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Nikon D3500 Product Tour Video

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Outshine the ordinary! introducing the new #NikonD3500. Experience the joy of capturing what you love in stunning DSLR quality images. The D3500 blends premium build quality with outstanding performance that makes it spectacularly easy to shoot—and share— all that you love! Find out more http://bit.ly/2wvH7LD The D3500's large 24.2 MP DX-format sensor captures richly detailed photos and Full HD movies—even when you shoot in low light. Combined with the rendering power of your NIKKOR lens, you can start creating artistic portraits with smooth background blur and much more.
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Text Comments (103)
INFO BLENDER (3 months ago)
nikons new update is a joke now
electrum (3 months ago)
No full frame sensor ,no flipping screen , same body as d3400 , no dual phase autofocus ? You must be kidding nikon omg nikon is a joke. What do you really expect from a $500 dslr ? this is not the only dslr in the market. You want touch screen and flipping screen ? go for 5xxx series. If you want additional features go for more expensive dslrs. As long as i see no one is complaining about price of it but it's lacking features
Jungkook (4 months ago)
same as D3400
Vide Neiks (5 months ago)
When is it gonaa be available in Market or online stores??
Rafe Muaz Ridwan Sinam (6 months ago)
Wow!!!very nice.
Alfredo Domínguez (6 months ago)
I have mi humilde D3200 ❤️
Mohamed Maree (6 months ago)
welcome https://amzn.to/2CeTWQE
Gold Gold (6 months ago)
3400 стал ужаснее чем старенькый 3300 , неуж-то этот3500 ещё ужаснее сделали?
angelisone (6 months ago)
With the failures of the F6, DF and now Z. Nikon thinks they can move beginners and children camera, D3500, reduction sensor into the market.
Dumkelechi Ifeanyi (6 months ago)
D3300 user here and honestly, I don't see much changes.
Al3x DudA (6 months ago)
Just buy the 3400 it's cheaper
Vivek Rawat (6 months ago)
No regrets i bought D5300 a few weeks ago on a striking deal :)
ivan rivas (6 months ago)
This is not funny. If Nikon was trying to make a joke with this camera.
Worth watching (6 months ago)
What difference does it have from d3400? The features they've shown are all the same from d3400. There is no point in releasing this camera.
Kris Cortez (6 months ago)
Upgrade the D5x00 line. Put 4k in it. Hell make it a DX Mirrorless. That would be awesome! This line exclusively has the full articulated screen. Would love to see an updated model!
晋贤Jxian (6 months ago)
Pls nikon cant u just add a flip screen featue??
Andy Mankey (6 months ago)
God dam it I just bought my d3400 2 months ago 🤬
MH Spotting (6 months ago)
No nd to worry. No difference with d3500 & d3400. I bought the d3400 in dec 2017
Josh (6 months ago)
Andy Mankey and i bought my D3400 a month ago!
jim chan (6 months ago)
What's the BGM?
Strawberry Kiys (6 months ago)
No sensor phase AF for video, no touchscreen, no 4k, no 120fps @ 1080p. All things my smarpthone can do. I'll pass until you offer something competitive.
edward bueno (6 months ago)
Nikon fails again with D3500.....it's 2018 and those specs won't attract much consumers....Fuji's X-A series' sales is great in asia..even canon m50 is a great choice..how will that nikon keep up with entry level mirrorless? no touch screen, wifi, no 4k, few af points, no articulating screen...don't tell us that people needs to buy for the d5XXX series for more specs because it doesn't help people with choices.....why not put old flagship/mid range camera parts on new entry level models plus latest chip? that would be perfect for people i believe.....and that additional battery life is not even a great feature...who shoots photos 12-24hrs a day as a beginner? people buy mirrorless even with 300 shots full charged....nikon engineers should've thought of the PROPER features before production
Vishwas Ravindran (6 months ago)
+edward bueno entry level camera comes with cost cutting features! Even I have grude against Nikon for removing micro phone jack and remote shutter port from the camera and WiFi ! But the brand's you mentioned like Olympus or Fuji their camera's cost a fortune and Asian market buyers are from financially weak background , what ever fits in our budget and which ever brand offers value for money product we just purchase it! 11 autofocus points , 5fps , 1080p 60fps , 100-25,600 iso range , 24mp sensor , though the 8mgae processor is quite old but managed to fulfill our photography needs!
