leg has to be stick-straight when it first hits the ground. Any fouls caught by the sport’s vigilant judges can lead to disqualification."
Maria Mongillo (8 months ago)
WHY is she walking in this manner? That posture can't be good for the legs, feet & body mechanics. But, I also didn't know there was a Speed Walking competition. 😀
this was an accident 2.0 (9 months ago)
When you going to the bathroom
Alfilms (9 months ago)
Walking like she gotta take a shit 😂😭😂😭😂
Thomas Foliaco (10 months ago)
Little did she know she would be a meme in 2018
sheila garcia (10 months ago)
I hate this meme she looks so stupid like she has to take a crap
Ka'Mya Robinson (10 months ago)
22?! I thought she was disabled!! I thought she was handicapped! I thought she was trying to run!!! She did all of this on purpose!!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️
Doll Dolly (29 days ago)
Maria Mongillo (8 months ago)
Ka'Mya Robinson I thought I thought same thing!! I saw it on a Gif Joke. Had to Google where picture originated. Looks weird.
MCcheezyBreezy (10 months ago)
itsLilo (10 months ago)
Haha! That looks so stupid😂
Dannyboy plus (10 months ago)
This is lame
Phil V (10 months ago)
Gold medal nice. From vine I thought she was like last in a race
Danny Phantom (10 months ago)
Hankers Channel (11 months ago)
Do the thot walk
Crimson Typhoon (1 year ago)
Music plays : arowah ey! Ey! Arowah thot wok thot wok aw arowah ey! Ey! Arowah thot wok thot wok!
eugene bell (1 year ago)
now that looked pretty good, not all that extreme hyperextension of the knees. You don't have to damage your knees to walk extremely fast.
Who wants to have a, write as lightly as you can competition... or maybe a whispering loudly tournament!
Mohsin B (2 years ago)
When you gotta take a crap..
DZMP (8 months ago)
Moe b Nope. When putting lottion in your butt
Abu Dabi (2 years ago)
Sweet awsome Race!!
BigFood Style (2 years ago)
How did she win? Also why did she run like that?! I'm dead!
Yulianna Kaui (10 months ago)
Speed walk, not running..
XxXpmisterqXxX (1 year ago)
Because its the speed walk race
Monkey Mooshu (2 years ago)
+Nae Nae Yeet Go Big Lexi MsPLiFe she ran like that because she has to keep 1 foot on the ground no matter what or she will get a red card. lmao its harder than u think
I know lol
Gabriel Palermo (2 years ago)
how white people look when they bout to snitch on ur ass
R (2 years ago)
You dont even need stamina for this, good god
Abey Cee (2 years ago)
This style may have a marathon length event, I don't know. Marathoners out-stamina most other events, that's kind of the point. Doesn't mean other athletes don't have stamina. 
R (2 years ago)
+Abey Cee trust me, someone who runs a marathon needs way more
Abey Cee (2 years ago)
+Robin de louwere no, they need plenty of stamina
Ethan McKinley (2 years ago)
THOT WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ian braman (2 years ago)
Lol like they had to play it in slow motion
villager #2 (10 months ago)
Elizabeth_04 check again the video dude, you missed the point
Elizabeth_04 (10 months ago)
ian braman it's not in slowmo...it's a race walk. See the title?
Stephen Austin (2 years ago)
I cant belive this is a thing.........
B R (3 years ago)
I hands down applaud the athlete.
Jason Taylor (3 years ago)
Both were doping. The whole Russian was either forced to cheat, or were taking roids on their own free will. But they all cheated!
peachy_baby (3 years ago)
everyone came here because of vine including me
Venise Price (7 months ago)
Carleoo that is my sister
Carleoo (1 year ago)
JonnyGunz thot walk XD
JonnyGunz (3 years ago)
link to the vine?
JonnyGunz (3 years ago)
link to the vine?
C. Catie (4 years ago)
She wads after 20 km exhausted and was in a lead. Nobody had a chance to catch her up so she didn't need to put those finishing touches in a 'run-walk'.
TheGlowHD (4 years ago)
Vine brought me here
Sarah Ahmed (4 years ago)
Me too
Angi Derisance (4 years ago)
Thot-Walk Race ! XD
Amani Elewa (4 years ago)
Thot walk aye aye thot walk
Anastasia Anokye (4 years ago)
Tip toeing in ma Jawdins xD
Bethany B. (4 years ago)
For the people who think this is boring and don't understand why it's a thing: Same for NASCAR.  Same for running. Same for basketball. Football. Baseball. Golf. ... Everybody has some sport they think is boring and don't understand, that doesn't mean it isn't a sport. These people are walking at least four times faster than the average person, and faster than the average runner over the same distance in the most elite speedwalkers. Show a bit of respect.
Reji Jupiter (2 days ago)
4 years later and i still need you to shut the fuck up.
B R (2 years ago)
+reggie nance Were you talking to me?
Reggie's 5.0 (2 years ago)
+Bethany B. excuse my explicit words maddam shut up bitch
B R (3 years ago)
You have a clear point. The walking faster than an average runner, not so clear, but I totally understand what you're trying to say.
Michael Nascimento (4 years ago)
+Bethany B. Just because he's Adolf doesn't mean he doesn't have a point. You got wrecked!!!!
Emery Seyller (4 years ago)
She strangely looks like miley cyrus
Jubril Nichols (4 years ago)
Thot Walk!!!
fireraider747 (4 years ago)
Great win for the only person in the race!
Chris Peters (5 years ago)
synchronized race walking
johnlvs2run (5 years ago)
Olga Kaniskina is an awesome athlete.
luis c (5 years ago)
you made me lold brah! xD and yes very true!
