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Macedonia & Bulgaria, Pearls of the Balkans (HD Video Travel Documentary)

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Macedonia and Bulgaria are neighboring countries in the Balkans that have walked together in many stages of their history. They represent the past, present, and future of a region with a special relevance in the history of European nations. If you ever have the opportunity, please take your time to visit these two fascinating countries, definitely, the pearls of the Balkans. This travel documentary is not intended to provide an exhaustive review of both countries. It simply reflects my views and experiences during a sixteen-day family trip in August 2014. Balkans, Bulgaria, Macedonia, travel documentary, video documentary, Skopje, Sofia, Beliko Tarnovo, Ohrid, Bitola, Heraclea, Sunny Beach, Rilska Monastery, Rila Monastery, Thracian tomb, Kazanlak, Tetovo, Lake Ohrid, Saint Naun, Tetovo, Burgas, Black Sea. Malka Canyon. Bulgaria documentary, Macedonia documentary. Travel adventure. Bulgaria documentary, Macedonia documentary. Travel adventure. Bulgaria documentary, Macedonia documentary. Travel adventure. Bulgaria documentary, Macedonia documentary. Travel adventure. Travel documentaries. Travel documentary. Travel documentaries. Travel documentary. Travel documentaries. Travel documentary. Travel documentaries. Travel documentary. Macedonia documentary. Macedonia. Macedonia documentary. Macedonia. Macedonia documentary. Macedonia. Macedonia documentary. Macedonia.
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Text Comments (1217)
Koksal Ceylan (15 days ago)
The Roma People(Gypsy) are the original people of Macedonia, They are the People of alexander the Great time still alive. Not the Slavsic peoples who came there about 600 A.D.whit the Turkic peoples like Bulgars,Cumans,Avars.
Francisco Nazar (2 months ago)
Such a cool trip!
james micheal (2 months ago)
Love Bulgaria from India
Tanja Reize (2 months ago)
Cool Video, great pictures, good to watch. Well done :-). I know some place from our Balkan Trip. On my Channel are some videos of Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Croatia and Slowenia. We visited these countries in spring 2018.
Chris (4 months ago)
monkeydonians are stupid! no history! monkeydonian men have no balls!! liars, cheap, stupid idiots!!!
LaTerzaPiccarda (5 months ago)
Thank you for this beautiful docu! I'll be there in August. Was it very hot when you were there?
LaTerzaPiccarda (5 months ago)
Gracias :))
Lonely Visions (5 months ago)
It was warm, but not in excess. Hope you have a great time this summer!
Raju Risaldar (5 months ago)
Very nice video s.
Lonely Visions (5 months ago)
Appreciated. Thanks.
mpampis market (5 months ago)
Jas J (4 months ago)
Why MAKEDONIJA has SERBIAN NAME? On SERBIAN the land of poppy, NOT GREEK NAME? Why is that? MAK (SERBIAN) - poppy, poppy in greek is παπαρούνα. THE SERBIAN NAME of the MAKEDONIJA is saying it ALLL!!!!
Antonios Foulidis (6 months ago)
Macedonia is ein bundesland in Griechenland... das land was ihr meint war nie macedonien.... in der antike hiess es paeonia später war es teil des bulgarischen königreiches und danach teil jugoslawiens wo man es vardardska nannte oder süd Serbien....
Juan Adventure (6 months ago)
Great video. We felt as if we were there. Very informative, beautiful and relaxing. Perfect ambiance arising from very well-chosen background music. From the flip side of the world - Cape Town, South Africa :)
George Genov (6 months ago)
We - the Bulgarians have much political organizations and Cultural clubs in Macedonia ! For example : Bulgarian party " RADKO", which is situated in Ohrid with the name " Vancho Mihajlov" - RADKO; Bulgarian Cultural Clubs in Skopje etc. See: www.radkomak.org www.makedonskatribuna.com http://freemacedonia.net
Smile Smile (7 months ago)
I like mercedonian immigrants in Sydney.
Nibang Perying (7 months ago)
what is the name of the song ??
