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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 High Speed Stability Braking Exhaust note #DinosVlogs

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My Raw Footage video of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 wherein I check its high speed stability and braking performance. Video features braking test, exhaust note and on board footage of exhaust sound as well as flyby and super slo-mo clip. Full Review will follow. Booking Continental GT 650 at Launch Vlog: MUSIC CREDITS: Track; Our Waking Hour - Break Me Down Music provided by FlyingTunes Watch; https://youtu.be/n0EGyoAT-Hg
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Text Comments (266)
Dino's Vault (4 months ago)
Interceptor 650 and Continental GT First Ride Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=escE8pHvtBs
ravi t (4 months ago)
REsurrected 😁
afsal m (4 months ago)
+dada bhau re inter..
ahmed Ali (4 months ago)
But there is some front wheel wobbling at high speed in this motorcycle, many international review has shown this problem
ravi t (4 months ago)
Terrific man 🔥👌🏻
Avi garha (4 months ago)
dino sir can u pls show us custom colours of interceptor specially baker i want to know can we peel of red golden strip from its tank to get full white tank
Navaneethan Nnm (1 month ago)
Top speed
Manoj Singh (1 month ago)
EVS brakes hai ya nahi ?? Please tell
Derric Joseph (1 month ago)
Does the front wiggle while emergency breaking?
Wraith Constantine (1 month ago)
Kaash itne khaali road Delhi mei bhi hote
NOX FrozenSea (2 months ago)
Would you prefer Duke 390 over this?? In all the aspects
Prranjal Shrivaastav (3 months ago)
So what top micro-numbers on that speedo were reached? What's the conclusive top speed IYO?
Satyabrata Sasmal (3 months ago)
In analog speedometer it's difficult to see how fast u ride So please don't mind it's a suggestion as a little friend please put the numbers of speed in the screen... It may be quite help ful
Indian Tiger (3 months ago)
Does this bike needs running in?
Saeed Ahmed (3 months ago)
Do u prefer this over duke 390?
Robert Nelson (3 months ago)
Spare a thought for the Dominar Buyers.
varun bharwad (3 months ago)
Wow pls tell where is this road. Send gmap location
Rohit Kumar (3 months ago)
Everything looks great but I miss the THUMP
MS S (3 months ago)
We that thump feel of classic RE on this bike
t jagadeesh (3 months ago)
Dino bro, need your calm and lengthy signature walk around review on interceptor 650 silver spectre..!!! That would y great
Jim Smith (3 months ago)
Banging 👊
Sankaran Ep (3 months ago)
How is the ABS ....? Better than other regular RE ?
Anand Rao (3 months ago)
Bro I am amazed that, how you were able to review before anyone else does it. That too only the video doing all the talking. Kudos Dino bhai. Keep going. 👏
Abbas Ali Mitza (3 months ago)
Solo 22 (3 months ago)
Never shut the engine immediately off after a high rev drive buddy. @1.49
TechSmith Sharma (3 months ago)
can i take few part of this video to make my video for interceptor ?
sumerian b (3 months ago)
Please do a video on jawa 🙏
SELVA'S INFO TECH (3 months ago)
the intercepter foot pedal position is not suit or comfort for long drive
Santosh Kumar (3 months ago)
It sounds like Splendour... :)
Cart 13 (3 months ago)
People be safe, it will take a second for a dog or cattle come running from no where.
Sadiq Pathan (4 months ago)
Waiting for JAWA review 😇
Asim Ahmed (4 months ago)
What is the top speed ??
S SARKAR (4 months ago)
0-100 timing ????
Priyansh Fido (4 months ago)
What is the top speed of the bike
char charan (4 months ago)
High speed. Top speed?
Shantabrata Paul (4 months ago)
RE move on.. Jawa ali reeee
Puneeth Sreedhar (4 months ago)
Legend jawa is back
arafath khan (4 months ago)
And Dino Bhai what would be the top speed we can expect from this one cuz I'm going with the GT
Mansoor Khan (4 months ago)
Can you upload braking video from side, just like you did for speed.
