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Remko Jerphanion (2 days ago)
Black girl? White Boy? You're brown. Who cares about color anyway, no big deal.
Leo Derosia (3 days ago)
She has white blood in her...real pretty
R L (4 days ago)
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McPeek (5 days ago)
I know I get offended when I see these kinds of videos, which for some reason pop up in my suggestions, and then we have to pretend like it's the black girls you are somehow the one sacrificing. As a white man, I look at black females as twice the work, twice the effort, twice the problems, and half the payoff. If that.
Robert Gunn (5 days ago)
Would have to assume her audience are high school to early college age, her immaturity is showing.
Ramone DeCurta (6 days ago)
As is the case with the so-called “Bi-curious” black Women - who only seem to be seen dating women for some reason - black Women who claims to like “all” men are only seen with white men.
Ramone DeCurta (6 days ago)
You ARE a sellout. There’s no way you could ever date a white man and love black or brown men. White Ben are our enemy. Not all are bad, but the only truly good ones are those who fight other white people in the name of humanity. If your white boyfriend/husband dates or married you but continues to bask in his whiteness and white privilege - with nary a thought or action against white supremacy - he’s part of the problem. If a black woman had married Tim Wise I wouldn’t have object at all, because Tim Wise ACTIVELY fights against racism...every day...in the public sphere. If a white man wants to date black and brown women he should be doing something to fight the oppression of their brothers, fathers, uncles, and peers. But this fictitious world in which there are no consequences for blacks and browns who date whites...that’s not the world we live in. In THIS world, whites want to exterminate black and brown men from the planet. That is why black and brown women need to stick with black and brown men. Otherwise, they are supporting white supremacy. You cannot fight oppression if you’re willing to lay down with your oppressor. If black and brown women want to date white men, they are free to do that. They just need to understand the FULL ramifications of that. They are no longer one of us. I don’t care how much barbecue they eat or R & B they listen too. And your girl in the video??? You can tell that she dates nothing but white dudes. She can miss me with the bullsh*t. She’s a sellout, and black and brown people need to cast her out. We’re fighting for our existence right now.
Ramone DeCurta (6 days ago)
What if he calls you n*gger during sex. And you should never be dating anyone who will “slip up” and insult or degrade you for your race. You’re a disgrace to black women. https://youtu.be/2WgPKT8kiL0
Ramone DeCurta (6 days ago)
Woman in the video is like....”au-vy-god...au-vy-god...a white guy likes me and I’m like...au-vy-god...this is NOT happening, like...whoa????!” 😒
85gbod (7 days ago)
My wife’s Italian an even tho I would consider them very much white still,she has been brought up as they’re Italian not so much white. Always found that odd,but point is you have culture differences between people who our both white. So I think if ya obviously can run into it between people who are technically the same,what would be the difference if you have cultural difference between a different race. If your in love an you both can learn to grow together this would only help eliminate those ignorances that we seem to have in our country. Only thing I see that could ever be a issue is when ya have children but you don’t stay together cause no white guy is ever going to teach that child how things may be in this Society for a person with a darker complexion this is why I always say go with your heart but if your heart takes ya to different race think long an hard before introducing children into the world so that you both raise that child so they can have both sides of they culture to learn from.
Bruno DiRico (7 days ago)
If you treat a white guy nice I'm sure he will treat you with respect and be nice to you also, your attitude and looks are very attractive to me and i'm sure to so many others:)
aa a (8 days ago)
A little white schlong banging around in there like a bell.
PESTcrEEper (8 days ago)
I've never been racist in my life, hating on someone over skin colour is as retarded as hating over eye colour. I have to say though, that because of the current state of the world. I feel, when I speak to black people that I'm constantly trying to prove to them that I'm not a racist, by complimenting them and black culture. Now that's fucked up. Maybe... Just maybe, things like BLM isn't the way to make things better.
