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10 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

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This is a fun and lighthearted video not meant to offend anyone, but to just name some fashion mistakes that women make that we should all be weary of. I make fashion mistakes too and have definitely learned my lesson over the years. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Enjoy!! Jewelry & Clothing: Amandadeer.com- Use code "NAOMI" for 10% off!! Mirandafrye.com- Use code "NAOMI" for 10% off!! Vicicollection.com- Use code "NAOMI20" for 20% off!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE! https://www.youtube.com/user/irievibe10?sub_confirmation=1 VISIT MY BLOG: www.stylestaycation.com FOLLOW ME.... INSTAGRAM | http://instagram.com/naomiboyer SNAPCHAT | boyernaomi or https://www.snapchat.com/add/boyernaomi BUSINESS INQUIRIES | [email protected] Intro Video: Fiona Alicia at fionalin.co
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Text Comments (530)
Claudia Delgado (10 hours ago)
Very good tipss
tendai karen Mugovo (13 hours ago)
I actually want my eyes to look smaller
milena zolotova (13 hours ago)
Please tell my 30DDD sized boobs that you don't like the bra strap showing.... lol.
doowopshopgal (16 hours ago)
Honey, doowopshopgal watches your videos, listens and execute what I like, and disregard what I don’t. Bam!! Easy!!! Why comment negativity when it takes so much time for a YouTuber to post videos? I appreciate the negative wit the positive, and learn from it. Love ya girl.
Stephanie Muñoz (17 hours ago)
Don't pay attention to the comments, people are so sensitive for no reason. This was a greatly done video and I agree with all of the things you brought up! I think the key lesson for me is to invest in things that are going to be more worth it in the long term rather than buy into fast fashion. I am working very hard to achieve this ! :) Thanks for the video Naomi
Erica Ethington (18 hours ago)
Bra lines under shirts are just as bad as panty lines.
Kiara Dumont-Moreau (1 day ago)
I think saying "don't show your bra strap at all" is sending the wrong message, especially to young girls. To me it's just saying being a female is shamable and hide as much of being a female as possible. Also some people don't have the "extra money" to spend. And not all girls want to do what the guys like...or even like guys to start with so...
Bailey B (1 day ago)
I found this helpful but so negative I think we should’ve seen a ‘how to fix mistakes’ or ‘fashion dos’ just as I found this quite negative and now it’s making me think about every single outfit I’ve worn and sometimes a knicker line is just ganna be there we can’t wear thongs on our lady week ... love you Naomi but this was a bit too negative xxxx
RaseckoII (1 day ago)
thongs are unsanitary.
kingdomzy (1 day ago)
I’ve watched now a couple videos of yours and I’m honestly gonna block you now because you don’t seem to really think before you talk 😒 you’re offending sooo many people and really think it is okay, you seem so ignorant and arrogant
Jessie Antoinette (2 days ago)
This is for people that need help with fashion and she’s sharing her thoughts and fashion knowledge. Comments like “this is offensive and subjective” cry me a river this world is so sensitive and gets offended at every little thing build a bridge and get the f over it. If you don’t like it, this video is clearly not for you. This video was awesome. People find it easier to rip others apart and find it so hard to encourage one another. You people make me sick. Grow up. #triggered
Rachelle Barone (2 days ago)
I agree with less makeup :) more natural.
Girl Power (2 days ago)
I personally hate makeup and don't like caking up my face, but I don't care if other people do it cuz they aren't me. And guys don't like so much makeup? What kind of woman goes by what a guy likes and doesn't like? lol
Morgan Riggen (2 days ago)
and there is big difference between opinions and "mistakes" I usually really enjoy your videos but I agree, rubbed me the wrong way too.
Naomi Boyer (2 days ago)
sorry if I made you feel bad in any way. I put two disclaimers in the beginning of the video so that people can understand the tone of the beginning from the get-go. Thanks for watching anyway.
