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MMA WTF Moments Part 3

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MMA WTF Moments Part 3. Funny MMA compilation from fighters twisting their nipples for good luck to newly found methods for first aid for KO'ed fighters. Funniest mixed martial arts compilation. Part 2 - https://youtu.be/dXY3ganxWpM Part 1 - https://youtu.be/v9RQ2UjmG9c Subscribe ▸ http://bit.ly/2dXItIc Our Facebook ▸ http://bit.ly/2csjRC0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WATCH MORE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tai Chi vs Martial Arts ▸ http://bit.ly/2enped1 Judo vs Martial Arts ▸ http://bit.ly/2exx3fF BJJ vs Martial Arts ▸ http://bit.ly/2eBhbWI Striking Fights Playlist ▸ http://bit.ly/2ebjj6Q Grappling Fights Playlist ▸ http://bit.ly/2f3ziGA MMA Playlist ▸ http://bit.ly/2exREga Martial Artists vs Thugs ▸ http://bit.ly/2f01smE Wing Chun vs Martial Arts ▸ http://bit.ly/2efc8YY - kyokushinbul
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Text Comments (1986)
kyokushinbul (1 year ago)
MMA WTF 1 https://youtu.be/v9RQ2UjmG9c MMA WTF 2 https://youtu.be/dXY3ganxWpM MMA WTF 3 https://youtu.be/X267-8w7BLA MMA WTF 4 https://youtu.be/IuyBdVgldRI
mimi Queen (11 months ago)
😍 😘
hellxcing (1 year ago)
Baby shak
Fishartz (1 year ago)
stolen video:https://youtu.be/Lg2qitC_BYo
Limzy (1 year ago)
kyokushinbul ii
Bone Thug (1 year ago)
kyokushinbul you son of a Bitch do only the same shit 10 times in a Video 🖕🖕🖕🖕
Sambo H (7 days ago)
Oh how dare they!!
MONKEY CULT (10 days ago)
Wtf man
spoiler alert Chuck Liddell hats Steeler.
A Bravo (12 days ago)
So why are women head over heals for this st Pierre guy? I’m gay and I find him creepy, like a cross between rick Scott and a lizard on radiation
Cody Last Name (12 days ago)
1:55 This is the first time I've ever seen someone puke in a fight.. It seems like that would happen a lot more often than it does.
deni a cage (12 days ago)
Keren top
TooShortToTurn SS3 (14 days ago)
9:05 if you get KO'd in Africa you get a hand job. so even if you lose, you still win
Kate Manchisi (15 days ago)
OMG did you see the way the broken leg was fractured it was so painful to watch OMG!!!
FAMOUUS_KENN (28 days ago)
7:06 everytime i lose to some sweaties on 2k by the 95 glass 80 win prtcg
Lee Thành Đạt (30 days ago)
5:30 , pink underwear
Damien Oshea (1 month ago)
2.00 "looking over at me as if i have somethin for him" commentary gold!!
R. M. (1 month ago)
9:10 no, no, noooooooooooo!
Jesse Aaron (1 month ago)
How the fuck are erections in this
Top Doge (1 month ago)
"Wow very interesting" 1:54
Nathan Hobart (1 month ago)
“How dare they!”
DYSTREX 2.0 (1 month ago)
Wtf is gsp sayin😂😂😂😂😂
Jim Morrison (2 months ago)
Rampage like "Dat shit satisfying" when he slammed that door.
jućub 111 (2 months ago)
Rousey dance is best thing that happend to US and A after Hillary Clinton 🤣🤣🤣
Shee ter (2 months ago)
Gsp smooth boi
ms (2 months ago)
7:06 auto open doors - pubg
Arturo Garcia (2 months ago)
Why does the thumbnail for this video look like Joe's about to blow a mma fighter from the back
Andaway_ (2 months ago)
grizzlytomahawk (2 months ago)
Randy came out to "Kashmir"!? He's officially my fav fighter ever.
pvtsonic (2 months ago)
Lmao what's going on in Africa
FOARTE DESTEPT (2 months ago)
9:21 ----9:43 wtf????????????gaaayyy!!!
Dion St. Michael (2 months ago)
What the fuck is up with the hand job at the end?!
Dan Akire (2 months ago)
Africa isnt that normal
muffhugger jones 86 (3 months ago)
9:20 water boarding and jerking him off at the same time
Fernando Perez (3 months ago)
I wish every one u would show ur faces.but ur cowards
Pø La (3 months ago)
9:30 when I masturbate 10 times in a row and my penis won't get hard 😂😂😂
Kris Kiritsis (3 months ago)
Note to self: Do not get knocked out in Africa!!!
JerJerBynx (3 months ago)
Wtf Africa
world wtf 07 team video (3 months ago)
Watchand leran only wtf video showing https://youtu.be/7hGoEyQ5MZc
Karim wolfy (3 months ago)
wtf his allways the same guy ho stell hats. some one stop him
Jason Voorhees (3 months ago)
This whole video is gay as fuck. No-one wants to see that gay shit you homo.