Pink Hammer (8 days ago)
Girl i support you. I'm latina and have dated whites, latinos and asians. Love is love and you can't control it 💘
Joe Barancyk (8 days ago)
Your lip stick clashes with your shirt
gubNaIT allUP (8 days ago)
Racist is a word you use to falsely draw emotions from decent people against racism. You attended a white school, big deal! What are you suggesting? Your ghetto accent and stereotypical black motions to be relatable are stiff and contrived!!! GURLFRIEND, DATS no black woman, that’s an episode of good times!!! Black viewers make NO MISTAKE, what she’s selling is not just about a kiss! Hilariously felt is the hypocrisy regarding her, so called, adolescent years, learning to find good in everyone. She wasn’t dating a dude from da hood, of any color! Dating a person from similar socioeconomic conditions is hardly an example of finding good in everyone! You wear weaves as a way of life! I can’t recall seeing you without a weave. Is hiding your hair, wearing weaves altering your actual appearance, high self esteem? Being solely exposed to one group does not make her a credible source for cultural/interracial dating advice? Mentioning your first kiss as your first time being with caucasians,,,WOW!!! It’s makes it fun, fresh, and important! It’s ah right of passage yaw!!! There’s a difference between just talking and talking just to push agendas. Long before that first kiss happens, know it’s the same everywhere. It’s not going feel greater kissing a color rather that special person. Finding love is harder than just doing that! If this doesn’t make sense, watch black bed wench porn. Do what those black girls are doing for those white guys. It’s more believable than the secret sales person in that video!
Locker72 (8 days ago)
Who cares about Black or White. You are just good looking so I would date you!
Ramone DeCurta (9 days ago)
Yes, this IS a pro-white boy thread.
Joe smith-risk (9 days ago)
I have had better experiences with black women than white women. I have noticed how well Black women age (I think the older ones call themselves Panthers instead of cougars). That is a huge plus for me. Oh, by the way, I'm a single white male.
Joe smith-risk (9 days ago)
I don't get enough black women in my life.
To get a black woman all you gotta do is be white. For girls like this and just lie and say you a buisness owner and they will suck your dick on spot.
White men sit back and watch these vids and say to themselves damn these black bitches are easy. Every whiteman who fucked a black bitch will tell you she was the easiest piece of pussy to lay.
JimG (9 days ago)
I am all for it. I have dated most races and do not hate Black Women but I do get heat from them when I am with other races. I get the evil looks a lot.
This woman obviously did not have a father in her life. Black women who date white men never had a real black man in their life. You can tell she is a whore. White men dont take these bitches serious. She can be nothing more than a sex toy and she enjoys it.
She is talking about western white men. If she went to eastern Europe somewhere like Ukraine she would be nothing but a rape victim.
White dudes kiss dogs in the mouth so do white women. I would never kiss a white person in the mouth
Red Bluesome (10 days ago)
Number one, stop calling them “white boys”.
Leon Gossett (10 days ago)
Beautiful lady but stupid video.
Brendon Ramsey (11 days ago)
You can like whatever color you want to like but I see some people wants to live in a Mary Poppins world
Brendon Ramsey (11 days ago)
All these displays in your videos about your affection for white boys no one cares what you transgender yourself into a white girl white boys can have you you don't give a damn who you date just because you like skin doesn't mean you pretty
George Marsilio (11 days ago)
I love black women..very sexy..I. really attracted to you..but in just into a girl friend..loyal too..no marriage..f that..I'm too old for that shit
George Marsilio (11 days ago)
Woah...watch the hair...ok elvisha
George Marsilio (11 days ago)
Well that's mighty white of you..and yes you are loud...I'm a private guy..and I like my girl friend to protect that..and quiet it up a bit .dont give too much info..listen more..because if yu embarrass me too much ..I'm gonna get pissed
George Spangler (11 days ago)
But do you like sex?
Matt Ayers (11 days ago)
yeah the White Boy thing pissing me off and not funny.. iam a full grown ass Man white AF and its 2019 stop with your White Boy shit !
Marcus Pingitore (11 days ago)
(SAME) key word
Ronald Schmal (11 days ago)
What's your favorite redneck joke?
Ramone DeCurta (9 days ago)
You say you love “all” men, but you date mostly or all white boys. That reminds me of the black lesbians who are forever calling themselves “Bi-curious,” but you never see them with any men. Most black lesbians call themselves Bi-curious or “bisexual” to make it go down a little easier (excuse the pun), but everybody knows that they’re just lesbians. Black female swirlers DO NOT love black men. If they didn’t they wouldn’t spit in our faces by dating inferior men. There’s no way you can love black men and date white boys. It’s a slap in the face of every black man who still suffers at the hands of white men. So you have to give him EVERYTHING, right?
