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Greg Baum's 1919 Willy's T, Rat Rod

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Greg has designed a setup to shoot flames from his zoomie pipes! Pretty Cool! Taken at the 2007 Kenny's Rod Shop Customer Appreciation Day; Boise ID.
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Recalcitrantinfidel (4 months ago)
Dear Santa I need this bad boy to cruise notorious Pearl Mississippi Friday night!
NTDTV (5 months ago)
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That´s a nice looking flamethrower you got there, simple looking bodywork and spits fire as a stunt man spits fire.
MotorcycleTherapy (2 years ago)
부석호 (2 years ago)
mad max lol
zombie nomad (3 years ago)
bet you dont car jack this guy.
Michigan Muscle (3 years ago)
Now that's a rat rod!!! Not a good idea to take this to the Woodward Dream Cruise, lol...
BjavaBbotBme (3 years ago)
Seriously HOT WHEELS!!!:)
RandomStuff777 (3 years ago)
Shut up and take my money
Hubs88 (3 years ago)
I'm getting tired of rat rods, they all look like the same pile of junk. 
Thor_BC (3 years ago)
+Steven Schutt
Steven Schutt (3 years ago)
+Thorin Cole
Thor_BC (3 years ago)
+Hubs88 So why watch a video and comment if you think they are junk? I will take a one off hand built Rat Rod over any new pos on the market that will spend more time in the shop than on the road. Anything breaks on a Rat Rod just give me 5 min and it will be back on the road while new car lovers pay a dealership 300 just for a oil change lol XD
Jesse pacheco (4 years ago)
-10 mpg
steeltoelion (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHAHA that just made my day xD
Eazy Rider (4 years ago)
You can buy these flame kits for ya pipes and a button you push after juicing it up. I bought one for my bike just never bothered to put it on. Got it from Queensland Australia for about $100 run wires to spark plugs you put in your pipes for a secondary burn of the gasses. another from the toggled relay Via another wire to a well positioned easy access toggle switch then to your battery. The battery sends the current through the relay to the plugs in the pipes. You should have hit your throttle 2-3 times to gas them up before flicking the switch then give it another boot or rev to adjust flame size. Please don't ask questions just Google Exhaust flame thrower unit for car or motorcycle or something like that if your after one.
Jan Schulte (4 years ago)
Paint it Cruela Devile style! DO IT!
Lyndon Pedersen (4 years ago)
Hell spawn
Esenin (4 years ago)
машина из ада
yocoolio6 (4 years ago)
that bill gates rich right there
Trevione Williams (5 years ago)
Hmmm... I wonder how manny times he's almost pulled into a gas station
Paul Quince (4 years ago)
He'd only do it wrong once.
PimperSliim Evans (5 years ago)
I 2nd that....lol
Krazy azz Liberal (5 years ago)
rick a (5 years ago)
spam/ ?
sergeant5027 (5 years ago)
I´ve got a fuel annnnd Its gone.
imhilarious90 (5 years ago)
She's just runnin a tad bit rich
Rad Racer (5 years ago)
That's HOT!
Hibrid Uproar (5 years ago)
i would not feel safe in this ._.
LifeSplice (5 years ago)
Oh cool, the devil lent you his car
PyrozPlayground (5 years ago)
Austin Powers is there. XD
MegaChevyman14 (5 years ago)
I need that to roast marshmallows with when I go camping
Edislav Naumov (5 years ago)
wtf :D
MrMaxadax (5 years ago)
Justine Beaver (5 years ago)
No shit Sherlock, it IS a rat rod but..... header flames + rod = 'hot' rod Get a clue!
hampasRapunzilly (5 years ago)
it's a rat rod... it says in the title
Draxindustries1 (5 years ago)
What a piece of shit. Most likely a hill billy or redneck car most likely a beardy smelly geek type who hasnt had a wash in years..
fred hull (10 months ago)
Drax go park your Prius
Rad-I-Nation (5 years ago)
nothing like good ole hot rodin flamthrower. that was kick ass but i seen an awsome one at woodward in MI. it was a 51 mercury.
gwmax11 (5 years ago)
A new and convenient way to make s'mores.
Chardo Chickentimber (5 years ago)
running a little rich there you think???
Lmao austin powers
crasyman991 (5 years ago)
Get the hot dogs!
david wilson (5 years ago)
29: loll. get the hot dogs
Nelson Fastbender (5 years ago)
8 flamer kits?
Oats (5 years ago)
Who invited Austin Powers? 0:22
426 SUPER BEE (5 years ago)
Dude that thing is a fire hazard ! lmao
AMC1683 (5 years ago)
i wonder if it comes with air conditioning??
AMC1683 (5 years ago)
i wonder if it comes with air conditioning??
Paul Qualischefski (5 years ago)
Yeah baby yeah!!
