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Hot Harley Quinn Scene [HD] - Batman And Harley Quinn (2017)

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Hot scene with Harley Quinn from "Batman and Harley Quinn" 2017 movie. ➢Have a great video you want to share with the world ? Mail me at: [email protected] to discuss. ➢My Copyright Disclaimer: -Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
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Text Comments (6198)
Cream Fluffbitz (4 hours ago)
Lmfao its disgusting!
Ctwgaming Live (10 hours ago)
Who else came from imdontai
Beta (8 hours ago)
zach imblack (12 hours ago)
DID i Witness a rape
Channel Channel (12 hours ago)
Nightwing takes the W here
Silas Füller (17 hours ago)
lord knows id smash..
Texas Boy 713 (18 hours ago)
dose anyone knows this show name
iLinkzz (1 day ago)
Nightwing: and that’s how me and your mother met
Jake Marshall SMG5 (1 day ago)
Commander_Ninja (1 day ago)
"Like you never made out with a supervillain" Yeah sure. Just "made out" lol
Madison Bejarano (1 day ago)
:O :O:O:O
XXXJORDANXXX23 (1 day ago)
Batman how shit happens
Spookesaurus Rex (2 days ago)
"Goth lolita Harley" god why must this exist
androssteague (2 days ago)
Batman lookin' at Nightwing like, " You played ya self. "
Johnny Pickens (2 days ago)
TF!!! Harley is under mine control isnt she
MICRObigman (2 days ago)
Who was she talking to
xXLevi AckermanXx (3 days ago)
did Nightwing Just get turned on by HARLEY ASS WELP XD
VulgrimOfficial (3 days ago)
Dick fucked the Clown Girl
Lord Hades (3 days ago)
My phone is on 69 percent
Pink_ Loves (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who likes harleys voice or-👀
That One Random Dude (3 days ago)
this counts as rape
SUPERBOY S (3 days ago)
3:18 Law And Order
Dog And Anime Lover ? (4 days ago)
Elijah Jones (4 days ago)
Ur gonna make me pee
The Bass Fisherman (4 days ago)
Sopranos at 1:32
ebat long (4 days ago)
isnt this a kids show
64Savage Shoota (5 days ago)
Night wing got in her hidey hole.
SkyExplosion (5 days ago)
Dick Grayson always gets the hottest girls. Starfire, Harley, Zatanna, Babs, and many many others.
Gr8_Nate8 (5 days ago)
If you please would exit
Chris B Critter (5 days ago)
A "Hoo-uh"??!!
Quân Hồ (5 days ago)
spring trap (5 days ago)
This is not love.........…this is horror
David Vides (5 days ago)
When it comes to certain villains. Like father like son.
Rose Echidna (6 days ago)
Squidward Testicles (6 days ago)
Think he saw her tits?
Elias Montoya (6 days ago)
Batman's mind: Dick come one man, you know how I love pussy
medaman15able (6 days ago)
ColdFlameKing TV (6 days ago)
Nightwing is all like Kids . . . And thats ... How i met your mother and became retarded
Michael Durrah (7 days ago)
That was a Dick move.
Lorenzo Gastino (7 days ago)
Nightwing got some Byakugan eyes right there
master torch (7 days ago)
Tickle fight yeah we all know that was never gonna happen in reall life or time
master torch (7 days ago)
To late /// RAPE
Kayden Kirkland (7 days ago)
*Goth Lolita Harley* ? Fbi should know bout this one
dingus (7 days ago)
I lost it at 1:53 and 2:04
Badboy DCX (7 days ago)
Well someone got there dick sucked 😂
FBI open up
Ivana Flores (8 days ago)
Like you never made out with a super villain Hmmmmm the many people
Ivana Flores (8 days ago)
He was RAPED
Austin Rude (8 days ago)
Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wtf did I witness that what batman actually said
Jordan Galanos (8 days ago)
Ida Baca (8 days ago)
Love how she mentioned the Batman and Robin gay for each other theory.
Autumn Holtz (8 days ago)
Batman lookin hella disappointed
Bren Wan (9 days ago)
4:33 ahem taliyah Al ghul
gwenelle erva (9 days ago)
This is Robin not Batman
Warblerab 295 (9 days ago)
according to wikipedia, "Batman And Harley Quinn" is part of the DC Animated Universe. So how does this line up with "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker"? Didn't Harley Quinn fall to her death in that?
Atreus21 (9 days ago)
SimplyLimbo (9 days ago)
It would have been fun if they said:to Batman when he opens the door, "go away you pervert !" 😅
SimplyLimbo (9 days ago)
That accent. Nice
Kareem B. (10 days ago)
For some reason I really like this Harley Quinn voice actress.
HaloModder555 (10 days ago)
Nightwing sounds like a neckbeard in this movie and it makes the sex scene between him and Harley sound like a cringey fan fiction romance. Nightwing's straight edge, innocent nature only makes it worse.
Deepika Saha (10 days ago)
Ok a little hot scene.
durp god (10 days ago)
could've just killed him...dumb ass
coco lamondrè (10 days ago)
Isnt this supposed to be a cartoon
Csabai Virág (10 days ago)
XTRAPOWER300 Power (10 days ago)
Harley:* undresses* nightwing:p Harley goes on bed * nightwing: (●¿●)
royal shark679 (11 days ago)
Harlys head:fuck me Daddy
Faded Psycho Girl (11 days ago)
When Batman walks into the room… 😶 O_O
cy cl (11 days ago)
NLRGAMING 141678 (11 days ago)
Lil Wavez (11 days ago)
welp dont know waht dis means but ok
Tyson Reeves II (11 days ago)
Batman get:what you needed Night wing: 😏 yeah
heatwave gaming (11 days ago)
The Divine Shadow (11 days ago)
"Goth Lolita Harley"
Jayjay robin (11 days ago)
Nite wing not batman lol
Dorien Foroutani (11 days ago)
The face of batman when he found him was hilarious
That1guy (12 days ago)
This is not a kids movie
Beaner Pump (12 days ago)
Brittany Spiess (12 days ago)
Lol Nightwing's face when she stripped 😂😂😂😂😂
Aidan Anastasi (12 days ago)
I was the 10 million viewer lol
GantzIsSloppy (12 days ago)
fan service?
chelsy reyes (12 days ago)
BIG tiny PANDA (12 days ago)
Edwin Montana (13 days ago)
That's disgusting
black flame (13 days ago)
The disappointment in Batmans face
Pia Avendaño (13 days ago)
ChrizTV (13 days ago)
I keep believe the animators gave Harley a phatty
Pavel Cabak (13 days ago)
I wound't say no Just saying
Sushovan Shakya (13 days ago)
Dick sure got hard.
lordmuhd (13 days ago)
Hey boys if you watching this don watch this
Crystal _Wolf (14 days ago)
Frank Castle (14 days ago)
I say don't wear anything you're better that way
Smithsonian smith (14 days ago)
deltavagen (14 days ago)
god damn she is thick!!
eric Is my name (14 days ago)
Batman was fully ready to cockblock a young nigga
Bonnie The Bunny (15 days ago)
*When horse doing sex be like* Horse: KDE KUT KDE KUT KDE KUT KDE KUT KDE KUT
David C. (15 days ago)
It's nightwing
BrewNCode (15 days ago)
from which country Harley Queen supposed to be? She sounds like with an european accent.
Stryker Vermont (15 days ago)
You stop, you're gonna make me pee!! 😂😂
Dont Blame The Game (16 days ago)
1:49 You’re welcome 2:02 You’re also welcome

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