Morgan Riggen (2 days ago)
obviously you can tell when i roll my jeans, I'm 4'11 and broke. 😂
Em Yeu (2 days ago)
What lipstick and lip liner f u wearing? 😍
sparklydiamond (3 days ago)
Hmm one of your tips is to wear less makeup, but you’ve got a LOT of makeup on yourself. Also, you might care what men want/like, but not all women do. We should should do whatever makes us feel good/happy, not care if men like it. Your tips are outdated. You should be more inspiring and pro-woman. It’s 2018. The future is female. I don’t think you got the memo.
sparklydiamond (2 days ago)
Naomi Boyer I imagine a lot of young girls look up to you, as you have thousands of followers. It’s nice for them to hear that men’s opinions of us doesn’t matter. I think women in the public eye should reinforce that. I know you probably didn’t sign up to be a role model, so that’s not your job. I just think women should encourage and support each other. Your makeup isn’t a mistake at all; it looks amazing. It’s obviously a lot of makeup, which I’m not judging you for because I probably wear more! I just thought that it was hypocritical that you said we shouldn’t wear so much makeup, but you have lots on. It doesn’t make sense that you don’t follow your own advice/tips that you’re giving us.
Naomi Boyer (2 days ago)
I am pro-woman. I think you misunderstood what I meant. Not here to offend anyone personally. I also put a disclaimer in the beginning stating that I make fashion mistakes too. So me using makeup in this video, could have been a mistake on my part, but I can own it and I still am constantly trying to figure out how to use less makeup and make it look more natural. thanks for watching.
I didn't really want to comment until I was almost done with this video. I've learnt something from this world ( watching tv and other peoples experiences) and that is to mind your business. What I like might not be what you like. Even if you beat your face with makeup or wear the shortest thing ever, it's none of my business. I feel like she was just trying to express what she likes but people are different. I like nude make up but my sister likes makeup you can see from a mile away and I can't judge her for that. And about the guys thing, guys say they don't like someone with makeup that she's fake and all that but the first people they choose are the ones with makeup so I don't even take their word as an opinion.
Julia Suda (3 days ago)
Thank you
Maila Moore (4 days ago)
Girl, you are the bomb dot com!
Kenesha Hutchinson (4 days ago)
Uhm ps your blonde does still look bad on you. Just helping you out
S T (4 days ago)
No, I love my grannie parties...
pinky vashisht (4 days ago)
In india, we have been wearing kaajal since forever, its worn all around the eyes and it looks great !
Isla Gibbs (4 days ago)
I understand that you are just trying to help but I feel that anyone can wear whatever they want and how they want to. Like I've said, I know that you didn't mean it in a rude way but that's how it came across to me and others. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, I'm just trying to get the point across.
trinityforever13 (4 days ago)
So many women in Africa wear kohl just under their eyes and look BEAUTIFUL! And they aren’t single like women in the West. So idk about what guys like bc they obviously love these women
Maria Teixeira (5 days ago)
Omg! I dislike the bra strap the most! I see so many women who show their bra straps & I hate it. No more bra straps please!
Aditi Bajaj (5 days ago)
I dont show any skin at all (arms at my max , i usually stick to full sleeves ) , concealer , mascara and a lip tint being the only makeup i use (like once a month ) and just dont own jewellery. so nobody can tell me i feel attacked , its just that if these tips were just casual or for your big days when you wanna look completely polished . but "theres nothing worse than wearing clothes that dont fit " ..lmao really ? nothing worse ? . in my opinion woman must be taught to take fashion less seriously , theres a lot worse than a little oversized tee or a bra strap showing. These things must be taken casually and our eyes must be used to these . honestly tho , girls who are obsessed with looking so perfect trigger me lol . but for the part of being minimal and less is more , i completely agree with you .
Aditi Bajaj (5 days ago)
Genesis Martinez (5 days ago)
Seamless is the way to go
Genesis Martinez (5 days ago)
Yassssss. No bra straps 2018
Alexandra Pap (5 days ago)
as much as i appreciate the fact that you put time in this video and because these are things you yourself dont like and you wanted to advise, someone might take this as judgemental if you consider that there are no real rules in the world really. maybe you could present this whole theme differently. For example. Fashion tips and tricks or what you do when YOU want to dress in a certain style where you say " in these kinds of looks you usually try to hide the bra straps" for example. There is no such thing as " invest" , " dont show this at all" . And you were trying not to be jugdmental and to put things in a nice way but there was a slight hint of irony like" omg i m seeing this all the time just stop it it s wrong" do u know what i mean. MAYBE I TOOK THIS WHOLE THING THE WRONG WAY. You can choose whether you keep this opinion or not. I dont question your great style and your knowledge. You have a good channel !
