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Why Countries Are Landlocked + Canals

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Why are some countries landlocked? In the case of Bolivia its because they lost a war with Chile. Ethiopia and Serbia granted independence to the parts of their countries that had a coast. Some countries like uzbekistan, are so far inland that they are doubly landlocked, which means they are both landlocked and completely surrounded by other landlocked countries. When a country is landlocked it can be difficult for them to trade, and they often have to rely on their neighbours. In Europe, the danube river lets many landlocked countries have some access to the black sea. As well, many canals exist which lets small ships travel deep inland, providing some of the benefits of having a coast. Some countries may look landlocked, but when viewed closely you can see they have tiny coasts. You can watch this video I made which explores the weird borders in those situations: https://youtu.be/elybAzSVSHc
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VanDeGraph (1 year ago)
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Mindy Haie (24 days ago)
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Bob Cheesman (2 months ago)
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Marcus Young (5 months ago)
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Dollar (6 months ago)
VanDeGraph Dude, give me the link of this map you use, please, is very beautiful
Tim John (8 months ago)
TERMINATOR103 Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan are landlocked, because they have a coast off the Caspian Sea, but the Caspian Sea is an inland sea and has no connection to the ocean.
Philippines and Indonesia have sea in them (also called as archipelago) , which means these countries are too lucky lmao (leave hate comment)
Sean Crawford (1 day ago)
BOTSWANZA? ITS [email protected]@
Brian M (2 days ago)
How does Oceania not have any Landlocked country's???
Where are the mongols ?? Huns?? Somebody invading other lands??
Robert Volgac (2 days ago)
Slovakia is landlock poor Slovakia :(
3:02 It said "Artic Ocean," instead of Arctic Ocean.
Sugma BooTe Ho (4 days ago)
5:42 do u Noe de wey
Dude stop yelling we can hear you well
King Red (5 days ago)
like if you are landlocked (im am)
Jedidiah Carosaari (5 days ago)
Kosovo is a real country.
Why does it say kazakhastan is landlocked
zachariah short (8 days ago)
I really enjoy the content of your videos. I don’t really enjoy the mispronunciation of certain place names, though ;)
Random Commenter (10 days ago)
*So many stans...*
drunkendevil (13 days ago)
S E V R E S Also, lower your volume.
LumiMemes (15 days ago)
How is Azerbaijan not landlocked
First Name Last name (16 days ago)
ow my fingers
Saad Ali (17 days ago)
Most of the land locked countries are because of motherfucker European colonialism
Majid (18 days ago)
There is no such a thing called Persian Gulf, it's the arabian Gulf.
Christian Hexum (19 days ago)
Eritrea was Independent in 1993
Superflygamer (19 days ago)
Kazahkstan🇰🇿 is not landlocked as it is in contact with the Caspian sea
antf2018 (21 days ago)
how many countries in north america are landlocked
0:05 what about azerbaijan
Vijdaan Siddiqui (21 days ago)
The rivers and canal lead into the ocean
ItzNovari Le Potatoe (22 days ago)
africa cant into water
Desky (25 days ago)
авэры why (26 days ago)
5:44 *BOSWAZA!?!?*
BubbleTrouble_ (26 days ago)
What about andorra?
Round-Earth Believer (26 days ago)
At least I live in the Philippines
Thomas Kennedy (27 days ago)
Democratic Repvlic of the Cngo and Bosina . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Thomas Kennedy (27 days ago)
Nancy Alnajafie (1 month ago)
Why do you speak you fuck
Tolbert Wangila (1 month ago)
Boswanza lol
TheSuperGamerBoy738 (1 month ago)
North America has no Landlocked country
MarkyTube (1 month ago)
Guys, go to 2:25.Treaty of ****.
Jared Rohrer (1 month ago)
ur voice is annoying
Eemeli Virkki (1 month ago)
Why is Kazakhstan considered landlocked?
Skarp (1 month ago)
You sound like a faggot
Kendrick General (1 month ago)
Bolivia = GhostRecon
Karma Tashi Allemann (1 month ago)
Why are you shouting?
Jolly ol Stalin (1 month ago)
Why do you sound like my dads husband?
Jolly ol Stalin (1 month ago)
Your funny
Chicagun (1 month ago)
There's so many problems with the way this guy talks.
Ian Cedric Vlogs (1 month ago)
sh4ggie (1 month ago)
lol Since when is Liberia not a colony? lol wtf, just because they used a different name for the same concept? Don't lump USA backed gonvernments with the amazing achievement of Ethiopia which actually kept its independence
omkar deshpande (1 month ago)
Wrong map of India Bastard. Whole Kashmir is an Interal state of India .
nehal ahmed (1 month ago)
Europe also has a double landlocked country. It's Lichtenstein which is surrounded by Switzerland and Austria
xLakis (1 month ago)
and byzantine empire
Tiggy Rayner (1 month ago)
No offence but your speech impediment is really annoying
Rabbit876 (1 month ago)
you pronounced Botswana wrong, plus your voice is unbearably annoying. probably not going to watch another video of yours again.