MoTo GoTM (4 months ago)
i can't see that top speed..? what's that top speed???
Akash Nayak (4 months ago)
Do u get a kicker in the bike or is it an accessory package
Ramakrishna Grandhi (4 months ago)
@Dino's Vault can we fix brembos on this? is that a possibility?
deepesh yadav (4 months ago)
Wats the onroad price in Hyderabad
muhammed najeem (4 months ago)
What abiut vibration..?
Libin Chandran (4 months ago)
0 -100 numbers ?
Anandhan Vijayan (4 months ago)
Anandhan Vijayan (4 months ago)
B jagdish Kumar (4 months ago)
I liked the exhaust note this Interceptor 650. It might be best price range for 600cc bike.
Pranay Shinde (4 months ago)
No more shaky vibrating speedometers! Good to see RE's got it refined.
Shersha Basheer (4 months ago)
Agressive pricing Dino Bhai. Bought my Duke 390 3 months back. Now I regret for not waiting.
Chetan Aditya (4 months ago)
😍 sounds sweet I want to own one of these continental GT or interceptor. can svr motors Kompally will provide test ride before buying it ?
Jeffin John (4 months ago)
To the point video. Good
Rakesh Ravindran (4 months ago)
Would sound awesome with the S&S pipes.
GAREEB RIDER (4 months ago)
Dino bhai love from Delhi
saood ahmed (4 months ago)
loved it.. i already booked the test ride😀😀
My Nation India (4 months ago)
Did the front wheel pop up?
Rudra Dev (4 months ago)
Bajaj ko badi takar
Chandan K R (4 months ago)
Sir please do 160-0 braking test. We want to know about its extreme braking capabilities.
Nitish Sawant (4 months ago)
Never seen any bullet running so fast
Nitish Sawant (4 months ago)
Royal enfield ka jamana gaaya.. JAWA aachuki hai
Don Corleone (4 months ago)
Booked it
Amogh BS (4 months ago)
Which is faster interceptor or continentel gt
Atreya Chakraborty (4 months ago)
0 -100??
Santhosh John (4 months ago)
Bhargav Katakkar (4 months ago)
For the first time I don't see the tail section , rear foot pegs, guard rails NOT rattling on an RE post revving... Kudos to the development teams there.
Dilip M (4 months ago)
Hope cops don't get this bike lol
Imran Mir (4 months ago)
Well done Dino bro. As always.....
Arjhun achu (4 months ago)
Royal Enfield doesn't worth buying😂
sai krishna (4 months ago)
plz v box the bike
Irfan Shaikh (4 months ago)
Old tipe ki sound deni chahiye thi or bhi maza aata
Calvin touz (4 months ago)
Dino Uncle pleace do a review on the Baker Express colourway😁
Calvin touz (4 months ago)
You are number1 at reviewing bikes. Clear n crispy. Great fan of yours🤟🏻🔥🔥🔥
PUNEETH GOWDA (4 months ago)
0to100 how much sec?
Eric Animesh (4 months ago)
Felt like playing Traffic Rider Android game ,great one
Karan Sharma (4 months ago)
That sound tho sounds nothing like a Royal Enfield
Endi swamy inta late ga vachav, waiting nee kosam
Chandrashekar Patil (4 months ago)
I want one
Porash Bora (4 months ago)
Booked interceptor 650 👊🇮🇳💪💪👈
vishal sharma (4 months ago)
Dino is faster than flash
Thuglife (4 months ago)
Anna is the Abs too intrusive ???
Lamay Ho (4 months ago)
Wow thunderous sound
Anant Parameshwaran (4 months ago)
Amazing Pickup... Hitting more than 60 in a fraction of seconds I guess....