Corç Borç (3 months ago)
*do not underestimate the nipple power*
Corç Borç (3 months ago)
*believe in nipple power*
Randy D'First (3 months ago)
Lol for that first aid 😂
Miguel Ibañez (3 months ago)
“OHH, How dare they” 😂😂
Aura Khaos (3 months ago)
I would have a massive boner too if I was standing across from a shirtless Sergio Pettis too. Can't blame him at all, he's sexy affffff
i.e.m. (3 months ago)
So if you lose in African MMA you get a handjob from another dude? I bet some niggas lose intentionally
i.e.m. (3 months ago)
Do the Ronda Rousey!
Bluesidian (3 months ago)
the one African Guy in the blue shirt he was up, he just didn't want the other guy to stop stroking him lol
Bluesidian (3 months ago)
ya i'm gay and even i think that's​ some dumb ass shit. Playing with your nipples why???
Paul Heyman (3 months ago)
2:34 4:40 6:58
Adam Middleton (3 months ago)
Rampage fucked that door UP
RBG Warrior (4 months ago)
1:30 Is that Felice Herrig? LMAO
Green Onyx (4 months ago)
I prefer boxing
Atleast it worked lol
1000subs no vids (4 months ago)
“show her who’s the bus”
Sahiry Gnobehi (4 months ago)
AS AN AFRICAN THIS IS FUNNY😂😂😂. Beat it while he still unconscious...
Lorendrawn (4 months ago)
Does the pain of having your nuts crushed wake you up from a Dambe knockout?
nothing but the funk (4 months ago)
Dude he's ok he just wants to come
Jacare 1 (4 months ago)
I never knew something could be so obnoxious just from the editing. Well done
Rash cherif (4 months ago)
Handjob is an classic emergency procedure ? 🤣
Facts Over Emotions (4 months ago)
That nipple thing is gay as fuck.
Chris (4 months ago)
Bro I was fucking eating when the guy started throwing up
Dave 4792 (4 months ago)
Wow thank for the video of the fighter throwing up when I am trying to eat food😝😝
David Yodha Sitompul (4 months ago)
9:10 i dont get it. someone please explain what happened here
Extra Thicc (4 months ago)
2:30 GG
Maragtas Kalantiyaw (4 months ago)
Damn! Women loves GSP so much!
MrAdminus (5 months ago)
8:58 great defense..
TrikshotZz (5 months ago)
( .)( .) ) . ( ( V ) Goat
Beautiful Boy (5 months ago)
Did all those hats get stolen the same night
Ending Ignorance (5 months ago)
Abu Aba (5 months ago)
Linkin Park FAINTTT
CloverGlow StevieB33 (5 months ago)
I would squeeze the life out of that hairy drooling drunk bearded fuck that ripped my hat off when i was walking... And what the hell is going on in Africa someones getting raped by a hand✋ an ppl are still cheering him on.
1pepperish (5 months ago)
I thought the whole video was hilarious and then got to the last clip and I am speechless now! And what is the deal with nipples, or man nipples at this sport?
lithiumkc8 (5 months ago)
It’s something I saw my elders do. Your elders were taking advantage of the KO’ed. Dudes all knocked out getting rubbed and tugged. Jesus!
John-Claude Joseph Pepin (5 months ago)
lady_ bubblegum (5 months ago)
4:28 only just realised his leg😟
POLO_5021 (5 months ago)
7:04 When you parents tell you to get off fortnite in a top 3 situation and you have Gucci loot.
Michael T (5 months ago)
Archangel Azrael (5 months ago)
that last guy was really knocked out lol
J M (5 months ago)
That is... uh... interesting..
Denley Minske (5 months ago)
“Wow that’s the sixth time you’ve been knocked out today dale”
Tenshi's Box (5 months ago)
Anyone gives me a handjob while im unconscious im beating the shit out of them, AND sueing them for 1000 dollars. Like I don't care what you say that is gay on SEVERAL levels and it's like getting molested. The fuck wrong with you.
Yuri Schubert Zwingli (5 months ago)
7:06 brah that poor door did nothing to you
GabbySüley F (5 months ago)
4:09 🤮
Regular What ever (6 months ago)
Can someone tell me if the last guy in the video survived
kei chupz (6 months ago)
the wtf moment here is not the ufc scenes but the first aid in africa at the end lmao...
skankhunt42 (6 months ago)
Wakanda !