Sv 2016 (6 months ago)
Its predecessor is Nikon’s best selling camera. It’s a simple camera, yes, but everything works well on it and it cranks out great looking photos with minimal settings adjustment needed.
edward bueno (6 months ago)
at least the option for 4k is present it's 2018 not 2010..Even olympus epl9 has 4k...mirrorless have much cheaper and much plenty options for lenses due to availability of third party manual lenses and adapted vintage glass, you can even adapt nikon and canon mount AF lenses right now.....ohh wait you can't adapt any lenses properly in a nikon body for it will be limited to close focus....and for the record fuji has better,fast, efficient, convenient customer service...and most importantly the company LISTENS to its consumers.....
none of the camera u mentioned has usable 4k, super expensive lens compared to nikon and lets be honest, u could easily get these nikons repaired compared to the mirrorless.
Osase Noma-Owens (6 months ago)
I don't usually complain but I agree with you on this.
mg gunrat (6 months ago)
How..much autofocepoint in this dslr ???
Andy Mankey (6 months ago)
mg gunrat (6 months ago)
+Syed Mohammad Shees Ali fir to long battry k aalva koi deffrnce nhi h d3400 or d3500 me
Syed Mohammad Shees Ali (6 months ago)
Agus Budi (6 months ago)
bodynya jadi tambah keren 😍😍
kalai kathiravan (6 months ago)
z series a pathu mudikkala athukulla d3500 va hmmm (tamil)
BatMo (6 months ago)
Still 11 focus points
Little Romeo (6 months ago)
Little Romeo (6 months ago)
New camera
Always VIRAL (6 months ago)
What's the improvement?
Sv 2016 (6 months ago)
Smaller and more lightweight, gains the top adjustment dial and live view toggle switch from the D5600, even better battery life. Supposedly it has an updated sensor and the processor has been tweaked.
yassine achagui (6 months ago)
Can we get 2 card slots on the z next time ?
yassine achagui (6 months ago)
Can we get 2 card slots on the z next time ?
Yordan Todorov Vlogs (6 months ago)
Again internace like 99’ s
Jair260686 (6 months ago)
Very interesting, but what are the improvements over the D3400? I can get a D3400 new for around 350€ with lens- so why should I buy the 3500? (I shoot with a Nikon 1J5 and can only laugh at the 5fps and the AF Points- 1J5 has 20-60fps and 171 AF Points!) Too bad you canceled the 1 Series!
Andy Mankey (6 months ago)
Yeah I know I have a d3400 and I can’t tell the difference
TechStudent (6 months ago)
This camera really is for beginners and users. Why don’t you add touchscreen function? You have to compete against smartphones with this camera, and I don’t see much changed in this segment since the d3200... you have to make it easier with touchscreen better apps and connectivity so that people really get a benefit from these cameras over their smartphones, and then perhaps they might be interested in some more pro cameras of your brand. But by simply adding 100 to the name you should at least shrink the price of 100 too.
Michael DelRossi (6 months ago)
TechStudent - The D5500 is Touchscreen, check it out!
Joseph Thompson (6 months ago)
I appreciate the built-in wireless functionality that's been added to the D3xxx series, but it's unfortunate that you've removed the customizable function button, sensor cleaning, and IR sensors for remote shooting. The change in button layout also seems largely unnecessary, but perhaps reviewers will prove me wrong. Cheers
Osase Noma-Owens (6 months ago)
Yeah, the removal of the IR sensor really pissed me off.
steve blow (6 months ago)
John (6 months ago)
+steve blow 😂😂 you're so dumb, it's a small product that is perfect for travellers. I could only imagine your thoughts on the D5
Joseph Thompson (6 months ago)
If by vacationers and beginners you mean toddlers, then yes. Otherwise, no. It's a very small camera, especially with just the kit lens.
steve blow (6 months ago)
+Joseph Thompson Too big for Vacationers & Beginner
Joseph Thompson (6 months ago)
It's one of the smallest DSLRs available.
EPIC TRICKS (6 months ago)
There is not a tiny difference compared to D3400.
Tomek_1983. (6 months ago)
shame on you Nikon for pushing this race mixing blacks whites agenda in your adverts.