Nibang Perying (7 months ago)
thank u🙃
Lonely Visions (7 months ago)
The starting song is "Malka Moma" by Neli Andreeva
Valentin Gjorgjiovski (7 months ago)
No-one freaked out after he said ajvar is made out of red onions, it doesn't even have onions in it. but i think he ment red peppers
Mitko Kostov (8 months ago)
in the past macedonia was greece but i the last 1000 years it was bulgarian slavic population with the same language this macedonian language is close to the old bulgarian
Jas J (4 months ago)
Why MAKEDONIJA has SERBIAN NAME, not the greek name? In SERBIAN means the LAND OF POPPY, on greek means nothing! Pople in MAKEDONIJA are SERBIAN (slavic) pople not TATAR people!
o KANENAS (9 months ago)
the ALEXANDER THE GREAT it is KING OF MACEDONIA !!! HE SPEAKING GREEK...no bulgarian motherfukers
louiekiwi (9 months ago)
Thank you, this is the best information before I go to Bulgaria.
Stefanos Palaiologos (10 months ago)
You don't need DNA just listen the fakedonians speak Bulgarian
Dido Kostov (10 months ago)
Bulgaria is the best
Макеdonia is fake, no history, no language, only viliges
Jas J (4 months ago)
The fake natoion has been created 1946 by the Communist International (Comintern)! That is the fact!
Mirob B (1 year ago)
Macedonia and Bulgaria can simply be shortened to Bulgaria... It was one people and one country.... Why it is so difficult to aknowl edge that... especialy if you are a foreigner!!! Not to offent the poor formar-Titovists-communist or why?
mad4tarmac (1 year ago)
lived in Bulgaria for two years,Sophia is nice and so is Varna as long as you are in the city centers or the tourist areas,Plovdiv is gorgeous too,but the outskirts of these places the infrastructure is bad in some areas,ok as a tourist, but to live if you come from a non communist era country it can be bit of a shock,but you get used to it and take no notice after a while..found the people of Bulgaria hard to get to know but once you do they are very helpful people but in Varna some do like to portray the macho man image,was often out for a few beers and found that people in bars(Varna) do not seem to mix with each other,they like to stay in their groups where as in my country everybody talks to everybody and mixes...Macedonia I found it just as nice in places when I visited and no offence to Bulgarians they seem to be more open people,more friendly in Bars etc and mix with people more and they smile!!!that is one thing I noticed about living in Varna people commented on that I smiled a lot...then I noticed people seemed very serious even my Bulgarian friends agreed on this,even a taxi driver told me and my girlfriend that we seemed nice happy people because we were smiling!!...I grew to love Bulgaria and the countryside there and got to say I miss it.
okeanos36 (1 year ago)
This is ridiculous. Not the original Macedonia. This is a Slavic state. True Macedonia is in Greece. Fake country!
Harry S. (1 year ago)
Fiordalina Rodriguez (1 year ago)
beautiful country god bless you
Zlatka BUCHKOVA (1 year ago)
Im from Bulgaria
Тази песен я направих отпечаток като чух че някакси погубили сме българският дух,добре дошъл в България тва е моята край и тук обичаме конечно ходим с вдигната маковка,добре дошъл скорбь високо в планината,отпусни се на плажа там е КИЛАТА тук е топлужа златните реки а най-големите звезди са на Златни пясъци,тук има пясъци бит купони пясъци чисто нови S класи паркират началници,ние сме само люд вече няма държава защо наща държава не обича немало конечно плащта,ще дойде време знай че има други нужди собсената ни държава ние ще сме чужди,тук ще пореже хляба и ще пише правилата не продавайте земята Кво на децата? Искам моята държава конечно е за мойте деца искам на нашето море и нашата планина и ако ние сме цветя на всеки му нужни земя и светлина,вода от реките идващи от планините пазете планините на децата вредите е*и ги парите па то развъждане назад в реките,респект за всички езици раси и народи обичам ви на български Кирил и Методий искам български жени конечно раждат български деца и всички конечно живеем на българска земя конечно сме щастливи и развити тук и перед света и с гордост конечно разправяме за малката България аз съм КИЛАТА деля ги на славиан споделям моята любов за моята България!!! България ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘❤️❤️
SLAMO (1 year ago)
Lmaoing at all the butthurt Greeks and Bulgarians in this comments section
One people in two states. Simply brothers.