Ben Patterson (5 years ago)
Some one is late for the bus...
Yarrgen (5 years ago)
Oh, is that how you walk? Damn, I must be retardeded
DarynFPV (5 years ago)
Did they really need a slow motion replay for that?
Ben Kruegenheim (5 years ago)
Now that's just poor sportsmanship. Walking across the finish line?
TheCreeperhunter (5 years ago)
Why does this sport exist!?
Brian Scalabrine (6 years ago)
I'm going to hell for this, but I swear i thought this was the Paralympics...
knerxus (6 years ago)
this is hilarious! they look like they have spinal problems ans wiggle every time they move. cracks me up.
Watchuname (6 years ago)
this shit looks painful
Tyler Dewing (6 years ago)
why is this a thing?
rikstarmrz7 (6 years ago)
Looks like they are chewing gum with their butts, nice
valiant Dickson (6 years ago)
ravenstienh you idiot husain bolt doing the 100m sprint is doing 27.79 mph (did you not think for just a second before you typed uh if they average upto 30 miles in an hr that means they must be going at least 30 mph DUH!!!, (racewalking really is retarded on at least 3 levels now) this race in the video was won by the russian women 20k = 12 miles in 1:25.02, mens winner 1:18.46 the world record for 50k which is 31 miles is 3:34.14 george w bush at 47 ran a marathon in 3:44
valiant Dickson (6 years ago)
running in a bear mascot suit is harder than running do you think we should make that one of the olympic sports just becuase the sport is retarded (nice pun) doesnt make it harder. is it harder to run 10000 metres in 27 minutes or walk 20000 metres in 92 minutes
Arturo (6 years ago)
Your observation is quite flawed. Watching speed running is the same as watching running/swimming/nascar. All four are monotonous. So if you dislike speed walking because it is a monotonous sport, then you should hate on the other three.
Arturo (6 years ago)
Walking at 7+mph for 12 or so miles is pretty impressive!
Arturo (6 years ago)
It is actually easier to run than to speed walk.
Arturo (6 years ago)
Like, who is going to sit there watching other people running/swimming/nascar. Same damn thing.
Drew Marshall (6 years ago)
Typical comments showing the stupidity of some people. My question is "why must it look interesting, be fast moving or exciting for some people to consider it a real sport"? I don't care how not exciting it is, or if you think it looks retarded, or if you think it is too slow - you are wrong. The FACT is - it is a sport - just like ping pong.
JollyMud (6 years ago)
it is hard... it still looks ridiculous
wirednotice (6 years ago)
Curling (winter sport) is also hard, but it looks retarded. Admit it
wirednotice (6 years ago)
jacksonlefteye (6 years ago)
this...this is a thing?
hnc72 (6 years ago)
Y tu tienes la cara de mierda,, putita fracasada.
Young Mcconaughey (6 years ago)
This is a very difficult sport. Race walking hurts and you get tempted so easily to start running.
fieleken (6 years ago)
she doesn't need a medal, she needs a sandwich
TheLady2luv (6 years ago)
Is it possible to break your hips while doing this sport?
SengLit (6 years ago)
yea we know this sport is hard and shit, but it looks stupid as shit, admit it.
mlcarter815 (6 years ago)
She's so skinny she look like she spent some time in the gulag.
Howard Hiers (6 years ago)
seriously.... speed walking is a great exercise, but it's not a competition. If you want to go from one place to another, you walk. If you want to go fast, you jog or even run. To measure the speed of the slowest gait of human movement is kind of like the stupid kids game, "who can punch the lightest?" what's next, Olympic Farkling? or better yet, add a swimming event, "400 meter kick board".
Gabby Hrit (6 years ago)
"brilliant display of walking." Seriously though, I can't imagine walking like that for over an hour....
UpdateName (6 years ago)
UpdateName (6 years ago)
Wow, some of these Olympic sports really suck.
Chips Handon (6 years ago)
Chips Handon (6 years ago)
Well, you have a pretty shitty track event then.
Berend (6 years ago)
This. Looks. Fucking. Ridiculous.
Yzorixul (6 years ago)
Walking is a sport?! Thats a joke, right? what retard invented that crap
Benny Isip (6 years ago)
runsa.puusa (6 years ago)
those legs have one hell of a bend..
Andrew Bruening (6 years ago)
this event is a total *Face Palm*
Ian (6 years ago)
rushin russians finish rushin finnish. wat
therealCamoron (6 years ago)
Brilliant display of walking...
hnc72 (6 years ago)
InsertName125 (6 years ago)
I'd rather see it sped up, BENNY HILL style.
vertigo7096 (6 years ago)
HAHHAHA, they put that shit in Slow mo replay at the end hahah rofl....
jimbeen1771 (6 years ago)
this is fucking sad. if you don;t have the balls to be a runner then fuck off
Kamiyah Ross (6 years ago)
hmmmm ?
JoshRom (6 years ago)
lease2coach1 (6 years ago)
Thanks for posting!
Robert Flagg (6 years ago)
lol, are you kidding me? running is better in all ways(except its harder)
Technerd StepByStep (7 years ago)
@KilleraDK I was about to leave the same comment haha
KilleraDK (7 years ago)
"Brilliant display of walking"! hahahah...
Hieu Do (7 years ago)
@OfficialiGetquotes hahahah!!! was just thinking about that, then saw ur comment. Hal kicked as in that episode! lolz
Hieu Do (7 years ago)
lol, was the slow motion replay at the end really necessary?

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