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EVOTAMA Id (4 months ago)
a lot of toys my friend 😊😊😊 heaven
Hailey Drom (4 months ago)
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Freedom Dogs (4 months ago)
Wow❣️ Awesome video💕💕💕 Big like it👍✨
Галчонка DIY (4 months ago)
Here it is a store !!!! You can get lost until you choose toys! like friends!)
Ifanosky channel (4 months ago)
That's a cool toys. I wanna buy all
The Kool Bros (4 months ago)
Big like from us👍🏼😉
Windar TV (4 months ago)
i love that castle.hindi ko nakita yung ninja set..mabili nga yan..ahaha
SAMANTHA’S FUNWORLD (4 months ago)
Windar TV Cute nga castle sis 😊ngayon lng sa Video ko napansin na Cute pala🤗😊 yung ninja set nagustuhan ko din kaya lang ROS na gusto laruin ng panganay ko 😊
LITTLE BOSS (4 months ago)
Вау крутое видео 📹
good shopping
Mia's Page UK (4 months ago)
Wow Toys and lots of it
cathy opelac (12 days ago)
Ano store po yan at san banda sa divisoria
TheDIAMOND BOYandGIRL (4 months ago)
Hi Samantha .... 😀😀😀 so beautiful today.Happy shopping dear😙😀

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