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Creating Tablespace using Oracle Enterprise Manager

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STEPS: 1. Login into Enterprise manager 2. click on server tab - tablespace 3. inside tablespace window you can found default tablespace Example Sysaux System Temp Undo Users Now we going to create our own table-space, To create a new tablespace just click create button on right hand side 4. Now enter Tablespace name, Select extent management type as: Local Type: you can select permanent , temp, undo NOTE: Permanent tablespace:- Data persistent beyond duration of a session or transcation, objects in permanent tablespaces are stored in datafile. Temporary tablespace:- It contain objects only for a session or transcation, objects are stored in temp files Undo tablespacee:- It store data permanently, it important role is to provide read consistency for SELECT statement. the ability to rollback a transcation if it is failed to commit. Status: read,write mode 5. Click on add button to add datafile give name for datafile, size then give ok Thank you for watching Blog:- http://ramprasath91.blogspot.in/
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Christina Ebako (10 months ago)
wow your steps were very clear thank you hoping to watch more

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