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UFO chased on Highway then Black Helicopters follow back

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Digital Allies presents. UFO chased on a Highway, then Black Helicopters follow back
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Nunya Biznes (5 years ago)
I would suggest treading carefully; the anti-christ comes before Christ does, and lucifer was known as the morning star, due to the brilliance with which he shines. Remember, he is a fallen angel, and the craftiest of the bunch. I imagine he would attempt to show a more "angelic" physical manifestation, something that could cause people to lower their guard, and become mislead. I also imagine other fallen angels would follow a similar path, as most people would run at a "demonic" manifestation.
Ericdawg420 (6 years ago)
Turn the fuckin radio dOwnn
TheKingLuciano (7 years ago)
yo where do u live saw the same thing in bronx ny
Final Paradigm (7 years ago)
Hello 240p.... we meet again.
GreatWhiteGibby (7 years ago)
First, this is great footage. But, a bit of advice, if this ever happens again, get more wide shots. Give the viewers some juxtaposition to relate position, motion, size, and relation to the other objects in the sky.
Jonathan Bonilla (7 years ago)
@shmayy Damn right they always been here , and from the beginning of religion our ancestors say they saw "beings from the sky" come down and say they are our gods and that they created us. In every religion they always mention beings that came down from the sky
The Nodfather (7 years ago)
these are our ancestors. notice the love they all feel from looking at its beauty. the exclamation "look how beautiful!" etc thats because these are our ancestor spirits, they are US from higher dimensions. they are not physical ships but they are our friends, some believe they are repsonsible for crop circles and evolving humanity on a molecular level and awakening us on spiritual, mental, and physical levels...and just a funny sidenote on the radio "that was so and so with "the rapture" ^__^
padawan007 (8 years ago)
ufo triangle
edstar83 (8 years ago)
This is pretty amazing footage.
Dogg369 (8 years ago)
@LegitimatelyBaked You're right...... ZOMFG ALIENZ!11!1! better?
Scott (8 years ago)
Turn the radio down ffs
BumperMorgan (8 years ago)
I want to party with these guys.
Dogg369 (8 years ago)
A dot? seriously?? Guys grow up ffs
Yoesh RA Trooth (8 years ago)
@Ult1mateUltron >or the whole internet would have been shut down >whole internet >shut down LOLWUT lrn2interwebz fucktard
Yoesh RA Trooth (8 years ago)
all i see is a fucking light this sux
GRINDHASSUS (8 years ago)
THe illuminati doesn't want us to know, this proofs it all with the black helicopters, we are not alone open your eyes open your mind, And yanshire thnx for this upload
John Smith (8 years ago)
The scenarium- Aliens want to help people, the gov. shoots them at landing with 44mm guns,and people remain without extraterestrial help, the piramide lives forever!))
Cameron McClellan (8 years ago)
where was this at?..
Geistertramper (8 years ago)
@dhellbilly its all about tha weed :D even them aliens wanna get some
itzamia (8 years ago)
i believe in ufo's but i've also seen helicopters at night with search lights on and thats what it looks like it was...the next day there are 2 helicopters probably the same 2 the night before.
dhellbilly (8 years ago)
dude where do you live? something goin on close by, If they was lookin for weed would be a state police heli or nat guard
Shaban Interactive (8 years ago)
Excellent video guys ;) They can not do against this :D Government is look like a little child :D
Raymond Pina (8 years ago)
cbgreenbay .... hysterical : )
Raymond Pina (8 years ago)
I've had similar experience. I'm a journalist. I'm fighting back. If you're interested reach out to me.
Raymond Pina (8 years ago)
Interested in an interview? Holler back.
Raymond Pina (8 years ago)
Interested in an interview? Holler back.
cbgreenbay (8 years ago)
Them choppers is lookin for your weed patch dude! you going to get busted!
Vitam1nWat3r (9 years ago)
Yeah they have always been here... Im glad youtube exists so people actually can start possibly believing in their existance and how true the phenomenon is. Also the relationship with the military. And their struggle to suppress info.
Ceaillinden (9 years ago)
These guys are stoners.
Aspirerx (9 years ago)
omg rly?? maybe u r mutated now xD
carolnikkiperry (9 years ago)
we come in peace DUDE!!!
Vonja Bibbs (9 years ago)
Good shit. I bet if you asked them they'd say it was just a "military exercise" : ))
GAME ROOM ORLANDO (9 years ago)
good video
sicksack83 (9 years ago)
thats obviously an possibility even though i wont comment anything else here =)
Mama Jacqueroo (9 years ago)
That was a sweet sighting! 5 stars!
Sensenwerk (9 years ago)
Damn nice vid!
ladyewoyn (9 years ago)
Black choppers are they watching you?
ladyewoyn (9 years ago)
Great Video but the radio was very distracting and you can't hear everything the guys are saying in the car.
Yanshire (9 years ago)
keep it coming we need to move this video up so all can see it.
Yanshire (9 years ago)
thanks back right at you..
Yanshire (9 years ago)
with comments like i'm sure to..thanks
Yanshire (9 years ago)
January, 2006 Bloomington, Indiana
GAME ROOM ORLANDO (9 years ago)
good video what city is this filmed at and when> the date?
Yanshire (9 years ago)
thank you.
Yanshire (9 years ago)
Thank you..
yigsstarhouse (9 years ago)
lol if they are circling your house, you better keep us posted so we know you didnt disappear like some folks seem too!
lankey32 (9 years ago)
great video man! this was well documented keep it up. thanks!
Resurrector22 (9 years ago)
Very good UFO Video !!! 5*

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