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TURKEY: Hiking The Phrygian Way

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In the 13th century, in the territory of Western Anatoly, there was an ancient state — Phrygia. It was founded by Phrygians, who emigrated to Asia Minor from the Balkan Peninsula. Across the territory of ancient Phrygia, is laid the walking tourist route - the Phrygian Way. Its total length is 506 kilometers. The trail is marked by standard red-white marks. They show the direction and distance to the nearest attractions or village. Ancient ruins are scattered in a huge territory. On the most part of them, archeological excavations were never carried out. There are neither ticket offices, nor protections, nor any explanatory plaques. The travelers going on the trail have a unique opportunity, to feel not as tourists going sightseeing, but as pioneers exploring the unknown science of a civilization. Our travel begins in the capital of ancient Phrygia. The city of Gordion, located on the river bank of Sangaria, is buried under a six-meter layer of the earth. Here is a plain, on which dozens of huge barrows stick out of the earth. Under the biggest of them, the legendary tsar Midas has been buried. Archeologists have dug out only the fortress located in the central part of the city. Now, restoration works are kept inside the fortress. 13 km south of Sivrihisar, near the Turkish village of Balyhisar, are the ruins of the ancient city of Pessinus. This was a major religious center. It was ruled by priests who worshiped the ancient Anatolian goddess - mother Cybele. In the evening, we went to the village of Balykdama. Near here, there is an excellent place for bathing. It is a big rarity on the Phrygian Way. In any case, it is impossible to pass by without bathing ourselves. In the village of Balykdama, there are no shops and even no tea houses. Hospitable locals help out. Many Circassians live in Han— as a rule, these are descendants of those who have got over here, from the territory of the North Caucasus, even before the revolution. They hardly speak Russian. Near the Turkish village of Yazilikaya, whose name translates as: "The rock with an inscription", ruins of the ancient Phrygian city of Midas Sehri have remained. Directly opposite of the tomb, there is a rock speckled by caves, as though it was brought here straight from Cappadocia. After Midas, the landscape changed. The trail passes among the folded hills of volcanic tuff. There are bizarre rock formations. Then begin again, the endless plowed fields. In 12 days, from September 8th to September 19th, the travelers have journeyed from the ruins of the ancient city of Gordion, to Doger. The travel on the Phrygian Way comes to an end. And The World without Visas project continues. Ahead, new travels over the countries, visa-free for Russians. Narration was done by Frederic Moretti ([email protected]) #phrygian #way #turkey #phrygia #gordion #pessinus #balyhisar #circassians #travel #trip #walk #hike #hiking #backpacker #tent #track #trail #walking #valery #shanin #turkish #may #spring #yazylykaya #midas #doger #documentary #camping #nature #backpacking #adventure #long #distance #trails #outdoors #vlog #film #outdoor #backpack #trekking #ancient #ruins #tourism #country #site #archaeological #in #best #hikes
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sozem (26 days ago)
very beatiful
European Cavebeast (11 months ago)
Makes me want to be Russian. Thank you very much for the vid. I lived through the adventure vicariously.
Martin Jenkins (1 year ago)
I really enjoyed your video. I cycled part of the Phrygian Way last year and aim to follow most of the path that you took next year. Your English is really very good indeed but it would help if your pronunciation of Turkish place names was better (especially as you seem to travel in Turkey quite a bit) as I had trouble understanding them. As you know, there's nothing like Turkish hospitality. Turkey Cycling Biking Walking Treking https://martjenk.wordpress.com
Koksal Ceylan (1 year ago)
The Fucking russians in my beloved Turkey acting as Turist but are KGB Agents. No,no Frigians were not Slaves ore Orthodox and where wipet out by Ancient Greecs who stole the welth and literature. And Turkey is not an Cristian orthodox land anymore like Russia is not a moslim country anymore sinds Ivan The Motherfucker of Varavgian Russia whit his Orthodox bich. Dont come to Turkey you Barbarius Ateist Communist gone Oligarge Billionears Russian Jewish slaves.
matjaz dolenc (1 year ago)
It is not in 13th century, but in 13th century BC. This is a slight difference of 26 centuries:).
cool! 😊

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