Chuck Spidell (5 years ago)
LittleWill (5 years ago)
id hate to pull up next to him at a stop light
Sam Krause (5 years ago)
A Rat rod is a standard car that was sold the way it looks like. a hot rot is mostly built by the owner himself.
rossyallen2 (5 years ago)
running a bit rich?
Skylar Janz (5 years ago)
actually the idea of a rat rod is a hot rod that is made with whatever the builder could get his/her hands on just to make the car work and drive. they are also known for being built in driveways or backyards on the cheap.
MrRoblcopter (5 years ago)
The difference between a Rat rod and a Hot rod are pretty much nill aren't they? Different exhaust system but the body is the same thing I believe.
chaz mathews (5 years ago)
hot rod!? *facepalm* /.\...it say's rat rod..
marcelcs77 (5 years ago)
prairie wanderer (5 years ago)
The spark plug in the exhaust will work nicely with a conventional exhaust set up, but as you said, not with this arrangement.
prairie wanderer (5 years ago)
I've heard about that too, but not with open header pipes like this, but instead with full exhaust, complete with muffler and tailpipe. Spark plug all the way to the end of the tail pipe.
Josh Koelker (5 years ago)
Running a bit rich? hahahaha
freespeachrulez (5 years ago)
Tell me how!! I must know now.. haha. Sweet!
CheetahFoxx (5 years ago)
Did I hear soeone say "Get some hotdogs"?
CheetahFoxx (5 years ago)
Gas in the muffler; definately. Spark Plug in the exhaust; no. The fire doesn't happen in the exhaust pipe: thete's no oxygen. The superheated gas vapor ignites as soon as it leaves the pipe and finds free oxygen in the air.
Samster881 (5 years ago)
isi that a v6?
Kastaghier K. (5 years ago)
It's a BBQ?
aurorabeerealis (5 years ago)
Car jackers....beware!
MOPARPSYCHO (5 years ago)
ok ....camping list tent-check sleeping bags-check hot dogs and marshmallows-check 1919 Willy's hot rod flamethrower-check Alrights lets head to the lake
BadassCrabJuice (5 years ago)
The owner sure loves marshmallows
Skid Mark (5 years ago)
shit box
Ryan Collins (5 years ago)
How do you make it blow flames
Justine Beaver (5 years ago)
Is that why they call it a HOT rod?
Edgars Goba (5 years ago)
That is fuckin ewil ! Love it
elvisshakesit (5 years ago)
hurray the monstermobile is back in action
Jeremy Gray (5 years ago)
wow.. i would love to know he managed that
kinzer emerica (5 years ago)
is he just running it like super rediculously rich?
Le Icaro (5 years ago)
Why to paint flames on your car, if you can have REAL flames?????
Marshall Curtis (2 years ago)
Le Icaro This gives new meaning to the Alan Arkin line from a 1970s movie in which he says "I got flames!"
cannricky Perez (5 years ago)
Perfect anti carjacking
DWH BOI (5 years ago)
git yer hotdogs...........=)
Akiko Maki (5 years ago)
I 2nd that. ( .^_^. )
cell32005 (5 years ago)
I'd love to wait for light next to some rice rocket and when the douche revs his engine just return the gesture with those flames.
Ry666 (5 years ago)
Get the HOT DAWGS!!!!
Ashley Koo (5 years ago)
so thats why its overheating
Steve Artmann (5 years ago)
could be interesting when its in traffic jams
jamesinkeys (5 years ago)
Thats a dollar every time you see flames...thanks to the liar in chief........
F-zero91maru (5 years ago)
Looks like a vehicle can kill someone or blow
LEDphase3 (5 years ago)
cc steamer (5 years ago)
Very Hot !!!
Immopimmo (5 years ago)
That's just brutal! :D
alex nunn (5 years ago)
Warning never fuel car while engine running or the exhaust won't be the only thing on fire
Sodi Dfjivod (5 years ago)
custom made for Satan
joshua irwin (5 years ago)
I only watched this becausevi thought it was on fire
JoNniixD (5 years ago)
Or ''How to get a car never on german roads''
Mick Carter (5 years ago)
Genaro Francis Tabag (5 years ago)
ronzor7 (5 years ago)
power hat er net,und der "optik" is fur Mitläufer. bescheuert ist das wort was ich suche. nicht original
nina shiva (5 years ago)
Das ist SUPER !!!!
Jeffrey Reinhart (6 years ago)
Hugo Rafaell (6 years ago)
therainbowbus (6 years ago)
I don't know if you are aware but a vehicle is supposed to move...not just ignite fuel build-up....
pyroburner6 (6 years ago)
Could be 50 euros a liter and we would still do this. Its not a daily driver I'm sure but its so much fun.
make some bbq...
MartyHappy (6 years ago)
americans....cheap gas no stress. Try it in Europe...with our petrol prices.
necody1 (6 years ago)
Miranda W (6 years ago)
i live 3 hours from boise.. i need to find this vehicle..
Buddha Johnson (6 years ago)

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