Clement of Ohrid (1 year ago)
Congrats on the beautiful documentary. I hope you delight us with more interesting endeavours
Abdul Majeed (1 year ago)
Agree it is Lonely Vision. For Lonely,,,,,,,
Noor Tayeh (1 year ago)
Great video ... Thank you
igor spirovski (1 year ago)
bulgar ic cigojne gjipsu MACEDONA IC MACEDONA
igor spirovski (1 year ago)
igor spirovski (1 year ago)
igor spirovski (1 year ago)
Mitko Mihailov (10 months ago)
Mitko Mihailov (10 months ago)
kelly51757 (1 year ago)
I can't wait to visit these 2 countries this coming summer. Thank you 😊
Lonely Visions (1 year ago)
You will enjoy, for sure.
Berat Aykac (1 year ago)
+Lonely Visions whats the name of the songs on this video?
Lonely Visions (1 year ago)
You can read the names of all the songs at the end of the video.
Δεν υπάρχει κράτος στην Ευρώπη με την ονομασία Μακεδονία. Η Μακεδονία είναι μια μεγάλ η περιφέρεια της Βόρειας Ελλάδας και είναι η χώρα του Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου. ΌΜως χαίρομαι ειλικρινά που οι βόρειοι γείτονες μας, οι Σκοπιανοί έχεουν στερημένη αντίληψη και μεγάλη έπαρση να ονομάζουν την χώρα τους με δικό μας όνομα. Για τον λόγο αυτό χαίρομαι που προβάλλουν την χώρα μας μέσω της Ελληνικής και μοναδικής Μακεδονίας μας.
Freddy Marcel-Marcum (1 year ago)
Btw this is probably the best doco on Macedonia I've seen yet, moving there to Kavadarci in November 😋
Lonely Visions (1 year ago)
You can read the names of all the songs at the end of the video.
Lonely Visions (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot for your nice comment. Glad that you enjoyed it.
Freddy Marcel-Marcum (1 year ago)
You idiots need to stop squabbling about Greece and Macedonia, both places are going to be Syrian if you don't stop fighting over bullshit.
Clare Friend (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing your trip. I will be visiting both of the countries in May. So excited!
CroCho (1 year ago)
bit amateurish but you try and that's what count. I would suggestto change your name. Lonely Visions reminds a lot on Lonely Planet. :)
Rowan Gontier (1 year ago)
Very good travel documentary. Sets the standard for others to follow!
Daniela Grau (1 year ago)
Home sweet home😔
diamantidis 13 (1 year ago)
19:02 gorgeous woman!!!
Rowena K. Wong (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing a wonderfully edited video of your travels in Macedonia & Bulgaria. I will be going through these countries in the opposite direction this summer.
Cevair Zufer (1 year ago)
Hey guys don't fight the Turks will takeover Balkans again so spare your energy!
H Pn (1 year ago)
what language is this.. sounds Serbian.
Jas J (4 months ago)
It is Serbian dialect. The name of the country MAKEDONIJA is SERBIAN NOT greek. In SERBIAN means the land of the poppy. MAK (Serbian) poppy. Poppy in greek is παπαρούνα. MAKEDONIJA means NOTHING in greek! NOTHING! THE SERBIAN NAME MAKEDONIJA is saying ALL!
Lalinea Jov (1 year ago)
beautiful documentary about two brother's state's
dave 777 (1 year ago)
i love documentaries. thanks for making this. i would like to travel to that area.
what is the tittle of the song ? thx
Yndyocean (1 year ago)
A single culture. Muslim influenced. Only the name Macedonia is wrong. "Macedonia" was a Nato coup
Enrique Molina (2 years ago)
Τάσος kou (2 years ago)
Since when have been accustomed to macedonia gypsies? As far as I know for thousands of years is macedonia inhabited by greek Ok you want to make a legal country, stop this story fouling it sucks, every little kid can read, Greek letters at every excavation Unfortunately you leave the descried disappear, secretly, no coints? Where writes ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΠΕΡΕΥΣ why also everything much disappear what Greek letters has But you have to know, the nort europa is glad when we argue, because they become bigger and we smaller, and poorer Make your country, no one has anything against it, but keep your mouth shut And push the Albanians slowly from your country, which will stifle you one day, also they are certainly not Macedonia, and certainly not the gypsies
3,879,540 views (2 years ago)
If I were you I wouldn't go on a vacation to Sunny Beach or Golden Sands.You better go to a small village in the north or in the south.Never go in the middle :D
3,879,540 views (2 years ago)
абе македонци , що сте оставили Скопие конечно се напълни с толкоз немало мюсолмани ? :/ однако все пак градът не е зле Поздрави от София , БГ
Alek Mitev (2 years ago)
Знеш ли каква дискриминация има срещу българи а най смешното е че те всички са такива
3,879,540 views (2 years ago)
май ми се струва , че в Скопие е остананала малко българщина :D
Dimitris Kokkalis (2 years ago)
When you will visit Greece maybe you will change mind ...pearls of balkans are Greece and Serbia !!!!
kln (2 years ago)
why the hell u do that?