Conrad Mkjkjjj Brunell (1 month ago)
Meanwhile in the Netherlands...
Julian Jara (1 month ago)
It's not chili, its CHILE. Please, say it correctly. I'm from Chile and its very annoying when somebody says chili.
Cuddle Team Leader (1 month ago)
This was a very informational, worth spending, and interesting video I really do like this Thank you
Lemonify (1 month ago)
you said butswansa
zombi mısır (1 month ago)
Armenia >:) landlocked im so happy i hate Armenia from Turkey 2:26 sevr -_-
Jessica Crotsley (1 month ago)
Mr Woofey Woofey (1 month ago)
Poopity scoop polity scoop woopity poop poopy.... scoop .. pooped scoop
Andrew the communist (1 month ago)
Lesotho is pronounced le-s-hoo-to,botswana=bots-wa-na,Zimbabwe=Zim-ba-bwe
Pj harwood (1 month ago)
You’re pronunciations are fucked dude
Gamer punk (1 month ago)
Wow great video man. Keep it coming.
Martin Johnson (1 month ago)
fuck the whites for colonizing poor africa.
Jake the Blue Boy (1 month ago)
this guy sounds fabulous
facebook lukaluka (1 month ago)
what about armenia its historicly unaccurate there was transcaucasian union ( georgia armenia and azerbaijan in 1918) but it split up and that territory what you said belonged georgian republic and then it was annexed by damn trürks
facebook lukaluka (1 month ago)
not jordan its iordan
kungit Gd (1 month ago)
I thought landlocked was countries not touching the ocean
Wakanda Forever (1 month ago)
Assab port was the Natural port of Ethiopians for centuries before Italians made Ethiopia landlocked.
Wakanda Forever (1 month ago)
It's Europeans who divided Africa unequally and made other Countries landlocked. All people deserve access to the Sea.
William mohamad (2 months ago)
Why we yelling ?
XxDidixX (2 months ago)
1989NickiD (1 month ago)
The Caspian is not an ocean. It's technically not even a sea, it's a lake.
XxDidixX (1 month ago)
1989NickiD kazakhstan and turkemistan have caspian sea!!! Look on the map!!!!!
1989NickiD (2 months ago)
Oh yes they are. Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world.
YellowYeller 95 2018 (2 months ago)
Don’t you mean UP into the North Sea?
Vens Teh Amehzeng (2 months ago)
Isn't czech republic landlocked?
Zach (2 months ago)
Ur voice is annoying.
APOLLO TSAKIRIS (2 months ago)
3:46 You made a mistake and named FYROM "Macedonia", and I wonder why no greeks have complained yet XD
-Unknown Gaming- (2 months ago)
99% of comments : *STOP SHOUTING*
WarmIce1432 (2 months ago)
What about triple landlocked?
Wysocki Family (2 months ago)
how are some countries near an ocean and there landlocked 2 should not be landlocked
Wysocki Family (2 months ago)
i hated hate mostly
DMadd519 (2 months ago)
Treaty of WHAT?
Leak Central (2 months ago)
not my proudest fap
Zaid (2 months ago)
Why did you pronounce it Tajikstan,it’s Tajikistan
zombi mısır (2 months ago)
Hello from Turkey :3 nice video !
Vincent Pandraud (2 months ago)
Slovenia is not landlocked, slovenia have a coast.
Thomas TubeHD (2 months ago)
What if USA republican and democrats became a country,can u tell is USA democrat state country is landlocked or not cause it is in five parts
2:26 Slercula *WHAT?*
Garlic macaroni2 (2 months ago)
I’m from 1 landlocked country
XxNevadaxX (2 months ago)
I love for djabodi
David Wegmuller (2 months ago)
Boats (of any size) cannot sail from the Mediterranean sea to Geneva because of this dam: Barrage de Génissiat 01200 Injoux-Génissiat, France https://goo.gl/maps/EG3zh9hbPEH2
Psychic Surinum (2 months ago)
I feel bad for Bolivia
Slovenski Kartograf (2 months ago)
serbia watching i am landblocked i goes to sea in greece
Royle Hun (2 months ago)
im from Uzbekistan no Aral sea anymore too :(
Simpsons watcher (2 months ago)
Anyone else dying over the way he’s pronouncing Paraguay
Neptune 165 (2 months ago)
Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, & Azerbaijan are not landlocked countries
NÜB NÜB (2 months ago)
why u yelling
Andrew RI too (2 months ago)
There is no country that is Triplee landlocked like the US state Nebraska
Steven Webber (2 months ago)
emperoralex (2 months ago)
Mr ReMockz (2 months ago)
1:37 doesn't that make South America have islands in the amazon river?
KIRMIZI BONCUK (2 months ago)
Isn’t Ukraine land locked?
István Farkas (2 months ago)
ARMYaf Offcial (2 months ago)
Rwanda and Burundy have acces to a nile

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