ht3oldnavy (6 months ago)
LOL what kind of african tribal CPR is that when the paramedic helps you rub one off? dude dont come to soon paramedic is going to have to deep throat him I guess
Gemma Saint (6 months ago)
@10:18 the African wanker (no offence 😂 he literally is a wanker, he wanks off KOed fighters, and I've seen them wank off fighters who are just a little stunned or fighters who fake a KO) says "you can be hit in such a way that your testicles ascend all the way up to your kidneys" 🤔 I know testicles can ascend up when kicked in the groin or even the gut but not to the bloody kidneys [there's a bladder and large intestine to stop them going that far] and not for a head shot 😂 man's blatantly lying so his dirty secret will go unpunished. Being gay can have you lynched with a beating and a burning necklace (a tire round the neck with petrol doused on you then set alight) in many parts of Africa. The average IQ of [all] Africans is 70 so he could probably tell them that if he didn't wank him off that the force of the blow will go to his cock and make his cock explode and they'll believe it. 😒 Some perverts go to extremes for their sordid fantasies. No doubt he wanks himself off when he gets the chance while remembering his assault. However, after watching more videos on that dirty act they do, the blokes receiving the hand jobs relax and just enjoy the moment 😯 the majority completely recover but make no move to stop the wankers, they just relish the touch. And then there's some that have recovered but act like they haven't just so they can be wanked for longer. Guess it's a win win for both involved. My grandad who's St Lucian (thought I'd better add that, as the keyboard warriors will no doubt scream *RACIST* 😒 though in truth it's that word is thrown about so much these days it's practically lost all merit) told me and my two brothers that there's a way to tell if an African is lying, when we asked how he had said "if you see his lips moving, it mean he's lying" we all laughed but grandad didn't. He just kissed his teeth at us and went back to his paper. Africans are quite peculiar in their thinking 🤔 I'm sorry I can't say "in their logic" as most have none, most don't even have common sense and most still go to witch doctors and when they ask for a cure to their Aids they're told that raping a child (younger the better) would cure it 😔 most vehemently hate whites and mixed race, they hate me, I'm light with freckles with hair they envy. I've got my reasons for disliking most Africans. Not second or third generation Africans who were born and raised in the West as they ain't dumb nor do they burn people alive for theft. I've been all over Africa, lived there for two years travelling around different countries and saw some of the most fucked up shit in my life. I saw hands cut off, a child beaten to a pulp and was beaten trying to save her, saw children beaten daily really most adults stopped when they drew blood that's not all though and children tossed from cars in to croc infested waters. Women and children kidnapped while walking to a well or school or to the market. I pray the kidnappers are caught, as they're almost always ritualist's who use them in rituals. *Every* part of the body is used for a different ritual, genitals and buttocks for wealth, neck and heart for health, lungs for luck, head to father a son ect, bladder for rain for christ sake 😔 I've got most connections wrong but it's to help your imagination as it's so fucked up it's hard for anyone to understand or comprehend. I'll stop now though. Reminding myself of some of the horrid and brutal things the majority of Africans believe and practice in has put me in a sour mood. Call me what you will, your opinion of me quite frankly means fuck all. The only opinions of me that I care to hear are of my partner, family and friends. I don't even care what my neighbours think. I'm not a bad person I'm just telling it how it is, if that makes me a bad person [in your eyes] then that's your opinion and shows your lack of intelligence and common sense. Most who have been/go stay at tourist friendly places and well away from the real Africa. It's even worse for whites now then it was 8 years ago, I may be mix but I'm white in their eyes. The rainbow state politicians sing songs openly and publicly at their rallies on how and when to kill the Bowers (white farmers) to cheering, dancing and hooting crowds. Gem♡ 🇬🇧
Mr mouth (6 months ago)
That guy never realised his leg got broken
Andy Purcell (6 months ago)
Why is he wanking that unconscious man
Nine tail 0009 (6 months ago)
So when u get knocked out in Africa They unzip u throw water on u and Gives ur Dick a nice hand job..... why UFC don't do that
Rebel XXL (6 months ago)
4:09 That is not wtf moment!! Thats disgousting bro!
JASPER DISASTER (6 months ago)
Wtf is that first aid? So thats why my Gf always want to do me first aid even though I'm not injured..
JASPER DISASTER (6 months ago)
Ah thats why..
jimmyjam700 (6 months ago)
African CPR is stupid. as soon as your done, he's going to want to take a nap again.
ThatRiftNoDQfan (6 months ago)
Why is this allowed on YouTube?
Joe Robertson (6 months ago)
I mean they are thinking about the guy... What a nice way to wake up, getting jerked off.
Jacob Hunt (6 months ago)
I laughed so hard I almost threw up at 5:48, the nipple play and the :O look was just too f***ing hilarious XD
Jacob Hunt (6 months ago)
9:29 too! WHAT THE HELL?! XD
tonychi0807 (6 months ago)
that iss super gay, make me fucking sick
Kam Murphy (7 months ago)
Lmfao ye right he's not waken up ffs,cose your pulln his plumb he's having like a wet dream lol,funny asf
Problem Child (7 months ago)
I sure it's Chris Evans who stole Captain America's cape!
Jacob Harris (7 months ago)
What's with the nipple twisties and why the star wars music and laser sounds

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