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Ultimate Viral Girl Best Fail Compilation 2017 / 2018 | The Sauce Funny Fails January

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The Sauce brings you a New Ultimate Try Not to Laugh Challenge | Funny Fails of 2017 / 2018 featuring dozens of your favorite ultimate viral girl fails, dank memes, viral videos, epic wins, funny vines, and best clips in one compilation! You Laugh and You Lose if you can't handle the best awesome fails from January 2018. Why bother with FailArmy and Life Awesome when you can come to the Sauce for hilarious montages of the best content from instagram, twitter, facebook, snapchat, and vine! The fails of the week this week included in our compilations are: kid fails, dad fails, parent fails, mom fails, coub, skateboard fails, girl fails, animal fails, pet fails, crashes, fights, wins, awesome people, stunts, parkour fails, water fails, and more!
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Text Comments (14)
Chat & Co ! (1 month ago)
Without stopping the same ones that come back, must stop the whisky...
raphael pizarro (3 months ago)
some of the dumbest things you'd ever see from girls.
Mirela Kinney (3 months ago)
Chinese bitch deserved it for being that RETARDED
Dan24 (5 months ago)
3:16 Such grace. 12:41 "professional"
Cesar Gomez (8 months ago)
the second one is my babe
Tydeus 1998 (10 months ago)
this isnt funny and some vdeos comes twice but there is Booty
Tydeus 1998 (10 months ago)
the beginnig of every peopleareawesome Videos
Brooklynn Eknes (9 months ago)
THEam997 (10 months ago)
5:04 she's fucking dead!
THEam997 (10 months ago)
3:15 another bigmac falling...
THEam997 (10 months ago)
2:30 if you're 2 bigmac menus, you can't do this shit!
WhatsUp Germany (10 months ago)
Loving and living for fails great Work! Thanks for make me laugh so much
Be Khaos In Game (10 months ago)
Hahahaha! Girl: "Swim to me, then we'll let you go..." Lizard: "HOI! HAHA!"
Alpha Wolf (10 months ago)
We still love them :)

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