Ramone DeCurta (12 days ago)
You shouldn’t have to teach or educate your date or mate. Why? Don’t black women have it hard enough?! You’re nasty. 🤮
Ramone DeCurta (12 days ago)
No...you’re about to date someone who really just wants to know if your p*ssy is as good as advertised. Itch he needs to scratch Fetish Experiment Pet project They’re all the same, aren’t they? In every one of those cases she doesn’t see you as being his equal and reduces you to a sexual object. Get real!
Ramone DeCurta (12 days ago)
You’re like...omygod...omygod...I’m a Valley girl, like...GAF me with a spoon...like oh yeah! 😆 I would suspect you to be a serial swirler upon sight.
Ramone DeCurta (12 days ago)
Why do you equate “black” with “street?”
Ramone DeCurta (12 days ago)
Any black female who kisses a white boy degrades herself.
Blue eyes (12 days ago)
Dane Kunes (13 days ago)
This woman is beautiful and really funny! I keep spacing out! Lol
Damien Snell (13 days ago)
We Have No Problems with our sistaz dating white guys. All we ask is that if Black women are going to take this Path then we wish you our blessings.
orion sands (13 days ago)
I think white and black people being together. Keep it up we need to breed them out.
Mag Dump (13 days ago)
Yur Purdy.
Edward Hotchkin (13 days ago)
I like what you said about how color blindness wasn't accurate. I believe in seeing color, but not in scrutiny, but in appreciation for beauty, belief system, or whatever else you can learn about regarding people. There's more to life (and love) than the mirror looking back at us. Thanks for posting. Please consider this a (4 year old, apparently) like.
Buster Hyman (14 days ago)
The only way a black woman and a white guy works is if the black woman acts more like a white woman , doesnt have ghetto racist baiting issues against whites . A white man wont want to put up with walking on eggshells with a race baiting black woman that has a victim mentality on the past hardships of her race all the time .
Jeremiah Boyd (14 days ago)
She's basically white anyway... What is the issue?
ShockDoctrin (14 days ago)
So pretty.
David Creyke (14 days ago)
White boy as a term needs to go.
beachplumb (14 days ago)
I dated black girls back in college in the 80's with no issues. I can't believe people seem more uptight about it now than 30 years ago.
fightrrrrr (15 days ago)
I think you’re all missing out if you’ve never heard the song “Skin Deep” by Buddy Guy... https://youtu.be/VPIVoD5CVmQ
Richard Hankla (15 days ago)
Melvin Flowers (15 days ago)
jdx418 (16 days ago)
I'm a white guy who recently fell in love with a black woman. She is the most passionate and sensual woman I've ever met. Smart and stimulating to talk to. F#cking amazing! Also I'm a conservative... Go figure!
Big Bad (17 days ago)
I have never seen anyone with a problem of black women dating white men. I have seen black women & white men who have had a big problem with black men dating white women.
fakebrake (21 days ago)
Before I was married I dated all colors. Never concerned myself with perception...over 20 years ago.
TechTVusa (21 days ago)
She is cute : )
D M (22 days ago)
1. Stop fucking calling us white boys. I have a name or call me bro or something or white men. Notice they call black guys black men but call white dudes white boys
Marcel Molina (24 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Black women Love ❤️ that big Vanilla Dong ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jonathan T. Brown (30 days ago)
No. Just no.
MrDavidelliottjr (30 days ago)
White man. Ty.
David Williamson (1 month ago)
Your Cute. !!!!!!
Nakia Deon (1 month ago)
Zuri...you know I am one of your biggest fans. I'm just happy to see you happy. I'm also opening up my dating options so...pray for me...LOL
Truth (1 month ago)
My last three girlfriends were black women. I seriously don't think I will date anyone other than a black woman again. I just love them.
Man Dingo (1 month ago)
You alright sista👍👍
RadioRich100 (1 month ago)
Your just an arrogant conceded black bitch that the black guys wont date and the white guys you date cant do anybetter.
Michael Pack (1 month ago)
why do mixed people tend to say they are black in case they have forgotten they are as much white she thinks she's black I don't understand it you can call your self which ever but you are both ok so to say you are a white girl is just as good
Jimmi Jams (1 month ago)
dating "white boys"?...seriously?...wtf!...what if there were a video for dating "black boys"...or even worse?
MrDavidelliottjr (1 month ago)
PS. I'm not from the hood. I'm from South Louisiana. Cajun. And id love to date a black woman.
MrDavidelliottjr (1 month ago)
Most of the black girls that have met or talked to just on a passer by basses they all have seemed to be nice to me and smile and say hi back.