MVS Rao (4 months ago)
చాలా చక్కగా ఉంది
Robbie Ruben (4 months ago)
Why not tubeless? ☹️
ganesh karthik (4 months ago)
Already booked my Baker Express Cham
Ananthu Siva (4 months ago)
Insane braking power and stability 😍
maran tamil (4 months ago)
Interceptor lovers 😍 hit here
வீர kumar (4 months ago)
Hitting 4 tamizh too
Syed Shouaib (4 months ago)
Awesome video just waiting to know the Top speed of Continental gt 650 and interceptor 650 @DinoBhaai😊😊
Flowasky brown (4 months ago)
Listen the twin sound at 2:13 👌👌👌👌
Sachin Ki (4 months ago)
The Aim man (4 months ago)
RIP royal enfield. Jawa perak is lauch on december with cheaper and internation class.. 😁👍
kiran kichu (4 months ago)
kiran kichu (4 months ago)
No way bro no way may be under 500 cc but not this I heard the sound of jawa ! Not that old.sound and sound similar to mojo or splendor
test man (4 months ago)
Life Motivation which looks to be behind a 650 in highways ever
Prem kumar (4 months ago)
Where is the RE haters??
Ajin Joy (3 months ago)
No RE hate, but thinks Bullet is extremely overrated. And an insult to mechanical engineering. This bike seems to be a good one.
Rohan Ramkumar (4 months ago)
Somesh Shinde butthurt motherfucker 🤣
Prem kumar (4 months ago)
Somesh Shinde (4 months ago)
First learn grammar and then speak against RE rivals.
Prem kumar (4 months ago)
I think u r blindly hating the RE brand without any reasons.
Abi Jeetu (4 months ago)
Intersepter 650 is made like shield... 28 dislikes all from RE500cc buyers... lol...
anandhu suresh (3 months ago)
No shitty dominar lover's
Abi Jeetu (3 months ago)
Abbas Ali Mitza u r Cool boy..
jay rad (3 months ago)
I am.also thinking of selling my 500 but I love it though 650 is tempting
Abbas Ali Mitza (4 months ago)
Abi Jeetu (4 months ago)
Rahul Menon Dont sell bro..
Neelan Alphonse (4 months ago)
Waiting for your full walk around, performance and specs review on gt, anna.
Dr.Vijayan Raju (4 months ago)
Where in India is this road..... Not a single soul on the road
Phanindra Bhaskarabatla (4 months ago)
It's a service road near ORR i think
S S (4 months ago)
Please check CT URAL MOTORCYCLE with SIDECAR, a true class of “OFFROAD “ , “ TOURER “ Bike & SIDECAR combination, well known in many great countries, which we miss in India.🏍🏍 SIDECAR which is opted to carry luggage, spare Tyres, extra Fuel -very essential for Tourer bikes - and URAL Motorcycles comes with Reverse gear as well, which Royal Enfield must promote for Ladakh trips and all its biker events and Bike tourer destinations in India.😎 Please promote " Royal Enfield with SIDECAR"🏍🏁🏁 (for tour purpose Only)
hotpop78 (4 months ago)
Dino bro, Please review Jawa 42!
Venukumar Mylaram (4 months ago)
I really appreciate your skills and passion. The way you Express and review every beast is incredible. And also you always lead the completion by reviewing every bike first compare to others...Keep up the good work and sir please try to promote more n more road safety aspect with regards to Riding, RTO rules. Thanks
jerom vq (4 months ago)
In 2018 no tubeless....🤔🙄
Nihar Jain (4 months ago)
Dino Bhai............Jawa, Jawa, Jawa, Jawa ,Jawa...
Debayon Goswami (4 months ago)
Really bro, R15 V3 can destroy Haathi in seconds 😑😂😂😂😂
Gaurav Bhutki (4 months ago)
Lol joker
Ajay Kaushik (4 months ago)
Joke. R15 can't even destroy any of the present generation 200cc bike. Forget this 650.
manohar ram (4 months ago)
Waiting for yours review on this bike....😎
The bike lover (4 months ago)
2.21 - 2.28 slow motion.. cinematic.. awesome.. loved it.. I have search more words in dictionary to describe it. Kudos..
Jameskutty Michael (4 months ago)
Jawa released
godzilla babua (4 months ago)
Can't make out the speed How much did the bike touch?

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