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How Women Walk

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From 1999 - "The Trans-mission" - Part 7 - How Women Walk
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Angelique Barbey (2 years ago)
I would say a cisgender or transgender woman should walk in a way which is relaxed and allows the hips to naturally sway from side to side. I have broad shoulders and narrow hips and yet I am told that I walk like a woman anyway but I do not think of walking on a tightrope!
coolmango0 (2 years ago)
Am I the only woman watching this to know how I'm supposed to walk?
Ankur Bhaskar (2 years ago)
By cis woman you mean, then yes haha.
Jessica Simonson (3 years ago)
Another way to achieve this while walking in heels is to take smaller strides pace feet in almost a straight line. You can practice in and out of heels this technique. Heels yield best results for getting feminine hip sway. I am transgender MTF myself....So have the insight
Jessica Simonson (3 years ago)
Smaller strides placing feet.....lol. Dang typo
Daniel Glover (4 years ago)
Thank you for teaching me how to walk like a girl and a woman I needed to know for when I become a Girl.
MrOrthopedia (7 years ago)
Smackbox (8 years ago)
Aha! Now I get it. Allthough it was not something I was looking to get, I do. Very informative and good video.
horacegreenwood (8 years ago)
By the end of the day I was rdy to kill myself from pain but coworkers were commenting on how I learned to walk perfectly like a woman in just a matter of hours.
horacegreenwood (8 years ago)
I went to work as Sarah Palin for Halloween 2008, and had the whole package going...including breastforms and heels. Found that the heels helped me learn to lean back when walking, partly to offset the weight of the breasts and to offset the feet leaning forward. Noticed myself walking in a straight line as Melanie does in this vid too. Pencil skirt might have contributed to that part too.
TransexualTriumphs (9 years ago)
extremely informative. . .now I gotta watch some men and women walk and see for myself if what you've said is true : )

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