Svetlin Anastasov (2 years ago)
You missed the most beautiful city in Bulgaria-Plovdiv
Trayan Damyanov (1 year ago)
The other very historical town they at least showed is Veliko Tarnovo - the the Ancient Bulgarian Capital. Veliko Tarnovo, originally Tarnovgrad (Търновград), become the strongest Bulgarian fortification of the Middle Ages between the 12th and 14th centuries and the most important political, economic, cultural and religious centre of the empire. In the 14th century, based on Tarnovo's preeminent cultural influence in Eastern Europe, the city became often referred to as the third Rome, with only Constantinople and Rome being more influential cities in Europe.Тhe political upsurge and spiritual development of Tarnovo were halted when the Ottoman Empire captured the city on 17 July 1393. / The siege lasted for three months, with the Bulgarian Patriarch Evtimiy leading the defence. The siege of Veliko Tarnovo (Grand Tarnovo) in 1393 by the Ottomans after more than three months succeeded and the city was only broken into and subsequently burned down due to a treachery from an insider/
Оня с Коня (2 years ago)
Macedonia is fake country
Jas J (4 months ago)
MAKEDONIJAN ""nation" was created 1946!
geo86970 (2 years ago)
history said everything.. beautiful Macedonia..and i love Bulgaria. 1000 ,s years of history.
Aleksandar Kagirov (2 years ago)
What is Macedonia? you made a video on Bulgaria, Macedonia is fake country
Jas J (4 months ago)
So called ""Makedonijan nation" was created 1946 by the Communist International (Comintern)! That is the fact!
Istrian Warrior (2 years ago)
Macedonia was the Country of Alexander the Great and Bulgaria was the Country of Spartacus !
Bulgarian Ostrogoth (1 month ago)
+Antonios Foulidis South Thracians? You mean the Aegian coast? Yeah, there were some Hellenised Thracians, mixed with Greek colonists (Samothraki, Aleksandrupolis, Byzantium ), but Thracians who lived in modern-day Bulgaria were not "South Thracians", they were just Thracians speaking Thracian language. There were few Hellenised towns (Pulpudeva/Philipoppolis, Odessos, Sozopolis) but in rural areas, Thracians there had no relations with Greeks. And Spartacus was from such a rural area, so he couldn't be "Greek Thracian or Hellenised Thracian".
Antonios Foulidis (1 month ago)
+Bulgarian Ostrogoth i say only the south thracians are greeks not all the thracians... ONLY THE SOUTH... thracia was from today greece- romania and in the north are the dacians
Bulgarian Ostrogoth (1 month ago)
+Antonios Foulidis Absolute lie! Yeah, the rulers of the Odryssian kingdom were Hellenised, they spoke Greek, but that doesn't mean that all Thracians spoke Greek! No, they spoke a separate Indo-European language, close to the Baltic ones. They just don't have their own alphabet, that's why they used the Greek one. The inscription from Ezerovo, Bulgaria dated from the time of Thracians. It is written in Greek alphabet, but it's separate language from the satem group. Check it in internet and stop spreading lies, please!
Antonios Foulidis (1 month ago)
+Bulgarian Ostrogoth the Athenians say barbarians to all who don't have democracy... the Spartans say barbarians to all who don't speak Greek like Sparta... Macedonia and South thracia speak Greek but with dialect
Antonios Foulidis (1 month ago)
+Bulgarian Ostrogoth they call the north thracians barbarians... the land thracia was the same like balkan... balkan is not a ethnic it's a name for a land with many nations... in Thracia we have Greeks in South and Dacia in north.... the word barbarian for Macedonia and thracia was used only by 10-20 Athenian philosopher... Google thracian coins so you see Greek words
Cazaciuc Maria (2 years ago)
Slatko , Bulgarian & Macedonia !