David Edbrooke (1 month ago)
A guy is a guy if you like him and he is nice to you, treats you well. That’s it really.
john silcox (1 month ago)
What I find extremely funny is if you look at a black person from Africa and a black person less aid from America besides the skin color in a few other features they do not look alike . Truth be told slavery is what made being black American , but also vice-versa is the same . Slavery is what made the American white person . You can take the average white person in America and somewhere in there ginuwine in their DNA they have a black chromosome or two .
john silcox (1 month ago)
As a white man I am married to a black woman I love her and she loves me . But I can say this I've heard some white man come out they love all these physical traits . The thing that really I noticed about black women is that we are a perfect mix . And that we complement each other's personalities . Well you know what they say opposites attract . Now I'm going to get into a little science with this . People are energy . Two like charges repel each other but opposite charges attract each other . Do you understand what I'm saying ? That's really opposite attract come in at .
leonard The lion (1 month ago)
just signed on to yhis, reading comments, wow i had no i mean literally no idea about this, well all of you ladies, come get us, or i know it works this way we come to you🌹🌹🌹🍷🍷🍷
American Patriot (2 months ago)
Well this is coming from an older white man who happens to be interacially married. We have been happily married 24 years and have raised two beautiful children together. So that is the foundation for what I say next. First it took us a little time to get used to each other's cultures. We over came it easily through a lot of conversation (open COMMUNICATION is key). Yeah it was a little more complicated when we introduced each other to our families, but it did not take long for acceptance from either of our families once they realized we were a FOR REAL couple. Now secondly, yeah I learned quickly don't be running your hands through her hair! I thought our first kiss would be the last..suffice it to say I got schooled from the get go LOL. We dated each other heavily for almost a 1 1/2 years before we decided to get married..we both took our time and we were constantly together either physically or by phone when I had to travel for work (military). So yeah I have rambled so what is the point of what I am saying? When you find the one that absolutely knocks you off your feet and you cannot keep staring at her from afar she is probably the one. Attraction is great at that stage of "INFATUATION" but that is not the impetus for a life long COMMITMENT. When you are past the INFATUATION stage..then it becomes LOVE. Love is blind seems to be a cliche..but it really is not. When you find that woman (forget all of societies race BS) you love her and dont let her go for even a minute. When you and your interracial partner are ready to COMMUNICATE, LOVE, and COMMIT then you have the makings of your life's PARTNER. In the end it is all about finding the PARTNER for LIFE based on LOVE and COMMITMENT. That lifetime relationship takes COMMUNICATION. There it is in the nutshell.
Ramuel's Sampage (3 months ago)
I would love to correct you on white culture and politics
Harvey Moul (3 months ago)
I found that the biggest obstacle to dating black women was the amount of hate/shit/stink-eye I routinely got from their family just for being white. Of a completely different type and level than I ever received from Asian or Hispanic families, and I just decided that after the last time that I'd just not put myself through that again.
Dua Anhk Khonsu (3 months ago)
Your'e in an act of bestiality, you go to school with them furry apes with neanderthal dna, come on youtube an make us aware of your bestiality with these sulfur beings, you lost your soul and our ancestors are angry with you this you will find out, you come on youtube as a devils advocate. If you work with monkeys in a Zoo after a while they start looking cute, would you sleep with one, well a pale person is the same, so please don't try an justify your act of bestiality with us. Some of us are awake and see them for who they are.
RosySpeaks (3 months ago)
1. Chris Hemsworth 2. Liam Hemsworth 3. John Cena 4. Chris Pratt 5. That guy w/ the cute eyes from that one movie
American Patriot (3 months ago)
My special lady is happens to be black. Well here is my experience with my queen. She is my life partner. She is the mother of our two children. I cannot imagine being married to anyone but this special black lady.
Johnny James Ferreira (3 months ago)
You like black guys, white guys & spanish guys & i thought what the fu#k is a Spanish guy?. Spanish is not a race & Real Spanish guys are from Spain and are white Europeans. South Americans are Red Indians not Spanish. they only speak Spanish due to colonization, and them speaking spanish makes them as spanish as you speaking English makes you English. I dont know why Americans get that wrong. As for ppl who are loud, that is an education level issue. less educated societies are louder than higher educated people regardless of race. in regards to dating race is important. real ignorance is not realizing that and accepting race mixing as normal. You being a black female your natural counter part who compliments you is a black male. you do what you like its your life after all but im just say,n. if you can preach so can others who feel differently than you on the topic. black and white are like apples and oranges. both fruit but very different. a couple is defined as two of the same sort. interracial couples are not even couples by definition; they are in reality a mismatch.
