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AJ Styles 1st Custom ROH Titantron 2015 "Demi Gods"

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My custom titantron for ROH professional wrestler "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. Song: Demi Gods Artists: Lab Rats & Slim Jim Released: November 5, 2011 LYRICS This is my time, my grind Promise I'mma do this right Hoping I see the sign, now I give it all I got This is not what you think This is nowhere a game to me It's the air that breathe And my polished screams Same time I reach in a little far for my grass(?) As time pass Just to fall on my ass Every time, heavy grind, getting mine 'til I reach the finish line If I die, tell you why I stay prepared like my life's on the line And I'm fixing to crash and burn I'm taking turns for the worst, flirt What was really worth Putting first, never hurt People that you love and if you can't do that Then you should give the game up Straight up, this is my life Give it everything I got Clear right, out of sight Shining in the limelight Bright minds think alike That's how we form a team Now it seems that we be ready for the real thing Demi-gods and hungry ghosts Oh God, God knows I'm not at home Oh, I'll never find someone quite like you again I'll never find someone quite like you again I leave the competition wishing had never have met me Instead they getting raped by the lyrical transition Switching up my style in the middle of a mission It's conditioned, rather call it something like spittin' Bounce to the nearest safe house, envision A decision, should I change the way I'm living? No Take me, a soldier, bury me a G Hope heaven got room for a player like me All the rappers compete to be the greatest Why is it a breeze to turn a G into a hater? Cause 'yall some bitches, some narc, some shadows in the dark My flow nothing but an arrow that's been inside your heart We the realin, you the fake These the boys that I would take on my journey to the plate Which could reveal I'm safe The dream, the hope The life without dope I'm just trying to find myself at the end of the rope Demi-gods and hungry ghosts Oh God, God knows I'm not at home Oh, I'll never find someone quite like you again I'll never find someone quite like you again I see the tear dries Flowing from your eyes I know it's hard to live And we living to die We gotta make it past tomorrow, the limit's the sky If you follow what I'm sayin', then ride with the vibe I'm in this concrete jungle without a role model So what's a brother in bed without a 40 bottle? And I'm just waiting on the day when I be blowin' up I treat my city like look at the way I throw it up But through the midst of it all I never lose composure Explains games and couple days of strip poker While I wade through the valley of the misunderstood Seeing the tears of the kids back in my hood Constantly waiting for that BPO Wanting a life that's nice like a TV show, yo Hope that I see heaven before hell I told them that I'd rather see death before jail Demi-gods and hungry ghosts Oh God, God knows I'm not at home Oh, I'll never find someone quite like you again I'll never find someone quite like you again
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Text Comments (91)
Ram Chavan (24 days ago)
Aj styles brought me here
Jose Devon (5 months ago)
That first verse heat! #demigodsandhungryghost
Ryan Vo (8 months ago)
Well this isn't his 1st but u can call it since it was a remix to his 1st theme Edit: damnit I forgot his 1st theme it sounds alike but no rapping as much
Danicraft Gameplay (11 months ago)
AJ Styles is the best in the world
Nathan Regan (1 year ago)
Who was his opponent when he had his entrance at 0:28 ?
ParckurPvP Gamer (1 year ago)
Get ready to fly , Evils ways , Demi gods , Styles clash & phenomenal are good songs
W Y A (1 year ago)
Aj Styles Vs Seth Rollins Needs To Happen
Sam Dath (1 year ago)
my favourite ROH wrestler aj styles
Young Phil (1 year ago)
the best in the world..AJ STYLES
Tanya Franklin (2 years ago)
I love ah styles
tajaun Bryant (2 years ago)
yay my favorite wresler is aj styles
Jarell Rodas (2 years ago)
la mejor canción
Samuel VP (2 years ago)
Amo esta canción
amo a keyla (2 years ago)
ya somos dos!!!
Skyrim rules (2 years ago)
aj styles is wwe world heavyweghit champion 2 moth's and counting
Scare Wolf (2 months ago)
Over a year in his second reign as champ now
T Dragon (2 years ago)
good gamer97 119 days as champ today.
Brandon Sooklal (2 years ago)
I love this song 😍💜💖
Nathan Regan (2 years ago)
How long did it take Aj to grow his hair like that
David Coupel (1 year ago)
Since 2012bor 2013.
Isaiah Simeon (2 years ago)
aj styles is awesome in roh and nice theme song demigod
PokemonGodArceus (2 years ago)
This is an AMAZING Custom Titantron for AJ Styles! Thankfully, he beat Cena clean at Summerslam because otherwise, it would make 'em look bad. I've been a fan since '07, so I wish 'em nothing but the best :).