Natella Fayzibayev (5 days ago)
This is the most ignorant video I have seen and it’s upsetting considering how far we are trying I come as women..... I hope you keep these opinions for yourself and yourself only.... bye
Anna Lisa (5 days ago)
I believe this video should have been made in the 1960s
Anju Raj (5 days ago)
Great video 😺, Here is your new sub🙋
Vanessa Moscoso (5 days ago)
It’s easy to talk about bra straps showing when you have small boobs you can wear a strapless bra on bigger boobs it’s near impossible to find a bra that will stay up 😠
alex anani (5 days ago)
this is the first video on you that i came across.. you have young teens watching you and you’re literally just dragging everything you don’t like. these aren’t even tips or helpful. You are clearly just a very judgmental individual. Beyond sad.
Katie Tye (5 days ago)
No ma’am.
Sarah Allyson (5 days ago)
I think it’s absolutely fine for one to share their opinion. I think the backlash is from your choice of words. They aren’t “mistakes”. Prolly would’ve received less hate if you titled it 10 ways to dress classier or sth
Amulya Chowdhary (5 days ago)
Don’t show bra straps? Excuse me. What about people with big boobies? Trust me we need all the support in this world 😂
Smooshy S (5 days ago)
This video is opinion based and subjective.👎I don't find it helpful
Sangitha D V (5 days ago)
We shouldn’t try to impress men by going no makeup ... it’s about what a women like n how she finds herself comfortable... makeup or no makeup upto her
bri ochoa (6 days ago)
Women should be able to wear whatever amount of make up, show as much skin as they want, dye their hair as they please, wear whatever undergarments make them feel comfortable, and let them roll up their jeans if they want. Personally tailors are expensive. Sometimes i want to roll up my jeans or leave them the length they are which is ok. We all have our preferences. Ladies do what makes you feel confident and comfortable! Nothing one does will ever please every single person.
Mir C (6 days ago)
I never comment things like this cause I'm not a hater but "guys don't like caked faces" really?? who cares what guys think, I do my make up the way I want and that's it! it's 2018 for god's sake
Kaitlyn Terrell (6 days ago)
Actually they best tip is to wear what makes you feel confident
Mackenzie essner (6 days ago)
I really didn’t like the comment about how “less makeup is more” and “guys like less makeup” bcuz most girls and women do makeup for them or as an art. Not to impress others.
Taylor Alexandra (6 days ago)
This video is kinda rude. Some people can’t afford to “just spend the extra money”. Very opinionated and just rude in some parts. Definitely rubbed me (and many others) the wrong way.
Angela Rodriguez (6 days ago)
I personally agree with some of the things she covered for myself but I would NEVER tell anyone how much makeup they should wear, what kind of underwear they should have on or how much skin they should be showing. Being bothered this much by other people’s fashion choices is sad. Delete it.
Kate Green (6 days ago)
What about the fashion faux pas on that hair?
Bordeaux Rose (6 days ago)
I like eyeliner in the morning waterline and top tightline at night. It does make my eyes smaller but I like how mysterious they look.
Armela Sina (6 days ago)
A fucking bra strap? Are you fucking serious??? I swear you must have the mindset of someone born in 1800 What is wrong with you? And showing too much skin? How about you wearing that top? Don’t you think you boobs are a bit too much skin? Ok...this is the worst video I’ve even seen on YouTube 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Jess E (6 days ago)
Her hair is so hot But I like the crazy Xmas tree look! I like jingling when I walk lol
simone Ibbotson (6 days ago)
You have a "bad blonde" and it's very stripy and doesn't match your skin tone, it's too cool for your warm skin tone. Practise what you preach!
Ivette Reyes (6 days ago)
Always enjoy your videos Naomi! So... I am unable to wear heels, so for events and holidays I’m at a lost. Can you do a video with some suggestions. Please and thank you
Abby McCarthy (6 days ago)
I’m never one to leave a hate comment EVER, but I found this video extremely offensive. I felt you were taking your own opinion way too far and criticizing others for things that make them feel pretty/comfortable. Someone else’s makeup or clothing choices does not concern you. I couldn’t even finish watching this.
nainafavs (6 days ago)
Hi Naomi, I'm new to your videos.. Good points but I disagree with 2nd point actually. It actually helps to put a liquid eye liner with a dark kohl liner at the bottom eye line helps reduce the appearance of big eyes with a proportionately small face which I have. Really thankful to you to share the rest of the points. 😊
Marisol Gonzales (6 days ago)
The blond you are wearing is too light for you. Sorry.
