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How to bake Choux Buns using Rich’s Cremagic | Rich’s India

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Check out how our chefs use Rich’s Cremagic to make an exquisite cake design. Here are the ingredients you would require- Ingredients: Water: 250 gms Rich's Cremagic: 250 gms Butter: 20 gms Sugar: 10 gms salt: 10 gms Refined flour: 300 gms Eggs: 500 gms Rich Graviss Products Pvt. Ltd. came into existence following the collaboration between M/s Rich Products Corporation (USA) and Graviss Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India). Rich’s Whip Topping is the largest-selling non-dairy whip topping of the country. Today, Rich’s produces a wide range of products for both the bakery as well as the food service segments. Subscribe to our channel for exciting baking tutorials from our chefs. You can also drop a mail on the below mentioned id to inquire about our culinary training program. Website link- http://www.richgraviss.com/ Facebook page link-https://www.facebook.com/RichsIndia/ Pinterest page link-https://in.pinterest.com/richsindia/ Instagram link-https://www.instagram.com/richsindia/
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