Blake Ashley (3 months ago)
You are SO right. Race is trivial. Culture is NOT trivial.
oldenmcgroen (4 months ago)
Gotchya boy swingin. Show some respect. You don’t tolerate “black boy”, so reciprocate, that’s all I’m sayin.
Stephen Hoffman (4 months ago)
It's not your hair.Came off a horse.
Jason Lee (4 months ago)
I'm a tall blonde with blue eyes wanna swirl.😍😋
D Whe (4 months ago)
I’ve dated mostly all women of color all my life first gf was black married Mexican dated black women after divorce love love black women ..and just for the record you are gorgeous!..
its Desi (4 months ago)
It's so sad to me that black girls would wear weave all the time instead of rocking your natural hair. All races of mean prefer real hair over weave. It feels so relaxing to have him run his hands in it. Wake up n not have to run to the bathroom for touch ups. Having to fix it after the pool or sex etc it's hassle n annoying. N my story, I grew up in a white neighborhood that had Latin ppl too. I was the only black girl in my elementary middle and high school. So i had to deal with white girls with long straight hair n side bangs that where into the skater surfer preppy guys. N since this was all I knew I didn't feel out of place. But every now n then a white girl or guy felt the need to say " ohhh no she's fine she's not like those other black girls" which is fucked up n low key racist. Yea I'm not ratchet but ratchet isn't a race . Ne one can be ratchet. But yes my first everything was with a white guy. I was the hot forbidden fruit that every guy wanted to try lol as bad as that sounds. In school some white girls weren't feeling me bcuz I'd be stealing there men most didn't care. And any black girl I ever bumped in life automatically hated me made front of the way I talked n talked shit cuz " I thought I was better then them bcuz of my hair texture " lmao smh so ignorant. . My whole life white n Latin guys have told me they have such a urge n fantasy to be with a black girl. They just either were too scared or intimidated. N my family members would ask me all the time how do I pull white / Latin guys. Or what's it like!?? My first attraction to men was white men. My second and final attraction is to Latin men. Iv never been with a black man for some reason they turn me off. Maybe it's bcuz how I grew up . Idk. Same reason why Asian guys don't turn me on 🤷🏽‍♀️sorry lol. Personally I can only see my self marrying a Latin guy. Growing up I grew up with a Latin family next door in my white neighborhood n i just related to them more. The culture everything. N when I went to either the white or Latin family's house I'd hear oh she's gorgeous for a black girl. Or if I decide to put my hair in braids my bff would say no no look more Latina or no briads bab not just yet later when they learn I more. 😑😑😑😑 Now sex wise !!! Iv never been with a black guy so 🤷🏽‍♀️ but Iv haven't been to the dark side bcuz Iv got all the length girth n skills I need from Latin or white men. Latin is the way to go ! White guys are some experimental freaky ass mfkrs.
its Desi (4 months ago)
Black guys have always given me lip for not giving them a try. I'm not saying there isn't black men that r attractive. (Like Chris brown trey songs ghost off of power) but still that being said I can think they look good but it still won't get my juices flowing or get excited about them at alllll. Like I wouldn't look once let alone twice. But have a Latin guy walk in the room. Game on 😈
monosy1ab1k (5 months ago)
Well-said... And you're gorgeous.
Ever Gorgeous (6 months ago)
My WM crushes: Matthew McConnaughy and Keanu Reeves. 🤤🤤💗💗💗💗
Terrance Pride (6 months ago)
Fucking disgusting ass black Women it’s a damn shame ya slave master lovers
Ashton Gilmore (6 months ago)
Where are my fellow ignorant racist trolls at?
Eleven : Eleven (6 months ago)
So from the get go she says she wears a wig..... yuk! #PassionKiller
GeekByDay StudByNight (6 months ago)
Shit. I'll be your white boy lots of times.
Billie Edwards (6 months ago)
christy smith (7 months ago)
My husband is white....and he doesn't care if l wear weaves, my hair or whatever. He loves me for me and tells me everyday. They aren't any different from any other race of men.
Aaliyaah Chanel marie (7 months ago)
Spanish men is where it’s at 🌎💫

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