Isaiah benoit (2 years ago)
aj styles is awesome in pwg wwe tna and roh and njpw
CODZILLA HD (2 years ago)
wrestling themes 656 (6 months ago)
Always will be
Julia Gonzalez (2 years ago)
damn i cant keep up
PokemonGodArceus (2 years ago)
Let's put it this way it took me MONTHS to rap the lyrics, yes MONTHS. However, that's how amazing this song truly is :). I loved it so much that I inspired to rap it :).
awe. go aj !(:
awe. go aj !(:
The Phenomenal (2 years ago)
aj styles <3
Sara Ann Snyder (2 years ago)
I love AJ Styles :)
Mystical Glimmer (2 years ago)
Still better than his shitty NJPW theme...
StylesClash (2 years ago)
no! Hus NJPW theme is better
AceTanahashi80 (2 years ago)
This is a good theme, but Styles Clash destroys them all
Steven Trudeau (2 years ago)
if I.had the strengh height weight.endrance etc .I be a beast wwe etc .Some my moves would .I came with 360 sit powerbomb..Follwed by a cradled pin.fall .Or a half nelson slam
Well Hello (2 years ago)
One of my favourite themes right now
wrestling themes 656 (1 year ago)
Well Hello. Me too badass
Well Hello (2 years ago)
+ThatGuyRed Senpai I think Phemonal (his current theme)does not suit AJ
EchoRebel EX (2 years ago)
wish wwe would just buy out the right to this song so aj could use it plus roh and wwe are great associates and have worked deals out so why not do it to get this great theme for aj because phenomenal by cfo $ will never compare to this masterpiece this theme just captures aj's persona
cy hero (2 years ago)
kill the bollon girl
BluePanther (2 years ago)
good work
Joaq_35 (2 years ago)
Best wrsetler
Best theme ever with cm punks this fire burns
Abdulallah Aljadaan (2 years ago)
Good song aj styles
ZWarrior006 (2 years ago)
Never heard this song before today, but damn, I like it
David Coupel (2 years ago)
+ZWarrior006 I remember hearing this song over a year ago and thinking, whoa, this is different.
Zaned__ (2 years ago)
Well god damn!
Zaned__ (2 years ago)
Well god damn!
Muhamad Aizat (2 years ago)
This use to be the theme for wrestlemania 25
Yami Ymikxxo (2 years ago)
It was the original version
MANTIS (2 years ago)
Is it official that he is in the main roster?
wrestleglobe (2 years ago)
As seen on raw tonight, yes!
Javari1k (3 years ago)
is my caw for my career mode in 2k16
RayGunz 101 (3 years ago)
Signed with WWE Finally
amo a keyla (2 years ago)
+wrestleglobe styles is the face the runs the place is the wwe champion!!
wrestleglobe (3 years ago)
+tyler breeze rumour has it he's set to debut at the rumble or the raw after. I can't wait
Titty máster (3 years ago)
Holy fuck:')
jose anaya (3 years ago)
+tyler breeze AJ followed triple h👃on twitter confirmed!!!
Principe Hermoso (3 years ago)
Styles is 38. He needs to go to the Main Roster straight away if signed.
Tyson Crews (3 years ago)
that song is bad ass
Corderio Lee (3 years ago)
aj styles is my brother I'm cj styles
EchoRebel EX (2 years ago)
I will Jim cournette J Styles
Javari1k (2 years ago)
+ThatGuyRed Senpai I will be the superhero Chris hero j styles
EchoRebel EX (2 years ago)
+Kaku I will be up up down down J Styles! I will be grim J Styles! I will fucking be Kenny omega's cleaner corner J Styles!
Javari1k (2 years ago)
+ThatGuyRed Senpai I will be brian zane from wrestling with wregret  j styles 
EchoRebel EX (2 years ago)
+Kaku I will Adam from Whatculture.com-J Styles! LMAO
maurice giles (3 years ago)
good style
Jeremy Stanton (3 years ago)
aj styles vs seth rollins would be amazing! okada vs cesaro!!! man think of the possibilities with an NJPW invasion!!!
T Dragon (2 years ago)
Jeremy Stanton AJ and Seth have had a match before
sid wrestling universe (2 years ago)
Jeremy Stanton tanahashi vs cena
sid wrestling universe (2 years ago)
Jeremy Stanton omega vs ambrosr
Skinnerz (3 years ago)
Lol I hope your going to watch the royal rumble
Jacob Nixon (3 years ago)
Dude said today he would never leave. now, i know it's really easy to say to your current employer I'll be here forever, Idk tho. I dont see him leaving.
maurice giles (3 years ago)
ExplodingTittySyndrome (3 years ago)
>I see the teardrops fall in your ass
wrestleglobe (3 years ago)
The lyrics are now in the description of the video. Thank you, and enjoy.
Carlos Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Psycho Cheker (3 years ago)
What a shitty song, holy cow. Your tron is cool though
MrTreyshawn22 (2 years ago)
Songs fine
wrestleglobe (3 years ago)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Honestly, I think this song is okay. If you didn't like it, it's a remixed version of Touched by Vast, which AJ used in his original ROH run. I think you might like that one better.
caramsey19 (4 years ago)

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