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Girl Life 30 HD VERSION (Minecraft Animation)

15179 ratings | 3097896 views
Girl Life 1 HD VERSION (Minecraft Animation) The life of an average minecraft girl MAKE SURE TO - LIKE - SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS !!!!
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Text Comments (1001)
German Piña (2 hours ago)
ME GUSTA 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Trisno Razif (7 hours ago)
gg мanтap
Angel Santana (16 hours ago)
I cane on to see the pusy like if you did
(17 hours ago)
where happens the cow thing?
NKL Go (18 hours ago)
NKL Go (19 hours ago)
Hyoudou Issei (20 hours ago)
What with the thumbnail
Bust Ards (21 hours ago)
The thumbnail is so weird. I am 12 your retard
Spoon Master (22 hours ago)
Came here from vinesauce joel
Now hold on a sec
MrSmeshy (1 day ago)
Ok what the fuck
Aaron Flyguy (1 day ago)
The thumbnail ..
Reuben Blair (1 day ago)
what the fuck is the thumbnail. jesus christ!
daniel beaque (1 day ago)
All I wanted is to watch old minecraft...not cancer animations...
Batuhan Mutlu (1 day ago)
Viko Finau (1 day ago)
Da fuck is this take it off now it's inappropriate for kids who like minecraft
Heidi Garcia (2 days ago)
Artistic Beaver (2 days ago)
What the fuck is this Why the fuck is this And why the fuck was this in my recommended
XxHazel__ ForevahxX (2 days ago)
Tf the thumbnail.....
niko mora (2 days ago)
Sakura Masuta (3 days ago)
How the fuck did I get here?
Diamond Skulls (3 days ago)
Can YouTube terminate this guys channel
DrakeTEM Lifestyle (3 days ago)
That thumbnail is so inappropriate please stop clickbaiting
Yilmaz Yuksel (3 days ago)
marcos ViniGames (4 days ago)
marcos ViniGames (4 days ago)
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marcos ViniGames (4 days ago)
1":30 ßex
marcos ViniGames (4 days ago)
Ameiii ßēx kaal YUOR log
MONICA171 Santos (4 days ago)
Não gotel
Sans the Skeleton (4 days ago)
Is that cow... Oh god
sr player (4 days ago)
Quem veio pela thumb?
Tammy Dupont (5 days ago)
the thumb nail is way to inappropriate to put in YouTube there's other websites for your minecraft fetishes
Dylan Josh Santiago (5 days ago)
Victor Din Cha (5 days ago)
Like si viniste por la portada
MrKrashCactus (5 days ago)
yes this is clickbait aswell
MrKrashCactus (5 days ago)
not even age restricted 😂
ninja gamer 12 (5 days ago)
The YouTube thumbnail dude you really try to give views
Iván Debreczeni (5 days ago)
F*ck! I got clickbaited!
illuminati of MLG (5 days ago)
I flagged the fucking video so no can get click baited..mothafuka
faisal gaming21 (6 days ago)
Aron Asenci (6 days ago)
Dislike 1+ have fun with that
Nerissa Yaman (6 days ago)
Blaze noob
Nerissa Yaman (6 days ago)
dawid dawk (6 days ago)
Is this aloud
bag head kid (7 days ago)
your thumbnail stole my inocence
Văn Hậu Nguyễn (7 days ago)
Zayn Hanif (7 days ago)
Zek Sanchez (7 days ago)
I think this is stolen from monster school or something
BigBreastedBitch (7 days ago)
SpUdd (7 days ago)
Why though
lord tościk (7 days ago)
RCTY Albertz (7 days ago)
What the actual fuck is the thumbnail
Ján Obrtlík (7 days ago)
adam bryja (7 days ago)
😀😎😎😎😁 Fight
Iman Lasalle (8 days ago)
Homepage had me all types of fucked up I had to click
Gabriel J (8 days ago)
Horrible thumbnail
Demonator1206 [GD] (8 days ago)
i came here for the thumbnail ;(
Serious Speed creft (8 days ago)
Caralho meu ouvido
Yolol (8 days ago)
Y'all came for minecraft hentai
epix triggerd (8 days ago)
MerryThoughts (8 days ago)
In all fairness, the thumbnail made as much sense as this video.
EliteMation (8 days ago)
The thumbnail.. can youtube pls demonetize
Xx_ScarletFox_xX (8 days ago)
*ok, why the fuck am I here........I had to click.....how stupid of me.... 😐*
MR POKILETTING (9 days ago)
Casual Communist (9 days ago)
Everyday things like this re proving to god that the human race was a mistake
H dbmcmmmxmvvmmcmlbvjllllllnngghupollloy 'ae mp0polo u_kkllpplmmm . Nmmkllllllllllkkllkooom
Helmer Enriquez (9 days ago)
me gusta mucho el vídeo de maicras
Selene Villarruel (9 days ago)
ANNE GAMES (9 days ago)
Beningame (9 days ago)
Fuck you
Alessandro Sgattoni (9 days ago)
브글링Youtube (9 days ago)
V1yk/Slimeboy (9 days ago)
I hate these cringe asses
purple girl (10 days ago)
6:38 LOL
Dots and Stuff (10 days ago)
*[This video has been reported because the thumbnail is innapropriate]* *[Or is innapropriate an understatement?]*
Mr.been (10 days ago)
Autistic fuckup
Joe Jane (10 days ago)
I hate children.
Goat Squad (10 days ago)
This gay
DatSkyWarsBoi • (10 days ago)
Well, im not here because of the thumbnail. But i know that is pure clickbait.
Angelo Howard (10 days ago)
Love you so much baby poop pop pop pop
Ragnar Klavan (10 days ago)
This is so fucked up
Fatima Hoseini (10 days ago)
MrMagic (11 days ago)
that thumbnail though
Junyfrost (11 days ago)
I went from watching digital art tutorials to this. Help.
Lil Yur Mom (11 days ago)
Alexia Oliva (11 days ago)
para nosotras las mujeres
Alexia Oliva (11 days ago)
una falta de respeto
Alexia Oliva (11 days ago)
como se les ocurre subir eso a youtube
Jake playz jake22445 (11 days ago)
Wtf is with the thumbnail
Alan Aguiar (11 days ago)
vai toma no cu
angela fixico (11 days ago)
Dr_dre 21170 (11 days ago)
y the minecraft porm

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