Marisol Gonzales (6 days ago)
Make up is used to enhance the beauty. Not to cover up.
Natascha Samuels (6 days ago)
Yes! The legging one is horrible. And some women don't even know they have a huuuuge camel toe...😂
AVG (6 days ago)
For the straps, I agree but I have enormous boobs and I have NEVER found a strapless bra that support my boobs without me having to touch it every ten seconds. If anyone have a brand that they like, don't hesitate to share pls !
Solomiya Kos (6 days ago)
All your tips are very helpful and men do care about how their loved ones look! I personally use all of your tips except the hair coloring one (trying to not damage it)and they work. Feel more comfortable and beautiful. Thank you for your videos 😍💕❤
Saima 12 (6 days ago)
Love the hair
genregurl (6 days ago)
I hope this video doesn't make anyone feel bad about themselves. I find it awfully opinionated and actually off base in moments. As a preemptive strike I'll just leave this here: I dress for ME. Not other women, not men. I think if you feel comfortable in your own skin, THAT is what's atttactive. And you can only do that by being your true self and doing whatever the heck you want to feel sexy. Liberation is your friend. Screw these rules. I break half of them and don't recall having trouble getting a date. ;) Live your best life. Dress how you want. Wear as much or little make up as you need to feel sexy. Be yourself and you'll do fine. Cheers beauties. Xoxo 💟
genregurl (6 days ago)
And I know I'm going to sound like a hater but it's ironic that you did the blonde piece because your highlights are way off for your skin type girl. Not being rude. Just think you would look pretty with caramel or honey highlights. Yours are ashy which doesn't work with an olive skin tone. Xo.
genregurl (6 days ago)
So I wear eyeliner all around my eyes, as lots of celebrities even do, and I get a shit load of compliments. I don't have naturally small eyes so I don't see a problem. I feel like I look worst without it so I have zero plans to change that based on someone's opinion. Curious, are you a professional stylist or mu artist or this this your objective opinions? Also I'm a D cup and strapless doesn't work. So I rock my straps and idgaf about people opinions. Most people complaining are an A or small B cup and don't understand the struggle of having curvy breasts and body type.
Silvia Citterio (6 days ago)
ah ah ah, less is more you are not the perfect natural beaty.. but a mask !
Darcy L (6 days ago)
These are so true! I am SO tired of leggings as pants and the overly done makeup looks. Natural and classy is always better in my opinion. And you can see a 'box blonde' from a mile away, been there done that and will never do that again. Yikes.
Rose Tinted House (6 days ago)
i so know what u mean about leggings. i don’t wear leggings out of the house anyway, but even at home, i wear a longer top to at least cover my bum. but the amount of women i see with their pants showing through and it just looks nasty. and sometimes when they are walking with their man, i think, “can’t their man see that their woman looks undignified and tarty?, he cannot be ok with that” the other thing is does anyone know a good brand for strapless bras for heavier busted girls available in the UK?
Tereinamu Hakopa (7 days ago)
I don't suppose you have a video on wardrobe essentials? I have a casual street/ sporty style who loves to dress comfortably, but how can i dress it up while feeling comfortable?
Cassie Root (7 days ago)
We don't do our makeup for boys. 🙄🙄
serene salameh (7 days ago)
Definitely unsubscribed rn, you seem extremely judgmental in this video put me completely off. I agree with ALL of your points but idk the way you came off is ehh
Jahnavi Singh (7 days ago)
Girl. We. Are. Not. Wearing . Makeup. For . The . Dudes. 😑🙄
Ivette pablo (7 days ago)
Bitch your blonde looks bad, let’s start of there> with you 😭😂
Abby B (7 days ago)
Woah. I use to love you and your videos but what you said was mean and kind of rude. I agree, this video definetly did rub me the wrong way. It's best to keep some of these comments to yourself. Some peoole look amazing with eyeliner and I can guarantee you that 98% of the People that use it, love the way they already do it. So it's not up to you to tell them what they are doing right. Embrace the eyeliner racoon look if youre loving it right now! People eventually grow and learn from their own fashion "mistakes". If you have an obsession whether it's too much make up or too much accessories then be proud of it ! Embrace it and enjoy it. Dont let people like this girl make you feel weird and insecure for loving a fashion "mistake". Be who you are and don't let anyone make you feel small because you're better than that!