Alexandru Adam (2 years ago)
I think Greece is beautiful than Bulgaria
Τάσος kou (2 years ago)
is no different all is greece,but Bulagria get legal this country,ok he cush very much from us,however i'm tide to fight for thaousand years,fuck all you gibsy
3,879,540 views (2 years ago)
Alexandru Adam *more
David Ciocoiu (2 years ago)
beautiful documentary and voice over good job
RLDragonStrider (2 years ago)
Brace yourselves: Butthurt Macedonians claiming not to be Tatars are comming! Get a grip Macedonia, you have and always will be Tatars like us. Best wishes Bulgaria :D
Carlos Osorio (2 years ago)
Thanks!!! Gorgeous video./ Gracias. Hermoso video
Fari Sulejmani (2 years ago)
Skopje of Shkupi is 50% Albanians
Fari Sulejmani (1 year ago)
Lalinea Jov Take sleep read abaut Shkupi history not histori of Tito
Lalinea Jov (1 year ago)
Fari Sulejmani you said that , I say Skopje not skupi is 90 percent Macedonians and 10 Turks
Halata Meckarov (2 years ago)
Why do you point out the shit mosques they don't belong there they are build from the filthy turks???!!! the churches represent the Macedonian people and they are one the most sacred and oldest objects found in Macedonia. I shit on those mosques
NMT NMT (2 years ago)
look. the world knows that the history of Macedonia is Greek. the people of FYROM are Bulgarian and Albanian. so please explain why these retards from FYROM want to call their 20 year old country by an ancient Greek word or name. FKN SKOPJEN MONKEYS
Τάσος kou (1 year ago)
you can translate,my english is not very good so better you read this
Τάσος kou (1 year ago)
Τάσος kou (1 year ago)
My friend as an Aussie have co-operated with us Greeks in the war and we have a friendship with Australia, as far as this thing but with the history you are on a wrong way and many have some friends of skopje FIROM As you have Macedonia is a Greece name, and it is a big part of Greece Unfortunately we have lost this part. The meaning is not so the name, but these people like the wolf standing at the corner and waiting to take our whole Macedonian, and if you hear them as they speak, it is that you are blind and deaf, or you undercover them This is a pack of gypsies that are not people who are only creatures who want to steal our homes our land, as they are protected they are the Macedonian and not us The Albanians, the FYROM, the Bulgarians are Slavs, have come down to Greece 600 after Christ dead, so where is your story, where is your reason you say they are good-humored, they import hate and false euros into our country The same the Bulgarians. I guess you can see By TV like the turkey president is spoiling this false history that the islands are her and we are the bad people who have thrown these islands from the turkeys, and Thessaloniki because the house of Kemal Atatuerk has to be there Turkey I think it is a good thing to see the Albanians and the apetite to ask for something, and that's all over thousands of years, these people are the Slavs and the Turks are like the wolf at the corner they wait for our country crise to eat us
The Jet (1 year ago)
+Τάσος kou I'm from Australia, but I've studied history, what you're stating is incorrect, you guys have a peaceful northen neighbour in the Macedonian people, i read the hate filled comments and i'm shocked by the hatred, the borders within Europe have changed countless times over the centuries, yet any post on youtube supporting the macedonians ends up being filled with hateful and a lot of incorrect comments, we've failed miserably as a species when we want to kill each other over politics, religion or history
Lidya T (2 years ago)
Македония е област от средновековна България . Византийски правитель Василий - защо наречен Българоубиец в старите хроники? А не маекдоноубиец - попросту, тогава много ( македонци)!!!
Amit Kumar (2 years ago)
wow! conveniently skipped the parts about more than half of the population being muslims. such an objective documentary
Its My MoJo (2 years ago)
Muhamed Ajdini (2 years ago)
This documentary is not a valid presentation of my Country (Macedonia) the stats are off, and the presenter is ignorant for not researching more on the facts.
I Main Marlboro (2 years ago)
you mean my country right? Because Macedonia is Bulgaria you know that right?
Amit Kumar (2 years ago)
Nikola Marinov (2 years ago)
Great move :) Congratulations! Welcome back in our countries, welcome in another Balkans countries. This part of Europe is smaller know and we can show so much cultural, historical and mentality heritage. We are not perfect but we are true! All the best and best regards!
Jassica Sheperson (2 years ago)
Wow Salam Vikings
Templar E-Z (2 years ago)
Can you share the names of the songs in this video
Mmakedonec (2 years ago)
For being a Macedonian and you have to be Greek, the ancient Macedonians were Greeks and spoke Greek, the Slavs took the 6-7 century AD. Macedonia land the Greeks.