Deaon Diamond Murmu (6 months ago)
It's fix screen yes or no sir
EPIC TRICKS (6 months ago)
Deaon Diamond Murmu yes it's not tilted
Giridhar prasad (6 months ago)
Nikon should try to make dual pixel autofouse in its camera bodies,canon have dual pixel autofocus for videos and quality is just great,but still nikon has very bad autofocus for videos
Giridhar prasad (6 months ago)
+Andy Mankey i know but nikon also should do for good auto focus in its cameras
Andy Mankey (6 months ago)
Dual pixel af is on canon not Nikon
Fami Irfan (6 months ago)
Iam nikon D5?00 !! (What next) 😱
Helmy Ikinon (6 months ago)
+Fami Irfan maybe
Fami Irfan (6 months ago)
+Helmy Ikinon you hire.. well, seems good to compare with 80 D m2?
Helmy Ikinon (6 months ago)
Fami Irfan 6000
Giridhar prasad (6 months ago)
Is there is any diffrence between nikon d3400 and d3500,i don't think so
felipe rodriguez (6 months ago)
Same d3400 with little diferences i wanted something a little bit diferent
Of course
Yo ❤ Nikon😉😘 Saludos desde mi Canal
Ryon Atkinson (6 months ago)
How much y'all gonna bet the battery life poor
Ryon Atkinson (6 months ago)
Andy Mankey and what does my setup look like or feature? Obviously I’ve modified mine, don’t go around calling people liars if you don’t know what your talking about
Andy Mankey (6 months ago)
That’s a bold faced lie bc if you look it up it says that a d5300 only gets around 600-1000
Ryon Atkinson (6 months ago)
Monkey Kong I said my setup, I have an approximate amount of 6700 shots
Monkey Kong (6 months ago)
Yeah the battery life on a d5300 is only like 600 shots
Andy Mankey (6 months ago)
The d5300 only gets 5-600 shots dumb ass
KILLAFRO (6 months ago)
Camera for instagramers :(
Over Price (6 months ago)
Or get a mirrorless.. With the same price range Sony a6000, fujifilm xa3, lumix g7, canon eos m3
Over Price (6 months ago)
+Memeorandum of Understanding I think many people that is new to photography will use lens kit with their entry level camera.. But sure why not.. People can do whatever they want with their camera right.. Including putting super expensive lenses on their entry level camera 😉
and buy super expensive lenses..right??
Over Price (6 months ago)
+Sam Lo1516 true, nikon auto focus still not as smooth as canon for video record
Sam Lo1516 (6 months ago)
+Over Price if you need record video , don't buy Nikon camera
Sam Lo1516 (6 months ago)
+Over Price buy a Canon poweshot , this price point so hard to find good mirrorless camera
Vishnu Chandran (6 months ago)
should add dual phase autofocus, nothing much differs from earlier d3400 😔
Vasileios Makris (6 months ago)
D5200 and then d7500
DIY-HACKS (6 months ago)
Is there anything new on nikon d3500 compared to d3400? Really a bad move by nikon,they should reduce the size of their camera lineup and make more features available to every camera.
WO Gaming (2 months ago)
I think the battery life is a little better?
Disappointed in myself (4 months ago)
I really wish there were a mic port
Joseph Thompson (6 months ago)
Yes, they've removed some functionality and changed the button layout. Not really a good difference, but still a difference.
+Mihai Vinatoru yes me too
Mihai Vinatoru (6 months ago)
I have a d3400 and i don't see any difference. It's the same smh
Yazeed Saber (6 months ago)
1550 shots battery life holy shit
Sandeep photography (6 months ago)
I am Nikon
Mehedi Hasan (6 months ago)
nice one.....
Maigonis Elleris (6 months ago)
I hope that under the hood sensor cleaning is back that You removed in D3400. Otherwise D3300 was My first camera and it was great.
ismail hossen (6 months ago)
how much? Wow!! Best and Best...👌
James jr (6 months ago)
Nikon is best♥️
Michael DelRossi (6 months ago)
Dream Football - Nikon is losing its edge with low end dslr's and the new Mirrorless is not for the professional market - only 1 sd card slot and $1999. for a basic Z6 body, too much for my blood!

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