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Girls hunting trip Nebraska snow goose 2016

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'Every new friend is a new adventure and the start of new memories' - 💚 Had such an amazing weekend with these ladies. Girls, geese and guns what more could I ask for?! Thank you to Dirty Bird Outfitters, tanglefree and K2 coolers. Follow us all on instagram for more! @outdoorannalea @sportswomancourtney @nicolebelke @_jennakaye @sierralangbell @lorilengle
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Text Comments (33)
Відеоролик клас Охота кльова Дівчата попросту супер)))
Taylor Stark (1 year ago)
Looking to buy my fiance a shotgun for duck hunting. Any suggestions?
Anna Dickey (1 year ago)
That's awesome! The Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 is a really nice shotgun. The way it was designed the entire stock is essentially a recoil pad. I can shoot 100 rounds without it bothering me. My Beretta xcel I can only shoot 50 rounds then it starts to make my shoulder sore! (Still a great gun but the Benelli is my favorite) Good luck, that is an awesome gift! :) http://www.benelliusa.com/super-black-eagle-iii
Hayat Khan (1 year ago)
wow very nice
Carson Harrison (1 year ago)
I liked this video because y'all showed what huntings all about. Its not the quantity but rather the quality time you share with each other.
Anna Dickey (1 year ago)
Thank you Carson, that was what I was going for! Glad you enjoyed it.
Kase Young (1 year ago)
Look like you had a good afternoon
신대균 (1 year ago)
Kittrina Cole (1 year ago)
Can you do a hunting must have/essentials video? Love the video!
joshua Rau (1 year ago)
Quinton Kuntz (1 year ago)
you guys are some bad ass chicks
Tom Huckabee (1 year ago)
please marry me.....
Dan Riley (1 year ago)
Damn, I need to find a better guide service :)
Jon Sorensen (1 year ago)
this must be what they call sexy goose hunting!!
Danny O (2 years ago)
Tight vid. btw im single
Doug Wituik (2 years ago)
silly goose....girls cant hunt....;p
Kyle (1 year ago)
Not a girl...title of video "girls hunting trip"
Doug Wituik (2 years ago)
+Anna Delattre i can see that.........no doubt cheers from Ontario
Anna Dickey (2 years ago)
Ha... good thing i'm not a girl. I am a women... who hunts and hunts very well.
Clinic Valhalla (2 years ago)
Anna, the respect of the Russian hunters from St. Petersburg. We have two weeks will also hunt birds. Say hello to her friends) !
ZEEKUPP (2 years ago)
Looks like it was a fun hunt.
Daniel Jares (2 years ago)
I was waiting for the pile . Cool video either way
Anna Dickey (1 year ago)
We couldn't get them to come down. We only ended up getting a few, not because we can't shoot or missed we just didn't have the opportunity we hoped for. Better luck this year, thanks for watching!
На привале (2 years ago)
ps sorry for my clumsy English)))
На привале (2 years ago)
Greetings from hunters from Ukraine! Girls, you are super! ))) Often spend time on the hunt? Subscribe to the channel, wait for cool new video!
RedNeck Hillbilly (2 years ago)
Snow goose hunting is always amazing. Glad to see girls getting out and enjoying the hunt. Check out my videos
Downfowl (2 years ago)
well done girls!
joshua Rau (1 year ago)
Anna Dickey (2 years ago)
+Downfowl Thank you! We had a really great time. Subscribe to my channel for new videos coming soon <3
Dave Olson (2 years ago)
Ain't nothin prettier than a couple girlies that like to hunt... great video, you're all BEAUTIFUL
Dave Olson (2 years ago)
Sure looks like one... I'm jealous... maybe next time you could take me with you? ha ha
Nicole Belke (2 years ago)
Thank you Dave! It was a trip of a lifetime 👍🏼

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