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Day Watch (Night Watch 2)

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Movie Trailer for upcoming Day Watch
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TigerJ (6 years ago)
Living Dead Girl, White/Rob Zombie
MephilesAE (6 years ago)
Amazing, but the books are waaaaay better! Btw, I know the first song is TT34 - Jack but can't find the second one, anyone know? :(
MonSwon (8 years ago)
@beanothedon by danny boyle and the other guy. Notice how the film totally changes after the first half, whe they were running away from the guy an stuff, that was done by the other guy, Boyle should have done it himself. Brilliant film tho. Have you seen four lions, its real good.
Jack Smith (8 years ago)
@michalxo i did, well the first one which is pretty much the all the movies... i think they both have there ups and downs... i wish they would've swithced the real ending of the nighwatch book with the nightwatch movie ending it was alot more actiony and had like shapeshifting and all
michalxo (8 years ago)
@FallenTemplar1405 Read the book mate! Books are much much better the movies. With better plot. (But to be honest, I was always imagining movie actors when reading books. After watching movies. Geser, Zavulon and Anton are acted very nicely :-) Sadly, Svetlana is not acted as well as I imagined :-) )
Katya Vydra (8 years ago)
lmao. first of all, both of these movies were made before the GI Joe movie, Twilight, and all that other bullshit. its one of the only russian movies that was SO GOOD that they actually translated it officialy. which doesnt happen much, and i would know, there are alot of really good russian movies that were not translated.
Abby Nicole (8 years ago)
@Skinimiseskurca this is based off a russain book series, they are mch better than the movies
Jack Smith (8 years ago)
awsome movie but it wasn't as actiony as it looked.. the coolest parts they show in the trailer. Like when I saw the trailer for nightwatch I thought it'd be like that guy searching for the boy (in subways and abondon houses) fighting other supper humans and then it wasnt as actiony and the same was for this :(
Reapers92 (8 years ago)
Waiting for the third one...... hope they make a sequel because this one really rocked....
Chainsaw Romance (9 years ago)
But this is realy "Living Dead Girl"... but its remix, search here on youtube - "Living dead girl subliminal remix"
Chainsaw Romance (9 years ago)
which one? You mean "Living Dead Girl" subliminal remix?
NiaSilva (10 years ago)
Half true half fantasy :) love it!
Team Smirenger TV (10 years ago)
5☆5☆5☆5☆5☆tars from: smi-ren-ger

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