Ines Fragoso (7 days ago)
What have i watch?!
melissajaynexx (7 days ago)
this video really rubbed me the wrong way, all points were subjective!
Violetta (7 days ago)
See a lot of disagreement here. This is good advice on how not to look like a slut but a classy woman who pays attention to detail and I can see how, for some, things mentioned would be a faux pas.
itsme516 (7 days ago)
Video was on point. Best way to stay classy.
LucyFord14 (7 days ago)
lol makeup is an art form and just as much of a fashion statement as clothing. I do not believe in "less is more" with makeup 🙄
SabrinaDA79 (7 days ago)
I have big eyes and I like to underline them with black eye pencil all around, it depends on your eyes shape 😒
BEL Alycia (7 days ago)
I think we have to see you and your beauty more than your make up !
Brianna Nicole (7 days ago)
Love your channel!!
astacy62 (7 days ago)
Om gosh. Thank u for telling chicks about that tip. So gross for these girls to show the entire world their gross butts. Lol
Stylish Kue (7 days ago)
Please do the bra video ASAP
melissa diodato (7 days ago)
Please do a bra video!!!! For all types of outfits and bras you recommend! Always a struggle of mine🙈
JessicaJNV (7 days ago)
Lady!! You look absolutely stunning and classy❤️ thank you for the video
lindseys lifeNstyle (7 days ago)
My legs are so long i never need to tailor my jeans. Lol .. nice tips girl! Do you have bra ideas for no straps
Dragonfly's Heart (7 days ago)
So judgemental! And I honestly don't understand the point of this video. I'm sorry, but I'm unsubscribing.
luna dries (7 days ago)
tip 3? Less make up is better... but you have the 'whole make up routine' on yourself? (foundation, concealer,...) !No hate!, just found it strange to recommend this if you aren't doing it yourself.
Fatmah F (7 days ago)
Regarding the strapless bra, for women with large boobies it is difficult to wear strapless bra. do you have any advice ? Thank you for the amazing video
Laura Nadel (7 days ago)
Absolutely with researching and maybe paying more $$ on blonde. I had my hair turned straw yellow, and then green, by a stylist/colourist that didnt understand how to make my red hair blonde. Ended up brunette trying to fix it. Thankfully learned my lesson next time I went blonde and paid the extra for a better trained colourist.
Nicole Munoz (7 days ago)
I agree with everything you said. If you want to be classy and timeless these tips are excellent. It's also good to have some variety as well and wear other looks...But your advice was incredibly on point and super useful. Thank you
Aish (7 days ago)
u racist bitch i hate u you’re so just oh wait i have two words for you fuck off
Ab Carlyon (8 days ago)
Whats the issue with seeing bra straps?? Damn girl its 2018?? keep up lol
Illy Jana (15 hours ago)
Ab Carlyon because it looks cheap. and showing your bra strap is deemed a sexual gesture. and because its 2018 that should not be happening
RosyChic (8 days ago)
Can you please post where to buy some good underwear? :)
Husan (8 days ago)
Or wear black underwear it won’t be see through even in sun
Mirjana Mimi (8 days ago)
Sorry Naomi but almost always you are showing to much skin ...
Jessica Johnson (8 days ago)
Agree with everything! Leggings as pants... Still.... I can’t take it!
Tantania Leak (8 days ago)
Please do fall essential for 2018
Arilanna Sukhdeo (8 days ago)
I dont think we should all be trying so hard to hide our bra straps. Society, in a way, suggests that we HAVE to wear the bra to begin with and that’s enough...if your strap is showing who cares?! I get if it’s an elegant event, but for everyday...why does it matter?!
Hanna Mubarek (8 days ago)
Thank you so much. Great video. I did the too much jewelry mistake! 😊
Kaneisha Grisby (8 days ago)
The ones that are commenting negative or getting mad are the ones that do all of the things she’s mentioning 😂 don’t get mad! If you do the things she’s mentioning then do you boo. She’s not trying to change you she’s just saying what she believes are fashion, hair, and beauty mistakes that women make.

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