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Export Oracle data to Excel file from Oracle Forms.

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This is Oracle forms tutorial exporting data using for cursor loop to excel file invoking excel application with OLE2 forms built in package. OLE2 package contains all the stuff to invoke the property, procedures and function within an excel application. It creates the file, add workbook, add worksheet, put data to cells of worksheet and set properties like font size ,font color and font size of the cells. It saves the file as well. Source Code Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BznrW3lgX0ozRktCMUlTaHZ0MzQ/view?usp=sharing
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Text Comments (31)
youshark7 (7 months ago)
Good job man.
Julio M Tapia T (1 year ago)
as it would be for the version of oracle forms 12c please help??????????? helppppppppppppppppppppppppp meeeeee.!!
Julio M Tapia T (1 year ago)
Pero para la version Oracle 12c
Julio M Tapia T (1 year ago)
My question is the following, how can I send a report to excel example: I have several companies from 1 to 5 parameters that I send in my report normally P_COD_EMPRESA =: B_CABEZERA.COD_EMPRESA and so on. I can not know how to send that kind of report to excel?
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+Julio M Tapia T What's your question
Aminul Islam (1 year ago)
many many thanks bro.....................
Anil Kumar (1 year ago)
when i am compile error 103 : Encountered the symbol "end-of-file" when expecting one of the following: begin function package pragma procedure form
Besham Dewan (1 year ago)
Dear Subhroneel..you done export excel i also done it and now i want to import that same data in same table how to do this import excel data in oracle... - via YTPak(.com)
Besham Dewan (1 year ago)
Hi Dear.. i want to store images in oracle database using form 6i and 10g with a button press trigger help me to do this...if possible. - via YTPak(.com)
Besham Dewan (1 year ago)
i did not understand your answer plz kindly tell me clearly how to do this...
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+Besham Dewan why don't you directly bindhu with forms item?
Besham Dewan (1 year ago)
begin select id, pics into :id, :PICS from images where id = :id; next_record; exception when no_data_found then clear_item; end; it show error as following 'bad bind variable 'PIC''
Besham Dewan (1 year ago)
i done it but when i want to show record with next or previous button it shows an error 'bad bind variable 'PIC''; why this error is there...
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+Besham Dewan Use type as image in forms and column storage type in db should be blob.
Mpore Musafiri (1 year ago)
Thank u alot you saved me lol
Saydur Rahman Sumon (1 year ago)
sir. thanks
Mohammed Faramawy (1 year ago)
thanks, but it does not work on Oracle Application SERVER
Mohammed Faramawy (1 year ago)
thanks , but i changed path to save_excel('C:\','Resident_Status'); but loading on client pc without opening excel file .
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+Mohamed Faramawy One thing possible is that in forms server the path to save excel file cannot be same as in standalone version. Google for how to set the path.
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+Mohamed Faramawy press shift f1 after run fails to see the error log.
Mohammed Faramawy (1 year ago)
+Subhroneel Ganguly  it only loads then makes nothing
Subhroneel Ganguly (1 year ago)
+Mohamed Faramawy can you tell me what error you are receiving
Mohamed Moubarak (2 years ago)
thank you very much but the file excel open in server pc and when open program in client pc open also in server pc do you have solve for this problem
ben alaya salah (2 years ago)
when i upload the form in OAS I am getting the exception FRM 40735:WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED Trigger Raised unhandled Exception ORA - 305500 do you have any idea about this exception plz ?
rian luthfi (11 months ago)
I got that ORA-305500 too, any idea what happend there ?
Subhroneel Ganguly (2 years ago)
+ben alaya salah https://community.oracle.com/thread/2426421?start=15&tstart=120
Gregor Rosenauer (2 years ago)
thanks for providing this, so is there a transcript without all the coughing;=)
adil abd (1 year ago)
Thank Possible solution to the Arabic language is not clear
Subhroneel Ganguly (2 years ago)
Thanks for bothering me.
Jozue de León (2 years ago)
Funciono a la primera, muchas gracias!
Subhroneel Ganguly (2 years ago)
+Jozue de León Eres Bienvenida

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