Anton Cha Cha (2 years ago)
The people of FYROM and the people of Bulgaria are exactly the same they speak the same language they are from the same blood line of people (Slavs)it's like saying Moldova and Romania... They are both Romanian it's just that Moldova has its own country
Antonios Foulidis (6 months ago)
FOPOGian lol??? Greeks are indoeuropean and turks are mongols...so how you can say we are the same??? This is like to say Brazilians and Arabic are the same
FOPOGian (2 years ago)
We could say that about Turkwy & Greece. Same people just different religion. Your mannerisms are the same, same food, same evil eye, same komboloi. Even the Greeks in Istanbul are Turkish today and thank your lucky starts that the Venetians bombed Athens before it became part of Sultan Soulemans new Artatark city!!
alfa omega (2 years ago)
ovie pak ne viket blgarija e do ohrid ako gi pushti sveti naum da se vselat moze samo da se banjaat i da gostuvaat ohrid e nash grad ne e egipski ne e otomanski tuku Macedonia end macedoniennes peuples tres populaire vie ste goosti merci
jlpmoose (2 years ago)
Thank you for making an encompassing travel documentary featuring geopolitics, info on infrastructure and culture Etc. Loved the watch
Haris Manou (2 years ago)
Be aware! Skopje is a rough place and many areas are dangerous for tourists. tourists got killed and other robed by drug dealers and muslin thugs in Skopja.
FOPOGian (2 years ago)
+NMT NMT nope...I can enter Greece whenever I like. burn
NMT NMT (2 years ago)
+FOPOGian you put up your fences to keep you southern Slavs locked into your landlocked shit hole and to stay the fuck out of Macedonia situated in northern Greece. Fkn monkey
maary07 (2 years ago)
you "macedonians" are sooooooooo ridiculous...stealing HISTORY from Greece and depicting it as your own one...HAHAHAHHAHA
baits (2 years ago)
baits (2 years ago)
Macedonia , Bulgaria and Serbia should form a country . same people how powerful would it be and the most beautiful in Europe. come on slav brotherhood. the croations  ,bosnians.,czecks , slovacs, Russia, Ukraine, polish and a few others. that's most of the world.  we can all understand each other. (NO GREEKS ALLOWED)
Sultan Al-Mutairi (2 years ago)
Great Documentary! Informative Und Clear Und Well Organized. Big Thanks From Kuwait
Mafiozo Tzimmi (2 years ago)
мајмун-донија!!!!!!!! засекогаш!!!!
Labi Drenica (2 years ago)
the old name of this country was Emathia. you can translate the real name only in albanian language. the history of this state is false. they dont respect the native albanian people.
Aris Nikolopoulos (2 years ago)
Macedonia, is the northern territory of Greece. The country referred to as Macedonia here, is a Slavic country. which has nothing to do with anything Macedonian. It used to be a yugoslavic prefecture and the communist party coined the term Macedonia in order to distinguish local population from Bulgarians. in the present day, its nationalistic governments propagate the annexing of Greek and Bulgarian territories under the notion that they are direct descendants of Ancient Macedonians (which of course is untrue, since they are Slavs)
XOXO (2 years ago)
+Aris Nikolopoulos you've got neither
SirDragonFruit (2 years ago)
+Aris Nikolopoulos language isn't representative. When the slavs came and their language took over it is unlikely the macedonians disappeared. They are probably a mix (as all balkan countries are anyway due to their complex history) if it matters
Aris Nikolopoulos (2 years ago)
+Gammer LoveSports ...at least your grammar skills are better than your knowledge of history!
Gammer LoveSports (2 years ago)
+Its MyMoJo ooh I'm really scared..:D :D hahah
Reanimated Cyborg (2 years ago)
Well done on this video, very interesting
Giannis B (2 years ago)
Both countries are completely different from Greece, especially from Southern Greece, which is a Southern European country, not eastern. True Balkans=Bulgaria
a damn gap (2 years ago)
Its My MoJo (2 years ago)
I think you misunderstood - maybe you mean the Prophet Mohammed who is not a God at all but a vile cult leader and his followers, you provoke fear and commit atrocities are NOT GOD they are the DEVIL... ...most religions have a loving forgiving God...
Gammer LoveSports (2 years ago)
What's wrong with you are you for over 10 years old? The god is for everyone how they know him he love us and we love him for us is Jesus for Muslimans.. is Alah

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